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Butterflylark's Magical Weekend 4/28-29


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  • Butterflylark's Magical Weekend 4/28-29

    I made a promise to myself when I arrived at the park Saturday morning. I was going to look at the good things and be thankful for being there. I wouldn't dwell on anything that was upsetting or wrong with the park.
    In this report you will find nothing that needs to be fixed, nothing you may have never seen before, but things that are amazing about Disneyland thought my eyes.

    So it all began about 9am Saturday morning when the shuttle dropped my friend and I off from the airport. We had no adgenda since I had to leave early to go see Wicked.

    According to my pictures (I have forgotten any order to these days) We went through Fantasyland to Tomorrowland then over to Adventureland for some Temple of Doom searching. We didn't have a driver and ended up nearly getting lost in the depths, but we made it out.
    Next time I'm taking a different trip.

    Looks promising. Both above and below.
    Work continues on the island.
    I took this picture - well because I could.

    The Sword in the Stone ceremony is always exciting. Merlin never fails to make me laugh and the expression on the kids face when the sword lifts is priceless - even if you have no idea who the kid is.

    As we turned to head down Main Street we passed the wishing well and Pinocchio, Chip and Dale, Goofy and Donald went by. You can't help but wave and grin as they skip past.
    Wait - that means the Castle show is about to start!

    They look like they are contemplating the purpose of the Dream Swans.
    Or maybe adoring the ducklings.

    At this point I looked at the time. 11:32 ! I'm late! I was supposed to meet the Wolf Pack at the drop off point at 11:30. Starting down Main Street for my locker I pulled out my phone to call Wolfy to reasure her I was on my way only to discover they had just left. Saved.
    Skipped the locker and headed for the Drop off point.

    I had never met the Wolf Pack. It was a huge leap of faith for them to offer me a ride - for that I thank you most sincerly. Your family is so wonderful.

    So we went off to Hollywood. Can you believe I had never been?
    - Look still Disney related.

    Poor thing is all dirty.

    Then, shinning in the distance was the Marquee for Wicked! Under it's protection from the sun stood a group of cheerful Micechatters, and the offering of hugs.

    The theatre was beautiful. But I didn't take any pictures inside since you aren't supposed to.
    It wasn't my first time to see Wicked, but it was a first for this cast. And they were amazing.

    And at this point the pictures for the day end. And here I must give huge thanks to Wolfy and family, Princess Buttercup and Family, NeverNeverLand and Hector. Sorry I wasn't better company - but you all were awesome.
    And see I was so much better the next day!
    - To be continued.
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    Re: Butterflylark's Magical Weekend 4/28-29

    You just seem like such a happy person! I loved your pictures - can't wait for more!
    Will trade husband for Disneyland and DCA Pins!


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      Re: Butterflylark's Magical Weekend 4/28-29

      Love the pics so far.
      And the idea to only look at the positive side.
      It was fun to hang out with you a bit longer than usual!
      And I am sorry that things were a little rough for you after Wicked :squeeze:
      Looking forward to the rest of the report.
      Good morning, son
      In twenty years from now
      Maybe we'll both sit down and have a few beers
      And I can tell you 'bout today
      And how I picked you up and everything changed
      It was pain
      Sunny days and rain
      I knew you'd feel the same things...



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        Re: Butterflylark's Magical Weekend 4/28-29

        So glad you enjoyed your short trip and glad we could help you out! Until next time.....Hugs from the Wolfpack!
        Mom, remember, it's not what a person is like on the outside that counts,
        it's what they are like in their HEART!

        - Wolfette


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          Re: Butterflylark's Magical Weekend 4/28-29

          Cool pics!
          Click here for most recent TR with night shots of Tomorrowland! (WDW)

          WDW Photo update <Hidden Mickeys - Details - and SM with the lights on>


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            Re: Butterflylark's Magical Weekend 4/28-29

            Continued. Third Attempt

            Good Morning Disneyland

            Skies looked a little grey, but with Disneyland in the distance it should be a good day.
            First up Pirates. I have a new camera, well I got it in February. And this is its first time to Disneyland so I thought i would try some pictures.
            Not much luck

            I'll just have to keep practicing. So on to Haunted Mansion.

            I decided to keep looking into the cruises offered. Six Days, Seven Romantic Nights... why does that sound like impending doom.

