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Your Sub Lagoon


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  • Your Sub Lagoon

    I know there was a thread started earlier this month about Ideas for the sub lagoon but I have another question. It the overlay is Finding nemo what do you think would be where:monkey:
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    The queue would be mostly under the Monorail station and maybe out on an Island in the Lagoon would be a flock of Seaguls saying "mine" "mine" "mine".......most of the other stuff should probably be under water
    Waiting for Godot


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      Any thing else people:monkey:


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        To quote "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy," don't panic. The Imagineers have come up with a clever plan to fold new elements from "Nemo" into existing parts of the old Tomorrowland attraction. With the end result being a new-ish Disneyland ride that tells one rather funny story.

        Take -- for example -- how the Sub's old "Lost City of Atlantis" sequence is going to fit into "Nemo" 's new storyline. Think back to the scenes from that film that were set in the dentist's office. In particular, how Gil, Bloat & the rest of fish who lived in the aquarium used that fake underwater volcano as part of Nemo's initiation ceremony.

        Well, after they finally escaped from 42 Wallaby Way, what better place could there be for the Tank Gang (Who clearly enjoyed getting dressed up & doing ceremonial chants at Mount Wannahockalougie) to set up shop than at the base of a real underwater volcano?

        So -- as our submarine floats by the old Atlantis set -- here's Peach, Gurgle and Bubbles (along with the rest of the Tank Gang) in the middle of another one of their initiation ceremonies. Only -- this time around -- they're dancing & chanting around the mouth of a real (Well .. real for Disneyland) volcano.

        That's the real beauty of WDI's sub redo. The Imagineers are actually placing the fish from "Finding Nemo" in areas along the old sub track that actually fit their characters.

        I think that the queue could extend back to where the Motorboat Cruise used to be. Then they could have a more themed queue (plus I think the lines for this ride could grow to an incredible length).


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          ok well kep the ideas coming. love them. too bad there are already so many of these posts :monkey:


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