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How to get into DL management?


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  • How to get into DL management?

    Does anyone know what it takes to get into the management level of DL? That is my ultimate ambition in life, and I'm looking to do whatever it takes to make a career out of working at DL. I'm currently in college, I'll be getting an AS in Computer Science in December, then I'm planning to continue on and get a BS in English with an emphasis in creative writing. After that I plan on getting an MBA. I'm hoping that with the technical ability implied by the Computer Science degree, the communication skills implied by the English degree, and the MBA shows that I would be able to run a business. Anyone have any suggestions? Also, does anyone know what kind of education/background Matt Ouiment and Greg Emmer have? Would it be better to start out as something like a ride operator and move up from there?

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    I don't know if they still have this but I when I worked there (92-94) they had the management intern program. All of the candidates have to hold a BA/BS at least and most came from the park, from w/in the Disney Co. but not really outside the park. I'm not sure how long the program lasted but they rotated in different areas in the park to learn the tricks of the trade. After graduation, you could be promoted as a supervisor but I knew of many who weren't and went back to being regular CMs. I do know that once in a while DisneyCareers posts these management positions outside this intern program.

    There is also the college intern program which my husband participated in but it does not guarantee you anything. It looks great on resume though. They also have interns in Burbank that would probably be a better match with your computer science and english studies. As far as your intent to get an MBA, this is just my opinion but you probably would be overqualified at that point compared to many of the management staff there. But that's just my opinion but my opinion based on knowing some people who have had mgmt jobs there.

    Anyway, you should really look into a Burbank job instead with one of the divisions of the Disney Co.


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      1. Start working at Disneyland, if possible. Moving up through the ranks is a more respectable way to get to management (at least to the workers you will supervise). With your skills (the college degree mostly), you will likely move up a lot quicker than others who are happy where they are.
      2. Be prepared to move when openings occur, be it the Cruise Lines or WDW or Hong Kong.


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