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4/13--Friday the 13th and 13 drops!!!


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  • 4/13--Friday the 13th and 13 drops!!!

    All I'm saying, right now, is that me and WeWants have some serious thrill issues, dude. ...just warning you....

    So I arrived at her house at an ungodly spring break hour, at about 7AM. After waiting for about 20 minutes for her to finish getting ready (she looked pretty as you will soon see) and watching a bit on the series "Planet Earth", we were on our merry way to DLR. First stop of the day, of course, was Jamba Juice for breakfast.

    I got a Caribbean..thingy. Pineapple and mango and strawberry and possibly crack, for I was pretty energized after that.

    WeWants and her Chocolate Moo'd, with her "Surprise me" boost. It was Immunity. Or crack, we aren't sure.
    The rest of our group wasn't arriving for what we thought to be an hour later, so we hit DL first.

    Main St was busy but not too bad for the spring break seaon. Then again it was still early.

    WeWants pointed out that they aren't done with the castle still. "They should just put it in a big box that has a picture of the castle on the front so the tourists aren't missing anything."

    We hit Rockin Space, since I hadn't done it yet. It was okay but too bright inside.


    That's us in the back. We aren't as entertaining as the people in the front, now are we?
    We decided to do something random, so we hit the Tiki Room show, which was about to start as we walked by.

    Mr. Tiki Man was staring at WeWants. She even moved his eyes.

    They said no flash photography. Okay, so I turned off my flash. I'm still trying to figure out my camera's functions. (Since Hollywood1939 was SOOOOOO HELPFUL not.)


    The singing flowers, but that one didn't turn out well....let's see if I can get a better shot....changing the setting....

    ....Oops. My flash went off. I stopped taking pictures after that....
    We started towards Mansion, to see men working on TSI. Well, they were actually kind of just standing around, but whatever.


    Look! It's June! She is our stand-in for our HM pictures...since there are none from this trip....
    Our friends would be getting there soon, so off to DCA. But in looking at the window dioramas on MST, we see this...

    This is what happens when you give Ariel too many shots. "Gimme another an' I'll take my shells off!!!"

    We finally arrived at the entire reason we came on Friday the 13th: Tower. See, we have thrill issues, and (for me at least) unnatural obsessions with the ride and the number 13. So we came up with the idea of 13 drops for the 13th--going on the ride 13 times in one day. Are we successful? You shall see. More to come...

    Note: I'm at WeWants' house while posting this, and my ride is on her way to get me. I traded 2 weeks of computer privileges for this trip, so I don't think I'll be posting too much more. WeWants will pick it up, but since she was there, she will tell a very similar story to mine.
    dreams. come. true.

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    Re: 4/13--Friday the 13th and 13 drops!!!

    great trip report


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      Re: 4/13--Friday the 13th and 13 drops!!!

      The line was pretty bad for 11AM, about 45 standby, which means 30, but whatever.

      Tower the first drop. The ball of light is WeWants.

      Tower, numero dos.

      Again, number two.
      I would like to draw your attention to the three girls sitting in the front on the left. They scared me, showing me my own behavior from 5 months ago on Tower. I AM SO SORRY TO ANYONE I OFFENDED THEN, AND I AM VERY GLAD I EVOLVED FROM THAT.
      Our friends Michelle and Anthony were on their way, so we decided to wait in the Animation building. On our way there we passed the Hyperion, and outside was...

      THE ELUSIVE ROGER!!! He works at Brea-Olinda highschool, hence how we know him. Looks like a young Johnny Depp, don't he?

      Inside Animation.
      Funny story....but since my ride is here, I will let WeWants take over. See you all later...or in two weeks. We'll see if I can get the starting day postponed to Monday. Peace!
      dreams. come. true.


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        Re: 4/13--Friday the 13th and 13 drops!!!

        Now you drop out on use.

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          Re: 4/13--Friday the 13th and 13 drops!!!

          Lovin the trip report, but if I may ask.....where did you get that crown and how did you get it to stay in your hair? I totally want one for when I go to DL!!!
          Press today is so concerned with cool vs. not cool that they're starting to forget good vs. bad. I'm not sure I'll ever be "cool", but I will always tirelessly strive to be "great". - Josh Groban


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            Re: 4/13--Friday the 13th and 13 drops!!!

            Sooooo anyways... This is WeWants, here to complete the 13 Drops TR!

            We were sitting on the double-sided couch in the AB lobby when Mickey, Cinderella, and Woody came to lure the audience of their little show into the building. I waved at Woody, and watched as he gave tons of pictures and autographs. He looked back at us periodically, then continued his work. After a dozen or so groups of kids, he turned to us and motioned "going crazy." I just thought... that was different.
            I was turned away from him when an un-costumed CM announced that the characters were done taking pictures. I felt a tap on the shoulder and turned to see Woody in my face. He leaned down to whisper something in my ear, and kinda caught me off guard, so I couldn't understand him. The second time, I heard "This is Brett. From band!" He was a senior when I was a freshman, and I hadn't seen him in ages! So that was our first time having a costumed character speak to us.
            "OH! Uhh... hi, Brett!?"
            We saw him doing his show again a little later:

            After that little adventure, Michelle and Anthony arrived and we met them at the gate!

            Michelle begged for a picture of Wilbur Robinson.

            And it was off to Tower for our third drop! ... and Michelle + Anthony's first.

            We lunched at Pizza Oom Mow Mow... and took some photos outside of it:

            This is Jimmy. He was our Bellhop for drop number four... I think we were in lowers bravo for this one...

