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  • Favorite Disney Snack

    What is your favorite food to snack on in the park?

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    Peanut Butter Sandwich from the World or Pooh store, hands down. Not a fan of peanut butter treats but this thing is AMAZING. It's a creamy peanut center within a nutterbutter type cookie crust covered in a 1/4 inch thick layer of chocolate outside of that! It's about an inch and a half thick and about three inches by three inches for less than four bucks. It's WORTH IT!
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      Originally posted by Tedi Bara
      What is your favorite food to snack on in the park?
      Food I sneak in.
      Just kidding.

      I guess I don't really have a favorite, but I do like getting Mickey Head Ice Cream Sandwiches. Those are good.


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        Mmmmm... Pickles from the Market House, Mint Juleps from NOS, Dole whips from Tiki Juice Bar...

        And popcorn...mmmm...popcorn...


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          I enjoy the Fritters from New Orleans and the Honey popcon by Pooh , but mostly when im hungry i get a meal.
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            Mint Julep all the way! Oh yes and Dole Wip Float and for real food I guess Ice Crem from the Ice Cream aprlor anyon etried DCA's San Andreas shakes? they soun dgood! :monkey:

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                Originally posted by Gemini Cricket
                I guess I don't really have a favorite, but I do like getting Mickey Head
                MMMMMMMM that sounds delicious.
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                  Frozen bananas. I love 'em.
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                    Mine would have to be the Mint Julep from the Mint Julep Bar, a pinapple spear from the Tiki Juice Bar, and a good old hot dog from Coke Corner. Oh! and a simple box of popcorn from the cart at the hub!

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                      Favorite DL snack

                      Oh, it's got to be Dole Whip! That stuff is fabulous! I can't wait until the Tiki Room is finished and we can have DW again! I first had it in Hawaii(in 1990) and DL is the only other place I've found it. I should be a salesperson for Dole! Every time I am in line for it and people are waffling behind me about what to get I tell them they HAVE to get Dole Whip and how good it is!


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                        Jalapeno cheese pretzel.


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                          Walt's love of Trains!


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                            i usually get a churro. sometimes i get ice cream from Gibson Girl. But that peanut butter sandwhich is really good from pooh corner. its really sweet though and hits the sweet tooth. i also used to get those iced mochas from Bengal Bar-B-Que
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                              Not really the taste, but the smell of the Frontierland/Liberty Square turkey legs.


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