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A Musical History of Disneyland sales

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  • A Musical History of Disneyland sales

    I wanted to pay the $150 for the new 6-CD album from Disneyland right when I first heard about it. It's such an amazing set, and I hate to say it but $150 almost seems too cheap. Anyway, I finally saved up enough money and bought it a few weeks ago from DisneyDirect. I just received an e-mail telling me it's been backordered and will arrive around July 10! I am not frustrated though, in fact, I couldn't be happier. It would seem sales have been so good that they can't keep up with the demand.

    I am so pleased that the producer of this album (sorry, can't remember his name) is getting rewarded for all his hard work and dedication. Between him and Matt Ouimett, they are proving to Disney that hard work and dedication to the Disney name pays off handsomely in profits, not to mention good will towards their customers. Do any of you know if it's truly a problem with too much demand? Or is it too small of a supply to begin with? I'd like to think they produced tons of 6-disc sets and people are just snatching them up like crazy.

    In any case, having the set backordered is incredibly good news for such a quality Disneyland product.

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    I'm listening to it right now(Main Street Electrical Parade). You're gonna love it. Plus, you're getting it just in time for the REAL 50th anniversary.
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      The Producer Is Randy Thornton
      Originally posted by drunkmom
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        Musical Disneyland History

        The price was steep for me, but as a Disneyland fanatic, I had to have it. I think that everyone who hears it, knows that it is a quality work. It is truly Disney quality. Walt was always known for meeting and exceeding this audiences expectations. The price puts a lot of expectations on this collection, but I think it fulfills it.

        I am sure that you will enjoy it when it arrives.
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          You paid $150??? I've got one for sale on ebay right now for $135!

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            I just got an e-mail this morning that mine was being shipped; so for those of you who've been waiting on backorder for these for a while, they may start arriving on your doorsteps soon.


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              Originally posted by Wotan
              I just got an e-mail this morning that mine was being shipped; so for those of you who've been waiting on backorder for these for a while, they may start arriving on your doorsteps soon.
              I just got that same e-mail today too. They must've gotten a second wave of stock last night. It's aparently being sent DHL Air so it should be here by the weekend. I am so excited!


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                <--- green with envy. I can't afford to get mine for another couple of weeks...


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                  I cannot recommend this collection any higher. It is wonderful in every aspect! Save and buy it - the Disney fan will not be disappointed.


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                    As I think I mentioned somewhere else, for any of you WDW fans, the 2 CD set from there ("The Happiest Celebration on Earth") is a must-buy, if only for the Epcot stuff they put into it.