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4/22 - Sunday, Early Sunday


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  • 4/22 - Sunday, Early Sunday

    Sunday morning came early.

    Very early.

    Ridiculously early.

    Earlier than the early bird getting the early worm that is up too early to begin with.

    It was that early.

    But I had an appointment to keep with the Mouse and the Mice Chatters who dutifully accepted the challenge to open the park with me at 6:30 AM.


    So, at 5:30-ish I showed up at the M&F parking structure. This is the best shot I could get (in my condition):


    This is how it was reported on the DL website and on all the signage outside the Park. It was, however, later to be proven a LIE! More on that story later...

    The parking structure would not open until 6AM, so we had some time to hold a PARKING STRUCTURE MEET!

    Here are the Happy Chatters who were already whooping it up when I got there:

    Pratt55, her terrific husband, MaxAndBellesMom, judimouse, and superstacie!
    Lunatics all!

    After a few minutes, RadioBarry sidled up:

    And the irrepressible Spidergrrrl (that's 3 "r"s) showed up for her First Meet:

    She is standing in front of a Mini Cooper BTW.

    Here is the parking lot itself:

    Crazy Legs and Captain Phoebus showed up bright eyed and bushy tailed:

    Rixter and Mickey Maxx came up from down south to liven things up (like they always do):

    Sam (the Man!) was not about to miss out on the fun:

    Almondot documenting the hijinx:

    Darkbeer and DeeOhGeesMom showed up because I told him I would be arriving by helicopter:


    And Dan showed up with the brain-stumper extraordinnaire:

    Rubik's Cube! He was having a much better time solving Rubik's Apple.

    At 6AM on the dot, the lines opened and we were escorted to our amazing parking spots in the Pinocchio lot:

    I was basically standing next to the tram crossing when I took this picture.

    We got the first tram in and headed for the security gates.

    Piratemunkee with Belle626 and husband (please correct me if I am wrong here).

    And some more Chatters from the other side of the structure entrance:

    DLForever, Dusty, Rixter

    We get in line and judimouse busts out the Donuts:

    My apologies to judimouse for getting a picture with her eyes closed but I was transfixed by the sugary goodness of the breakfast items.

    The sun is coming up while we wait in line:

    I said "wait in line" already, didn't I?

    We enter the gates right at 6:30 and get together for a quick shot in front of the Mickey floral:

    Darkbeer and a few others hitch a ride down Main Street:

    Onto (and past) the beloved HUB:

    I just had to jump up on the planter and get a quick shot of Main Street:

    Piratemunkee shoots back!

    We had a great time and it was only 6:35AM!

    But it gets even better in the next segment.
    When we actually start to ride rides and stuff.

    Stay tuned, BRB...
    Last edited by PEZZ Lightyear; 04-24-2007, 08:15 AM.
    How much do we have to pay to get MiceChat Old?
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    Re: 4/22 - Sunday, Early Sunday

    Yay! Pictures!

    I can't believe I wasn't there. Have I already mentioned that? :blush:


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      Re: 4/22 - Sunday, Early Sunday

      I :bow: to ya'll for getting out of your warm, comfortable, squishy beds to trek on over to DL at the ungodly hour of o'dark thirty. Great pictures so far! Can't wait to see more!

      ^clicky clicky^


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        Re: 4/22 - Sunday, Early Sunday

        Thanks for sharing Hugs was fun


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          Re: 4/22 - Sunday, Early Sunday

          Your Sunrise Meet was a great idea.... love all the trip reports looks like you all had a great time....


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            Re: 4/22 - Sunday, Early Sunday

            I've been waiting for this trip report all day! So nice of you to suggest this wild and wacky MiceChat meet and then photographically document it for posterity.


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              Re: 4/22 - Sunday, Early Sunday

              I'm playing my violin for you Pezz for getting up early to go to Disneyland..

              Thanks for the trip report.
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                Re: 4/22 - Sunday, Early Sunday

                Does anybody else not see any pictures when they use Mozilla? I had to open this in IE to see the pics.
                Do you see the excellence of this invention?


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                  Re: 4/22 - Sunday, Early Sunday

                  On a little side note, I was asked early in the day what the itinerary was.


