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The Disneyland Railroad meets Top Gun -- and other observations from a quick trip


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  • The Disneyland Railroad meets Top Gun -- and other observations from a quick trip

    Hello all.

    DisneyIPresume back from another quick 3 hour after work trip from the Disneyland Resort. Had to pay $2.00 for my parking from DTD. I left 10 minutes late. Sometimes they charge other times they let it go. This time I wasn't so lucky.

    Had to go to AAA and pay my car registration, due tomorrow, so I got to DTD at 4:30 and got into the park at 4:45 via the monorail. I had a turkey leg for dinner and sat in the Motorboat cruise area. I noticed a woman laying down on a bench. I thought maybe she was dead because she was all covered up with a large jacket and her hat was pulled over her face but I figured that she was just sleeping. This got me a little upset because it really looked not much different from what you see at a bus stop on Skid Row. I was debating telling security, and if there was one near I would have. But I also felt kind of guilty to do this, because maybe this woman is homeless and the only thing she can afford is an Annual Pass? I don't know, she could have just been a tired guest who was sleepeing, so I left her alone and went on my way.

    Now that the trains are up and running I decided to take the Toontown train to NOS station and go on the Haunted Mansion. This is a normal experience, but then I noticed something. The conductor was wearing sunglasses. They kind of looked like the ones Tom Cruise wore in Top Gun with semi-reflective shades and everything. Now I know it is important for CM's to wear sunglasses in the bright sun, but this got me to think. Why doesn't Disney issue period-reminiscent sunglasses to the CM's as part of their costumes? They could have wire rims and be round enough and made out of some good material to block out the harmful UV rays. And they can't cost that much. After all, you can sunglasses at Target for no more than $20. I am sure Disney can get them for a lot less. Unless they need to wear perscription sunglasses I do not see why they can't make the CM's wear sun glasses specific to their costumes. (And it would save CM's money because they won't have to buy a pair) If they want to wear them, then they would be included with their costume.

    Speaking of costumes, I think the Photopass CM's at the hub and the castle should wear uniforms more in tune with Main Street. (After all, the castle is probably the most photographed man made structure in the State of California, probably even more so than the Golden Gate Bridge or the Hollywood Sign.) Maybe the men can wear brown or khaki nickers with a vest, button down shirt, and a cap of some kind. The women can wear a period dress.

    After all of this, I went on Alice in Wonderland, as it was on the Disney Channel last night and I had an urge to go on it. It looks good as ever. That window sill near the Mad Hatter needs work though.

    Ok. So that is my report. Sorry no pictures. I just got a new digital camera for free because I attended some seminar and I haven't even taken it out of the box yet.

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