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Photo TR: Weekend at Disneyland (Including Block Party and Fireworks)


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  • Photo TR: Weekend at Disneyland (Including Block Party and Fireworks)

    We decided to spend 2 days at Disneyland since the kids AP's expired yesterday, and we won't be renewing them for awhile.

    We had a TOTALLY awesome weekend, one of the best times we have had at Disney in a LONG, LONG time.

    We arrived at the park at about noon on Saturday. Throw down $120 for our Block-out day tickets (for all 4 of us) and head into DCA. First thought, there is NOBODY here. I mean nobody. We walked on Tower and got FastPasses for later just in case it got busy.

    Whenever you see a 13 minute wait on Tower on a Saturday, you know it's a good thing:

    We had to get a pic of this ladies hair ... can you say POOF!!!

    Headed back to Paradise Pier and there is no lines for anything. Josh is about 1/4 of an inch away from 48" so he still couldn't go on Screamin. We did the child-switch which we didn't really need since the ride was a walk on. From there Kristi took Amanda on Maliboomer and I took Josh to the S.S. Rustworthy.

    On the way I decided to measure him for the swings since they are also 48". Guess what. He could ride them. WTF? I thought at least Disney would have all of their height markers set correctly.

    We didn't ride since Josh doesn't like swings too much, but I still thought it was funny, but we didn't press the issue with Screamin'.

    Walked around, got FP's for Soarin and back to Tower. Didn't use our FP's because it was still a walk on. At this point it was about 3:00 and since we hadn't eaten we decided to go check in at our hotel and have a late lunch/early dinner. Our hotel for the night was the Marriot Suites in Garden Grove (about 3 miles from Disney) and thanks to Priceline it was only $64 for the night.

    The room was totally awesome.

    We had dinner at the Red Robin right outside the hotel and for $30 we had a totally awesome meal.

    We made it back to the parks at about 4:30 and headed back into DCA. We used our Soarin' fastpasses and then headed back to Paradise Pier to get seats for Block Party Bash.

    The show was scheduled to start at 5:10 and when we arrived to Golden Dreams at about 5:05 there was NOBODY around. Turns out the show takes about 45 minutes to get from the entrance plaza to Golden Dreams.

    The show itself is REALLY good, the perfect example of something that would never work at Disneyland, but fits DCA perfectly. It's upbeat, energetic, get's the crowd involved, etc. My only complaint is that they didn't have the times at each "show stop" but only when it started. They should list the times that the show will be in each area if it takes that long.

    The army men announce the start of the show:

    They get all kids, big and small into the action:

    Kristi was getting yelled at for not participating:

    Some more pics:

    After this we hit Mullholland Madness twice, once a walk on and the next with FP's we got before Block Party Bash. We then headed over to Tower once again, used our FP's although we didn't need them and had another fun ride.

    Got a nice picture of a completely empty lobby at 6:30 on a Saturday evening.

    Then it was over to Disneyland, where we found a totally different picture.

    The main reason we decided to pay the $$ to go to Disney on Saturday was to do the Fireworks and new parades. We were about 45 minutes early for the parade and couldn't find a seat. Walking up to the HUB we saw people already waiting for the fireworks. This was 2+ hours prior to the show. WTF. We decided then and there to just stake our claim for the prime real estate and park it.

    We spread out all of the sweatshirts and while Kristi saved our spots, I figured I would take the kids on a couple smaller rides so they wouldn't have to sit there for 2 hours. We rode Snow White and the Tea Cups and that took us almost 45 minutes. The place was PACKED!!!

    Back to the HUB at about the time the evening parade of Dreams was starting. We couldn't really see it from where we were, but it didn't look all that fantastic.

    As soon as the Parade finished though, the HUB got PACKED. People everywhere, most were pretty well behaved, some weren't. Which is to be expected I guess.

    The fireworks started at 9:25.

    What can I say about this show except WOW. Quite simply the most awesome fireworks display I have ever seen. I could never think they could do a show of this magnatude at Disneyland. It's just unbelievable. You are surrounded by fireworks, getting launched from Fantasyland, Tomorrowland, Main Street, Frontierland, etc. It truly is a site to behold and was worth ever penny and every minute we spent waiting for it.

    The opening

    I haven't seen Illuminations yet but until November at least, this show is at the top of my list.

    We were hoping the park would die down at this point, it didn't. We went on Casey Jr. Walked around to Big Thunder, 60 minute wait, Jungle Cruise 60 minute wait. No thanks. So we headed back to the Hotel, cleaned up, slept and prepared to try and get to the park for an 8:00am opening on Sunday.

    Well, we made it, I don't know how though. Tired and sluggish we entered Disneyland at 8:15 am. This is always a good time to do the park because you usually have at least 2 hours when the park isn't that busy.

    First stop, FP's for Buzz. And since the line wasn't long, we walked right on. After this we rode the Matterhorn, Mr. Toad, Jungle Cruise, Big Thunder, Pirates and Splash Mtn. By this point it was only about 10:30. Took the train back over to TL and used our FP's for Buzz since it was now a 40 minute line.

    At this point we were all pretty tired, we decided to head to DCA for one last ride on Tower and then head home.

    Overall we had an amazing time. Can't wait for 10 days of awesome time when we go to FL in November.

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    Very nice pictures -- glad you had fun.


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      Wonderful Pics, and it looked like you all had a great time. Sorry to hear about the kids not getting new AP's for a while.

      Thank you for sharing your pics.'s been a long time.


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        Great report. I have seen both IllumiNations and and Wishes. Wishes is better than IllumiNations, but I would not miss either. I believe that Remember the Dream at Disneyland is better than both, IMHO. You will recognize parts of the Wishes soundtrack when you are in Florida. There is not as important to be right in from of the Castle. The Castle does change color, so at least have a view of it. Have a great time!!

        P.S. Check out Fantasmic in DMGM too. It is not as good as the Disneyland show, but still a nice one for the kids.
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