            "What, are you Amish?" -- Me, as I took the picture.

            More to come!


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              Re: 4/13--Friday the 13th and 13 drops!!!

              Originally posted by Joshrzmeup View Post
              Lovin the trip report, but if I may ask.....where did you get that crown and how did you get it to stay in your hair? I totally want one for when I go to DL!!!
              We got them at the little shop outside of Small World... they were $8.50 or something like that. What we do is pull up a ponytail on the top of our heads and shove the comb part under the hair tie. No worries about losing it on Tower, cuz it won't budge!


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                Re: 4/13--Friday the 13th and 13 drops!!!

                Back to business... Drop 5 went by pretty quickly, though the TOT line grew progressively longer. We split up for this one to speed up the wait.

                On to number 6... our energy began to wear down at this point.

                "Thirteen days without an accident, huh? LOOKS LIKE WE'RE ABOUT DUE FOR ANOTHER ONE!" -- BellhopPrincess + WeWantsTheRed'ead

                "Heh... heheh... it looks like a FACE." -- Michelle

                On to drop 6:

                It looks like we're holding up 3's, but they are the number six in American Sign Language. You will learn more about ASL in just a moment!

                We then took a bathroom break, over by Cruella's trailer. I feared the opaque water that came out of the fountain.

                Back to the Tower.

                This is our stand-in picture for the 7th drop, which we took in front of the uppers library in line for drop 8. For some reason it got lost in another dimension, so we went to the picture kiosk to inquire about it. The nice lady at the register said that they are told to delete pictures with strange hand positions because they are gang signs.

                BellhopPrincess: "...That's the number 7 in sign language."
                Lady: "Are you serious?"
                WeWants: "Yes. *makes hand motions* 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6... 7."

                For example:

                After that minute fiasco, BellhopPrincess was a little shaken and left me to document the drops.

                I decided not to use ASL this time...

                BellhopPrincess took a pretty Paradise Pier pic on our way to dinner:

                Time to nosh at McDo--Burger Invasion!

                More later!


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                  Re: 4/13--Friday the 13th and 13 drops!!!

                  At this point in our Trip, the 13 drops became more a science and obligation than a fun activity. Though we felt that 8 drops before dinner was a good run, we knew we needed to step it up and form a system. Get on ride, get off ride, send one person to get FP's to save time and meet up in line, get on ride, get off ride, bathroom break, get on ride, etc.

                  However, despite our allegiance to the regal Hollywood Tower Hotel, we just had to get away from it for a bit.

                  So it was off to the terrifying SUNWHEEL! We ate our McFried Death in line.

                  Mmm... hamburguesa.

                  We're teenagers... we have limited funds.

                  Everytime we go on the moving side of the Sunwheel we vow, "Never again." But, alas, we always go again! The line wasn't too eventful. But just to prove we were there:

                  "I'm watchin' you."

                  I feared for my life. Again.


                  Drop #9...

                  In line for #10, and bordering on delirium.

                  The guy in front of us wasn't wearing any underpants.

                  The tenth drop!

                  It was getting late and we feared we wouldn't make thirteen...

                  ...But the adventure continues, in my NEXT POST!



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                    Re: 4/13--Friday the 13th and 13 drops!!!

                    That's really cool! As soon as I saw the picture for "3", I thought to myself, "they must know ASL". Guess I was right!


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                      Re: 4/13--Friday the 13th and 13 drops!!!

                      The water has a lot of oxygen, that is why it's opaque.


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                        Re: 4/13--Friday the 13th and 13 drops!!!

                        Originally posted by Seawolf View Post
                        The water has a lot of oxygen, that is why it's opaque.
                        Thanks, Seawolf... ya learn something new everyday!


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                          Re: 4/13--Friday the 13th and 13 drops!!!

                          Wow. That's interesting about the photo and ASL. :cwink: Creative way for you all to count in the photo - sad that it isn't allowed. :croll:


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                            Re: 4/13--Friday the 13th and 13 drops!!!

                            And now the 13 drops TR draws to a close....

                            So, you're gonna kinda have to take our word for drop #11...
                            See, we were still waiting for the needle to drop from 4 to B in front of uppers bravo at 9:56... we got in the ride, were fortunate enough to have a fast-talking bellhop, went through it and zipped on outta there. We sprinted around the building, and Michelle and I arrived at the front gate as Heather the bellhop was a foot from closing the gate.

                            Heather: "Do you have a fastpass?"
                            Me: "YES! *gasps for air*. We have a party of 4."
                            Heather: "Where are they?"
                            Me: "RIGHT THERE! *points*" (BellhopPrincess and Anthony got stuck behind a mob of strollers in the souvenir shop.)
                            Heather: "Okay, but I can only let 4 in."

                            Huzzah! Anthony was the last rider of the day!

                            We were less than energized as we approached the uppers library.

                            Drop #12, and TOT's last drop of the night!

                            Who is that I see in the corner? Why, yes, it's Bellhop Shawn, who came along for the ride!

                            The place was naturally deserted when we emerged at 10:30...

                            No more fruit!

                            And now we await the next milestone in our DLR history!

                            So, we didn't quite make the 13 drops. But 12 is darn close, isn't it!

                            Well... we did go on Mansion. That has a dark theme and an elevator, so it counts for something...

                            Doesn't it? DOESN'T IT? *twitch*.

                            Thanks for viewing the TR, and have a lucky weekend!


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                              Re: 4/13--Friday the 13th and 13 drops!!!

                              awesome tr what a great idea
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