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A trio of questions (I never fail to ask questions)


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  • A trio of questions (I never fail to ask questions)

    I am probably being a pain with all these questions, but I have a few anyway.

    1. I heard the TL Skyway station was used for Rocket Rods maitenance, does that mean they only ripped it out recently?

    2. Does the observatron move AT ALL anymore? I'm serious...has it moved in the past year or so? All the photos I've seen of that area, it is in the exact some spot as if it never spun or moved at all.

    3. Any work on the Peoplemover track? Work as in are they doing anything to mechanisms on the track? Basically is there any actual construction on it at all?

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    1) The Tomorrowland SS is still there, I doubt they removed anything in the actual Maintenance Shed other than equipment relating to upkeep & repair on the RR (and the staff's tools).

    2) I've seen it move within the last year, hear the music on time, but I don't stand there every time & watch to see if it moves (yawn).

    3) No
    B5, Marcus Cole:
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      One can only hope for the PM to commence. And if it does, expand the track like the monorail has.

      This has been a Filmways presentation dahling.


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