            The cute zebras are deceptive, it's actually their spy system. They let the gorillas know that we were easy targets. We nearly got blown from the water but our skipper steared us to safety. We dodged Head Hunter spears and made it out of the jungle.
            Then time for breakfast.

            It was so cute, almost too cute to eat. But I was really hungry.
            Then it was off to Big Thunder Mountain because I had just eaten that sounded like a good idea. And it was once again time for the Castle Show, so I made it early to be front and center. With adorable preshow entertainment.

            more later if this thing will ever post.
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              Re: Butterflylark's Magical Weekend 4/28-29

              I don't know why I love the castle show. Perhaps because there is such joy in the music and the characters dancing and playing with the kids.

              Pinocchio and Mickey were playing a game and copying one another then trying to decide who was leading. It was silly. Or maybe they were showing off. The Disney Cast Magic guy was behind my friend and a few kept posing for him.

              Alice bids a little Wendy farewell before they all headed out, leaving Mickey and the band to share a touching moment.

              Mickey's hair had come loose so I didn't take any more pictures as they were leaving to lead the band down to the Main Street Station.

              But what's that I hear?

              Something exciting was happening at the Jedi Academy today

              As we were waiting, we noticed that several other Jedi were there in disguise trying to blend with the crowd. A lot of suits were there waiting to watch as well.
              What could it be? I watched the first bit because I wanted to make sure I got to the noon meet.

              Hmm, I don't remember ever having seen him before.

              So off to the hub. I stopped to change my memory card and enjoy the flowers.

              I'm rather shy, and very quiet until I get to know people. Sometimes that comes off as if I would rather be alone. Not true! But because I couldn't go up and talk to everyone I kinda left the noon meet.

              The meet from afar.


              Eventually I found courage.
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                Re: Butterflylark's Magical Weekend 4/28-29

       was great to meet you on Saturday! I 'm glad you came to dinner with us even though you weren't feeling well and I'm even more glad that you felt better on Sunday!


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                  Re: Butterflylark's Magical Weekend 4/28-29

                  Heading back towards the hub, I meet with Princess Buttercup and her daughter carrying things towards Frontierland. So I joined with them and decided to brave mass of people.
                  I'm glad I did. I had never been on the canoes. I laughed quite a bit, and tried my hardest to paddle with everyone else. I think I only splashed the people around me once or twice.

                  The first canoe heads out.
                  Hungry Bear brought gifts and trinkets. I wore my little emerald ring all the way home that night. and there were bubbles, lots of bubbles.

                  Because we had just eatten - I think this is a trend for the day, we went off to ride Big Thunder than off to Pirates. Where more and more bubbles started floating about. The view from the front of the group.

                  By this time it was 3:00 with only a few hours left in the park I decided to skip off to get a view of the parade. Because I love the parade even more than the castle show, and possibly more than the fireworks.
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                    Re: Butterflylark's Magical Weekend 4/28-29

                    Those are some amazing photos! sorry I didn't really "formally" meet you! You were right in front of me and I didn't put two and two together!

                    Visit my mice chat toy shop!

                    Track Disney Animation Presence in the Theme Parks Worldwide!


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                      Re: Butterflylark's Magical Weekend 4/28-29

                      I'm so glad you made it this weekend! Good to see you again


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                        Re: Butterflylark's Magical Weekend 4/28-29


                        I get giggly when the parade starts. I think I revert to being an 8 year old again. It is something magical. I get teary, I laugh and wave and sing along.
                        Tink was off keeping the lost boys entertained while Peter joined the parade and she was missed.

                        This Ariel is very special to me, not because she is the closest in looks, but there is something about her when you meet her. She just, sparkles. And you believe.


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                          Re: Butterflylark's Magical Weekend 4/28-29

                          Ooh I love all the little candids of all the little kids. They are all too cute!

                          You're very good with the camera. Good report!


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                            Re: Butterflylark's Magical Weekend 4/28-29

                            :clap: Great pictures, and it was great to meet you! Now that you know some people, hopefully things could get easier each meet you can make.
                            "Tonight I wash my hands of you
                            You set the bar I could not live up to
                            Tonight the light is breaking through
                            So thank you very little and send me postcards from hell"


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                              Re: Butterflylark's Magical Weekend 4/28-29


                              This is such an adorable shot.

                              Great report and I am loving your photos. Good job for having the camera such a short time. :thumbup:


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