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Were you at the Captain EO 36-hour party?


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  • Were you at the Captain EO 36-hour party?

    All I can remember of that long, long day at the park is the three-hour line for the movie that wound clear back to Main Street, the free T-shirt with the glow-in-the-dark rainbow stripe, the wristband everyone had to wear to gain readmission to the Park (I've still got mine), and catching a few minutes of sleep on the floor of Circlevision while "American Journeys" played.

    My recollection of the "Star Tours" 36-hour debut party is somewhat more clear. Again, I remember the wristbands and sleeping on the floor of Circlevision. I remember the digital watch freebie (again, I've still got mine somewhere) and a projection of C3P0 on the side of the Matterhorn. I remember seeing the sun rise over the park and thinking, "I'm gonna want to remember this." What I didn't realize was that I'd forget practically everything else.

    So, were any you at either of those parties? Do you remember anything?

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    Unfortunately, I did not go to either of these. They do sound cool from the memories I have heard. Thanks for sharing!


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      This has been a Filmways presentation dahling.


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        Too young......


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          By the way they were 60 hour partys! I know because I was at both and I remember them very well. I quess that makes me old enough. I remember that line for Captain EO starting at the train station !!!


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            I was there for both parties and was in Junior High at the time. I had an annual pass at that time too and it got me in since this was not a special ticket event. There was another thread about this somewhere on the boards where I wrote a more in depth report. Anyway It was a total blast. I wish they would do something like that again, but I am sure they won't.
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              Yes I was there. It was the first date me and my wife had. I spent 22 hours there.

              The best memory was to to have breakfast at the River Belle Terrace and watch the sun rise.
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                From the Star Tours premiere, I remember seeing people sleeping on the benches in Disneyland as I walked by in the morning hours.


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                  I was only 11 and won an adventure with the real Captain EO. He gave me a diet coke from the can and I woke up 3 days later in the lobby of the Movieland Wax Museum.

                  They named a chimp after me. Druggles.
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