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My Disneyland 50th guess....


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  • My Disneyland 50th guess....

    This is my educated guess on how the 50th birthday will be based on my experiences with past special parties like Captain EO, Star Tours Openings, 25th Birthday Party etc................

    Friday July 15th - normal day 8am to Midnight

    Saturday July 16th - park closes at 10pm - everyone out - reopens at 12midnight for special 50th Birthday ticket holders only! (my guess $75.00 cost, Annual Passes not included ) - park is then open straight until 2am on Monday night (Tuesday AM) 50 HOURS!!! - regular guests can enter starting at 8am on Sunday morning and stay until 2am Monday night, (if they don't leave! Only guests with an wristband can enter the park after midnight and before 8am).

    Sunday July 17th - THE DAY! Regular guests can only get in starting at 8am. A special birthday ceremony in front of the castle at 10am. Free birthday cake, party hats etc. The Space Mountain Re-Opening ceremony at 12noon! Press only for 2hrs. A special extended fireworks show that night. Only guests with an wristband can enter the park after midnight and before 8am. By 12 noon Disneyland has reached capacity everyone else is sent to DCA. After 6pm guests are allowed back into Disneyland (Once in the park do not leave!)

    Monday July 18th - open until 2am. Regular guests can only get in starting at 8am. Only guests with an wristband can enter the park after midnight and before 8am.

    Tuesday July 19th - normal day 8am to Midnight

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    Oh I'm wishing, wishing, wishing, wishing for them to do this!

    If only the happy times of the 25th and 30th overnight birthday celebrations can erase the corporate memories of the crowd-control nigthtmare Star Tours and Captain Eo overnighters. Or is there any kind of corporate memory at all for Disneyland to recall the fantastic AllDay/AllNight birthday celebrations of old?

    Being that it's the opportunity to sell hundred dollar overnight tickets to a parkful of APers who would otherwise get in for free, I'm hoping the suits will wise up to this marvelously profitable way to celebrate the 50th.

    And I just hope and hope that Matt Ouimet and the boys realize that this occassion merits nothing less than the biggest party Disneyland has ever held.

    And I do believe in fairies, I do, I do.


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      well as far as those crowd control things go who knows?

      I'm positive all the 50th presents will soft open before the 50th which is ok by me as long as they don't actualy officialy open until the 50th (aka only AP's and Disney freaks will know they're already open)
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        omg......i didnt know we are going to be staying open 50 hour straight. if we stay open til 2am then that means i wont be off work til 4am. oh my. well i just hope they have a grand party planned for the actual 50th birthday and i hope they do something special for the cm's that have to work those days. we are going to be pretty tired and not to mention stressed.
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          Okay, how about the people (like me) who do not live in SoCal and booked their vacations as soon as possible to be there on the 50th and are staying on property and have a park hopper pass? Do we still need to buy the special overnight ticket? I mean, when I go to WDW I buy the E-night ticket wristband. Is this along the same idea? On E-Nights only certain rides and attractions are opened, not the whole park per se. Bottomline: I plan on being in DL on the 17th and don't want to get shut out.

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            This is all just rumour and conjecture. No one knows if they will be staying open 50 hours. It's all speculation.

            What they did for the 25th and 30th birthdays when they stayed open overnight was that a special ticket was required for admission between midnight and 8 a.m., and all regular admission media was valid starting at 8 a.m. for the subsequent normal operating hours on the 17th.


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              Playing at DL, all night long.That would be so incredibly fun!

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                Im already seeing sunrise at DL! lol :monkey:
                I really hope they do this, id pay extra for that ticket!

                Wouldnt they need to make announcements about this soon? I already have our trip booked, but we havent got our admission tickets yet.


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                  Sounds fun! I'd be there!
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