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Turn off that darn cell phone


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  • Turn off that darn cell phone

    I haven't seen this discussed (at least lately) but is there much of a problem with cell phones in Disneyland? Surely with all the guests and all the cell phones out there, there must be constant interruptions in theme rides like HM, JC or iasm. Is this a real problem, and how is Disney dealing with it?
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    You know, I don't really know ... I know that half the time I can't hear my cell phone at DL so I turn it on vibrate ... but I can't say I have ever witnessed a cell phone interupption at DL ... ever! I have been called on Screamin' and GRR though ... that person got interesting sound effects! (They called right as we were leaving the station on screamin and hehe got an earful of my screamin!
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      I see it all the time and I have to resist the itch to grab the phone and toss it into the Rivers of America. I mean what call is so important that you have to answer it in the Haunted Mansion. Come on humans - get a grip. Shut off the ringer and call back when you are outside.


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        I dont awnser my cell phone during a ride and i havent noticed that anyone around me has. I think its common curtasy when you are on a ride or in a show or prople dont get any reception.
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          I cant even hear my Cell phone usually. And i dont care to. Cell Phones though do ave their place, like talking to another family member or friend on where to meet, etc...

          But Pull Over! Find a bench off to the side have a seat and have your conversation. Dont just stop mid stride, hold up the flow of people...

          And While in line, keep it quick. On the Rides or in a Show...SHUT IT OFF. Period.
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            suprisingly i havent experienced that yet... im actually really suprised now that I think about it.



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              oh, oh, oh... just wait till you get some dork with a bluetooth earpiece for his cell phone in front of you in pirates or even Haunted Mansion! Stupid thing was blinking this bright blue LED that lit up the whole ride every other second! I wanted to grab it out of his ear and throw the Borg wannabe himself into the dark water system!

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                Originally posted by daddyb
                oh, oh, oh... just wait till you get some dork with a bluetooth earpiece for his cell phone in front of you in pirates or even Haunted Mansion! Stupid thing was blinking this bright blue LED that lit up the whole ride every other second! I wanted to grab it out of his ear and throw the Borg wannabe himself into the dark water system!
                Had someone on POTC do the exact same thing. It's just rude behavior.

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                  Okay, here's my confession...I once answered my cell phone on the JC. It was work...I should have called back, but I didn't, I conducted business while I was on the JC.

                  I also once got a phone call about half way through Soarin' - which I also answered. I had a good reason, though! It was my mom calling, and my dad had been scheduled for surgery earlier in the day. I told her I'd call her after I got off the ride. Turns out that he had a heart attack as he was coming out of the anesthetic. He's okay now, but I don't know if I'll ever be able to enjoy Soarin' ever again...


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                    I've taken one call on POTC, but I was with Micechatters and we were trying to hook up with one more (so no one seemed to mind). Other than that, I just check for messages on a regular basis, because normally I can't hear the darn thing ring anyway. But it is a necessary evil when it comes to our group meets!
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                      It seems I just don't get reception- I've never had my phone actually ring on a ride. When I get off I find I missed a call, but that's as close as I get.

                      Answering your phone *on* the ride? It *better* be important.
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                        dbc got a call on HM once... we had been trying to meet up with a friend... the ride was stopped but it was still embarassing!! She answered it and conducted business as quickly as she could but we were still like, Ooops....
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                          My aunt once got reception at the bottom of pirates! She was amazed! She talked to her boy friend and said "wish you were here".. that was about it, then she hung up. It was embarassing because she is a loud talker. Other than that, I have never seen anyone else with cell phones inturrupting any ride.


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                            I'm in the never get reception/never hear my phone boat. I've never had anyone answer a phone on a ride, but I can relate to the blue tooth story. Had a group of junior high kids banging those light up drumsticks together in the ride. I wanted to splash them and give them darkwater cooties.
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                              I can understand the need to carry a cell phone, but it really ruins the mystique and experience for everyone around you if you are telling Johnson about the latest reports on a ride. Whatever it is that someone has to call you about it at Disneyland, let it wait until the ride is over. Especially because, even if it is a huge emergency, you can't do anything about it until you get off the ride anyway!
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