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New here with a question!


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  • New here with a question!

    Hello! I'm new here and have a question for all of you

    We are travelling to Disneyland from Long Beach airport in 9 days (yippee!) We are travelling with my 21 month old daughter who needs to be in a car seat. I'm doing a little web searching, but would like personal experience, where can we go to get shuttle service between the airport and our hotel (Paradise Pier) without having to bring our own car seat? We'd like to avoid hauling it around if possible, and would like to avoid driving ourselves.

    Thanks in advance!


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    Re: New here with a question!

    Just bring your own.
    Then, any taxi or shuttle will be fine. Taxi will be more convenient and probably cheaper (if there are three of you), and it will take you to your hotel instead of everyone else's in the shuttle.

    If you absolutely refuse to bring your own, then the best way would be to arrange a limosine service to pick you up. That way YOU can be assured that YOUR driver will have a child seat of the size YOU need in YOUR car. Random taxi might not have it. Random SuperShuttle or PrimeTime Shuttle might not have one.

    Don't go getting cheap on your vacation now.

    And, welcome to The MC.


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      Re: New here with a question!

      I think its best that you bring your own. You cant rely on these other services to have a carseat for your kid. Even if you request something like that, say they forget (it happens) thenyou're stuck having to wait for a new car service.
      Welcome to MC!
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        Re: New here with a question!

        It will be expected for you to have your own actually.
        It will be a breeze then to take any shuttle.
        Besides, you want your child in a seat that you know will safe.
        Goin around the world...and back to Disneyland!


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          Re: New here with a question!

          Those are all what we're thinking too. Thanks! I was just wondering if there was a "perfect" option


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            Re: New here with a question!

            Originally posted by Sarahkins View Post
            Those are all what we're thinking too. Thanks! I was just wondering if there was a "perfect" option
            Seems everyone here agrees on the perfect option!
            Well, I guess if the car seat were to fit in your pocket, that would be perfect.


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              Re: New here with a question!

              As long as you're staying in a hotel room you should be fine, you will only have to "haul" it from the plane to your taxi to your hotel room and leave it there your entire trip!


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                Re: New here with a question!

                all Taxi and Shuttle on there web site Say that you must bring your own Car seat.

                They do not have any car seat.

                I have look at SuperShuttle, Prinetime Shuttle and one more shuttle sevice.

                I remember read it on the web site.
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