                  My itinerary was pretty simple:
                  1. Show up.
                  2. Do stuff.

                  Having no idea there would be so MANY people actually there, I sure didn't put a lot of thought or effort into what we were going to be doing from hour to hour. Plus, we had excellent on-the-fly organizers like Dusty and Fishbulb there, so I really slacked. Thanks to everyone who had patience with me and put up with my general "let's ask everybody" attitude. Next time I plan something, I promise I will have a synopsis, a flow chart, and disaster recovery plan printed out for everyone.
                  I kid. But I did feel pretty under-prepared and grateful for everyone's participation.

                  Where were we?

                  Oh yeah, the sun was coming up:

                  It's a great big beautiful tomorrow all right!

                  And we've got places to go:

                  Sir Clinksalot and Belle get ready to board their pirate ship on Peter Pan!

                  And afterward, we are joined by more DMCA stalwarts:

                  Anders, Sunnygirl, JustJohn, Simply Sabrina, Grumpy4, and Villains Fan!
                  "Dude. This is what Sunday morning looks like?"

                  It's time to ride flying pachyderm!

                  All lined up...

                  Rixter and Belle give it a whirl:

                  Spidergrrrl and superstacie dive-bomb:

                  Then it's my turn:

                  superstacie and Spidergrrrl:

                  A quick check and we're off!

                  A few in-flight photos:

                  Darkbeer (and Pratt55 & Hubby on the left)

                  Rixter is usually a blur of activity anyway...

                  Crazy Legs!

                  superstacie can't enough of the Dumbo:

                  Periwinkle pachyderm?

                  Dusty and Savik101:

                  Afterward, Casey Junior looked too good to pass up!

                  And the second group:

                  G4, VF, SG, PM, B626, and on and on...

                  And there they go:

                  Always be aware of what is going on around you in case one of your Ride Buddies gets into a dangerous situation:

                  Shoelace alert!

                  A certain catastrophe narrowly avoided, we proceed on to the Matterhorn.

                  Or so we thought...

                  Seeing NO line for Mr. Toad, Fishbulb gets another idea!

                  We all head for Toad Hall and get our drive on.
                  I get Ratty:

                  From the line:

                  Fishbulb fiddles while Piratemunkee catches a few ZZZ's

                  The car in front of me:

                  Undercover Sam!

                  As I was getting out, I could see Mice Chatters still getting on:

                  We filled up the whole ride!

                  And this noisy couple behind me:

                  He was just sure she had just driven them to hell and back.

                  That's all for Installment Number Two of the Early Show!
                  Stay tuned tomorrow because right now I need to catch up on some much-needed sleep.

                  There will be more rides, super models, and BABY DUCKS!

                  How much do we have to pay to get MiceChat Old?
                  :monkey: :monkey:


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                    Re: 4/22 - Sunday, Early Sunday

                    [QUOTE=PEZZ Lightyear;1665535]
                    So, at 5:30-ish I showed up at the M&F parking structure. This is the best shot I could get (in my condition):

                    DISNEYLAND OPEN UNTIL 4 PM

                    Geez Pezz.....were you still drunk from the night before when you took this shot or had you just started drinking Bloody Mary's at 3 am when you woke up?


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                      Re: 4/22 - Sunday, Early Sunday

                      Great TR so far!


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                        Re: 4/22 - Sunday, Early Sunday

                        Make me mad that I had to work at noon.

                        great picture.
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                          Re: 4/22 - Sunday, Early Sunday

                          LOL I like what your itinerary for the day was!:lol:


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                            Re: 4/22 - Sunday, Early Sunday

                            Thanks for the update PEZZ. Very cool. We wanted to make it out this weekend but it just didn't happen.
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                              Re: 4/22 - Sunday, Early Sunday

                              Originally posted by PEZZ Lightyear View Post

                              And afterward, we are joined by more DMCA stalwarts:

                              Anders, Sunnygirl, JustJohn, Simply Sabrina, Grumpy4, and Villains Fan!
                              "Dude. This is what Sunday morning looks like?"
                              I fixed that for you.:lol:

                              Great report so far!! Love it! Had such a great time! And I'm thinking it was a great idea! But I missed donuts.
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