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Spring Break Trip 4-10


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  • Spring Break Trip 4-10

    This week is Easter Vacation (I'm old fashioned that way) for both my daughter and myself so we decided to head to the park. It was a beautiful day and the sun was shining for a change.

    Even though the lines for the tram weren't bad, we decided to walk over to DD and take the monorail to get into the park. On the way over we saw these beautiful flowers.

    We walked along the sidewalk to cross over to the DD area

    The main reason for taking the monorail is that I wanted to see the lagoon and take some pictures. I noticed the seagulls are back!

    Of course I had to get my standard shots with those lovely pink flowering trees

    If you look real hard, Mickey is on top of the Matterhorn. This was as far as I could zoom in with my little camera.

    Flowers again in the foreground with the Main Street Train Depot behind

    Noticed the mayor was out so asked if I could have a photo with him. As he said, any chance for an photo opportunity seeing as he is the mayor )

    At this point my daughter and I left the park to have lunch at Storytellers. On the way out, near the ticket booths, was this brillant tree in bloom.

    We HAD to take the monorial back into Disneyland so I could get more pictures of the lagoon. I set my camera to Burst and these two shots came out pretty good. I had no idea what I would get with that setting.

    We walked by the castle and saw the swan was out. This looked to me as if the swan is saying "who the heck are you???"

    I liked the reflection of the swans neck in the water on this shot

    More brillant flowers in Frontierland. I can't get enough of them

    Soon to be Pirates Lair

    We decided to take the canoes and noticed this camera man on the end of the dock. In this shot he is shooting a canoe coming in

    A raft was coming and going with workers

    and for whatever reason the camera man was filming them too

    Queenie was out doing her thing

    I love this model of Main Street up in the Disney Gallery

    The line for Pirates was very long and snaked all over. This is only part of it.

    The pirates were in rare form, as always.

    Peter was out and about

    Next, we headed over to DCA where my daughter wanted a picture with Mr. Incredible.

    I snapped this photo literally a second before the crowds surged forward

    And daughter wanted a picture with Mater

    I wanted a picture of this

    I think he (it?) is so cute

    and, again, my daughter wanted a picture with Cruella

    At this point, much to my disappointment, my batteries ran too low to risk more photos. I went through two sets today. I think something is wrong. We went on to see Billy Hill who was at his peak. They did this routine that is a take off of River Dance that was just a riot. The saloon was packed and really into the show which just makes it all the better. I also rode the monorail again hoping lights would be on in the lagoon. They weren't. And I saw the fireworks. Tink did not fly tonight but it was good, as always, anyway.

    On my way out I had one more shot left to take

    Good night Walt, and thanks for another great day at your park

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    Re: Spring Break Trip 4-10

    Cool thanks for the report!

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      Re: Spring Break Trip 4-10

      The flowers at DL really are gorgeous! Thanks for the beautiful pictures of them, and the fun ones of you and your daughter. I'm glad you had a good time!

      ^clicky clicky^


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        Re: Spring Break Trip 4-10

        The Park is looking so gorgeous with all the flowers and plants. The Disneyland horticulture team are doing such a great job!
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          Re: Spring Break Trip 4-10

          Wonderful pictures! I especially like the shot you got of the Cars characters before the crowd rushed in on them. Thanks for sharing

          Always looking for new Disney friends.


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            Re: Spring Break Trip 4-10

            Those flowers are gorgeous!! Thanks for the pictures!


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              Re: Spring Break Trip 4-10

              Great photos, thanks for sharing.

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                Re: Spring Break Trip 4-10

                you beat Darkbeer to the sea gulls pictures.

                Flower look great and dignified photo and Trip report. :thumbup:
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                  Re: Spring Break Trip 4-10

                  GREAT pics! thanks for sharing. love the flowers and Walts Apartment!!


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                    Re: Spring Break Trip 4-10

                    Great report and pics!

                    Geez, how many (different) Mayor's does DL have??? hehe



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                      Re: Spring Break Trip 4-10

                      Great report sis, and I am so glad you had such a good day. Great photos and you got the first shot of the seagulls on the buoy. Too bad the batteries are getting bad.
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                        Re: Spring Break Trip 4-10

                        Thanks for all the nice comments. I see there were a lot of early morning comments So glad I am off this week and got to sleep in today!

                        I notice that a couple of others were there yesterday and there are now good close up pictures of the seagulls posted on others threads. So much fun. I can hardly wait for this ride to be up and running.

                        Also, thanks for the reps I'm getting and comments about my Revlon Run Walk participation.


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                          Re: Spring Break Trip 4-10

                          Originally posted by Wendygirl View Post

                          Queenie was out doing her thing

                          And the girl to the left is taking a picture of herself? :lol:

                          Thank you for the pictures! I cant wait to go. Do you know, are Lightning and Mater there all the time? My 2 year old cousin will go crazy to see them. We wont be there until June....

                          I cant wait to go!

                          (do you think the Finding Nemo Subs line will be under 3 hours by then?)


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                            Re: Spring Break Trip 4-10

                            We were there during that time also. Froze the whole time.
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                              Re: Spring Break Trip 4-10

                              Wow, so many screensavers and wallpapers for my computer! Beautiful pictures, thanks!
                              What time is the 3 o'clock parade?



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