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My first visit to Disneyland! In pictures...


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  • My first visit to Disneyland! In pictures...

    I went to Disneyland for the first time in October 2006.
    Only just really started to come to this website, so thought i would post my pics now!

    Living in england, I have been a regular visitor to Disneyland Paris - the craze started when I went for a day with my family when we were staying in Paris the year it opened - and i have been many times since. I was there on the 5th and 10th anniversary, and several short trips since with school, college etc.

    I got to go to Disney World with my family in 1999 after wanting to go for as long as I remember - I used to order those holiday planning tapes off the Tv when I was in primary school.

    But this year, after graduating University, myself, my girlfriend and two friends decided to go on a kinda road trip around California, and luckily for me that included three days at Disneyland!

    To me, Disneyland has a different feel from the other two parks - it really feels like the original and has a kinda nostalgic feeling to it I really liked - as much as I love Disneyland Paris, it kinda felt more like the real Disney at Disneyland California.

    I hope I can go back some day, as I hope I can visit TokyoDL one day and DW once again.

    Anyway, here are some pics and comments!

    The gates - had to include this picture - I thought the pumpkin heads were great, never been to any of the Disney parks at this time of year, so it was all something new.

    Another one everyone takes - one thing that hit me - the castle is TINY compared to WDW and DLP, but the main street shops are SO much better than DLP I thought.

    Me (centre) with two of my friends and the biggest pumpkin I've ever seen

    Don't worry, I didn't use flash on the ride - just photoshopped it later!
    The ride layout of pirates is very different from DLP, but thought the new bits were well done and didn't ruin the old ride at all.

    At last I got to go on mr Toad's wild ride! When I went to WDW, it had just closed and been replaced by Pooh.
    I was devastated! everybody wants Mr Toad's wild ride!
    I really enjoyed the ride, shame the WDW version is gone though as it had extra stuff. But I was so happy to finally go on the ride and get a photo with Mr Toad (kinda - where are the suit toads around the park?)

    This was a really pleasant surprise. I never knew DL did this, it was a great way to enjoy an old ride all over again, and my friend Michelle loves jack etc, so she was over the moon!

    You can see my girlfriend ducking just before I get a mouthfull of water (lovely) I got absolutely soaked! Splash Mountain wasn't this wet in WDW (I WISH it had been considering how much hotter it was there!)

    Ah, Tower of Terror. My Girlfriend Nicola didn't want to ride this as she has a sensitive stomach. And after going on it once, my friend Chiw refused a second go too! Michelle and i enjoyed it twice though - i love hearing Rod Serling introduce it (or is it a sound-alike?)

    Look in the back row, third from the right! We never even saw this cast member boarding so we were kinda spooked out to see him there in the photo - the Twilight Zone strikes again! And he looks so miserable!

    I don't understand the bad rep people give DCA, I enjoyed it a lot - ok it needs some work and more attractions, but it compliments MK well I thought.
    Anyhow, in England, river rapid rides never really get you very wet, so we were all really shocked when we got absolutely drenched on this ride! again!

    The Sun Wheel approaching sunset - I like this picture.

    No-one else I was with realised this was a Bear until I explained it to them!

    This ride is extremely photogenic - its exactly the same as the one at DLP

    Really love these status in the different disney parks (its in the studios park at Paris) - the pumpkin lights around the edge depicting a character from each land were fun too!

    Another Castle shot!

    I was kinda let down they didn't have the full electrical parade, but I guess we were there at the wrong time of year really, this parade seemed really short to me.

    All in all had a great trip, and i think Disneyland as possibly the highlight of our road trip around California - I just want to go back though now!

    (edit) photos should be working now!
    Last edited by rob-bttf; 04-14-2007, 01:28 PM. Reason: picutres not working

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    Re: My first visit to Disneyland! In pictures...

    your pictures will not show up for me But welcome to micechat!


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      Re: My first visit to Disneyland! In pictures...

      Originally posted by Hakuna Makarla View Post
      your pictures will not show up for me But welcome to micechat!
      I also welcome you to mice chat, unfortunately your pictures aren't working for me either. :blink:


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        Re: My first visit to Disneyland! In pictures...

        I can't see them either! You probably just need to refine your photo posting technique. But I join Karla and welcome you also! Hope to see those pix!


        EDIT...I see them now! very well done!
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          Re: My first visit to Disneyland! In pictures...

          I was there in Oct 2006 too! Don't you love the all the Halloween decor? You took some pretty cool pictures.


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            Re: My first visit to Disneyland! In pictures...

            nice pictures thanks for sharing them....I always thought the bear was a wolf...


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              Re: My first visit to Disneyland! In pictures...

              Hey they are working now...great pictures!


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                Re: My first visit to Disneyland! In pictures...


                I see them just fine. - Thanks rob for the photos and for the commentary!


                I am Sambo, and I endorse this signature.


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                  Re: My first visit to Disneyland! In pictures...

                  Thank you so much for fixing the pictures ! the report was great and again welcome


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                    Re: My first visit to Disneyland! In pictures...

                    you welcome back.

                    great job on the picture and Trip report. :yea:
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                      Re: My first visit to Disneyland! In pictures...

                      The photos are working and they are great. Welcome to MiceChat. Glad you enjoyed California so much. Maybe some day I will visit England. My daughter's (who is also 23) friend married someone from England and she and the husband are there right now and also got to go to Holland and Greece on this trip.


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                        Re: My first visit to Disneyland! In pictures...

                        Cool pictures! I'm glad to see you enjoyed California.


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                          Re: My first visit to Disneyland! In pictures...

                          Yay for pictures!

                          I only live a good 30-40 minutes away from disneyland.. and because I don't have an AP.. I rarely go anymore.. so.. it's great to see pictures and stuff to remind me of the place..

                          I really do need to visit tho..

                          DISNEYLAND: It even makes science geeks look cool!!


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                            Re: My first visit to Disneyland! In pictures...

                            Great report and welcome to mice chat!

                            It's always fun to read reports from folks who have been to all other parks before coming to Disneyland... since most of us here grew up with this one.

                            I enjoyed reading about the comparisons. One of these days I'll make the trek out to Paris!

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                              Re: My first visit to Disneyland! In pictures...

                              Great trip report! Thanks for sharing! I always love hearing about people's first impressions of my 'Home.' Welcome to MiceChat!


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