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Easter Weekend Fun at the Resort


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  • Easter Weekend Fun at the Resort

    We had a blast this past Easter weekend at the Resort.

    We were lucky enough to be able to spend most of the w/e with the Wolfpack. In fact, Wolfette spent a night with the kids in our motorhome.

    As we did last Easter, rather than stay in a hotel for this trip, we drove the motorhome down the I-5 and stayed at Orangeland, an RV Resort just a few minutes away from DL.

    One of the perks of staying at Orangeland is the fact that you can pick all of the fresh oranges that you want. Each campsite has at least a few tree's with plenty of ripe oranges just waiting to be picked.

    Friday night, while enjoying the 86 degree pool, we were able to watch the DL fireworks, and then as soon as they finished up, the Angels game wrapped up with the Angels winning, so we had another fireworks show to enjoy. What a night!

    Saturday morning started with another dip into the warm pool. The Wolfpack arrived about noon and the party started. While we were enjoying conversation with Wolfy and Mr Lightyear, Wolfette and our kids were picking oranges. Then they all hit the pool (again).

    After some appetizers while watching the kids color eggs, we enjoyed a real nice BBQ chicken and tri-tip dinner together and finished it off with a cake that Wolfy brought along for dessert. VERY YUMMY!!!

    The RV Resort held an Easter egg hunt sunday morning. All of the kids had fun finding over a hundred eggs. There was a special golden egg that was hidden which when found resulted in a large Easter basket as a prize. Kudos to Orangeland for taking the time to make Easter special for their guests.

    Off to the DL Hotel to enjoy the Easter Day Buffet. The buffet's that Disney puts on are terrific! We have been to all of them, multiple times.

    Wolfy and I did some damage to the crab and shrimp bars. Mmmmm good!

    They had some very tastey treats there again. Some old, and some new. Just right. The dessert bar was packed with goodies for all tastes. The chocolate fountain is awesome.

    After our meal, we hopped on the Monorail and made it to the Park. We enjoyed quite a few rides together, but unfortunately, POTC was down. We did run into Jack and was able to get a pic and autograph with him without having to chase him down.

    The Wolfpack had to depart, so we said our good-bye's and went over to watch the Hillbilly's. Great show, as usual.

    We wandered around the shops for a bit and made our way over to the TL Terrace. Sandbox was set to play for the evening. We got front row seats/table and enjoyed the rest of the evening there. They have a new Bass player named Tony Love. He was great! All of the kids got to take pics with each of the bandmembers, and Scotty, the drummer, gave my son a drumstick as a souvenier.

    Monday morning, we packed up and headed home. Even though we were just at DL for a week two weeks ago, we had a blast. We can't get too much of the Park and the Resort "experience".

    Though the best part was being able to spend time with great friends, the Wolfpack!

    See you in June!

    Here are some pics. Enjoy!
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    Re: Easter Weekend Fun at the Resort

    And some more...
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      Re: Easter Weekend Fun at the Resort

      I would have liked to see that band...were they any good? I went to see the Jakes a couple of weeks ago and they were awesome!

      Ta Da!


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        Re: Easter Weekend Fun at the Resort

        Nice little trip PirateMickey, glad it went well.
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          Re: Easter Weekend Fun at the Resort

          It sounds like you had a great time! I love the fact that there is still a place to pick oranges in Orange County. I think that I need to go to DLH for Easter next year.


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            Re: Easter Weekend Fun at the Resort

            Originally posted by claribella View Post
            I would have liked to see that band...were they any good?

            Sandbox Band is our favorite cover band at DL. Check out their

            We try and schedule our short trips to DL when they are performing.

            We first saw them three years ago during our annual Thanksgiving trip, and I believe we have seen them about 8 or 9 times since then. They must think that we are stalkers! LOL

            The electric guitar player is Roger Cain. Actor Dean Cain's brother. All the band members are great people. They really like talking with their fans. They usually come out during the longer breaks for photo's, chatting and autograph's.

            They'll be back in June. Hey...So will we! I wonder why??? hehe