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Where's all the merchandise?


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  • Where's all the merchandise?

    My last visit to Disneyland was a great dissapointment. Sure, most of the rides were running and the lines weren't too long but...

    Where's all the new merchandise?!?

    All the stores stock the same generic stuff. There is very little product that is unique to the park. Anything that is unique to the park was there 6 months ago. Any merchandise for the Haunted Mansion? Nope. Just rows and rows of generic Jack Skelington Stuff. Any merchandise for Indiana Jones? Nope. Just the same old hats and shirts from last time and... wait...

    Pirates Stuff?!? In the Indiana Jones shop?!? What is going on here?

    I though they wanted all us tourists to buy stuff. How can we if all the stores stock the same thing.

    Think I'm crazy? Here's a challenge for you. Find me 3 stores in Disneyland that don't carry any Pirates merchandise. Not so easy is it? There's even Pirates in the friggin' Princess Store!!! I wouldn't mind so much if at least it was unique to the park but it isn't. You can buy most of it just about anywhere. Somebody... anybody... make stuff for me to buy!!!

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    Re: Where's all the merchandise?

    I notice the same thing


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      Re: Where's all the merchandise?


      Disneyland Resort merchandise is pathetic.

      What's even worse is that the stuff that is park or attraction-specific is ugly, poorly designed, and features added extras that makes the bad design look even worse (i.e. glitter, fuzzy material, raised designs, etc).

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        Re: Where's all the merchandise?

        Originally posted by MasterGracey View Post
        What's even worse is that the stuff that is park or attraction-specific is ugly, poorly designed, and features added extras that makes the bad design look even worse (i.e. glitter, fuzzy material, raised designs, etc).

        This is SO true. There is very little Park specific stuff to buy, and the stuff they do sell is, well, "it's not so good, Al."

        And why oh why doesn't sell Disneyland merchandise? I'm sure there is a small number of people (local AP holders only) who might save a trip to the park if they could buy it online, but I have to believe the money gained by online sales would outweigh any losses.
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          Re: Where's all the merchandise?

          *hugs his DL hoodie*

          SHUT UP!!!

          J/k ... I know exactly what you mean.....

          I actually bought that hoodie from a char. outlet. *cries*
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            Re: Where's all the merchandise?

            Totally agree!

            It makes no sense that each store carries the same stuff. A good variety would make you want to stop into every store. Also, if you see someone wearing something you'd like, it seems you'd ask where he got that and you'd make the extra trek to find it.

            Now you go into any store...Hats, pirates, pins, snowglobes, pirate princess shirt..blah blah blah.

            You get the picture.



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              Re: Where's all the merchandise?

              A long time ago I found an awsome shirt in the Star Traders store that was kinda tie-dyed but in the tie-dye patters you could see boba was a great shirt and only sold there. Everyone I knew at SCiFi cons asked me where I got it because they couldn't find it even via the Star Wars fan club stuff.

              Alas the shirt finally wore out...and now Star Traders doesn't sell any shirts that I can't find other places. The other stores seem to be the same. It's a shame.
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                Re: Where's all the merchandise?

                it's also the same for WDW .

                Put the same exact same DL logo on shirt and modify the castle and put WDW on it .

                It's all Generic now . Thanks that Tokyo and DL Paris and HKDL have different merchandise .

                Hey don't you guys have the '' Where Dreams Come True'' marketing in US ?

                So DL and WDW share the same merch factory just change DL and WDW logo on it .

                How much money would they make with a Specific Shirt of TOT or Electrical Parade or even Indy adventure or whatever .

                I totally agree Disney doesn't sell any very good stuff since a while .
                HKDL : Done !!!


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                  Re: Where's all the merchandise?

                  There seems to be a move to unify the global merchandise. I'm assuming there was LOADS of unsold 50th stuff, because HKDL last year - and early this year too - was selling "1st Anniversary HKDL" merch that was identical to the 50th stuff. They simply took the button off the feet of the plush, for example, and replaced it with a stitched "1st". The logo was otherwise identical. As were the bags, posters and character designs etc. There was very little in HKDL that I couldn't have bought a year earlier in Anaheim. (Of course, they do have some exclusives, like the Chinese New Year merch).

                  I wouldn't be surprised if unsold merch starts circulating from the US to HKDL more often, and more to the point, a uniformity to the merchandise in different parks. This isn't to say there won't be some park exclusives depending on where you are in the world, but it is cheaper to mass produce a single bit of Pirates merch for every park. Who can blame them?

                  That said, one of my singular thrills is going through the in-park shops and finding things nobody else has in the "real world".
                  I don't mean to sound bitter, cold, or cruel, but I am, so that's how it comes out. - Bill Hicks


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                    Re: Where's all the merchandise?

                    Originally posted by DLRP_bopazot View Post
                    it's also the same for WDW .
                    I'm usually a Disneyland kinda girl, but I went to WDW in April 2006, DLR in August 2006 and WDW in March 2007 and my last visit to Disneyland and WDW were very disappointing merchandise-wise. I usually buy a couple of t-shirts and at both parks couldn't even find one I liked. I thought most of the newer clothing looked like cheap iron-ons, but most of the merch was the same from the year before. Online and Disney Stores have been disappointing too. Hmm.

                    I guess I can be thankful I'm saving money. Lord knows I need to. (<--- preposition)
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                      Re: Where's all the merchandise?

                      I have experienced the same ho hum merchandise for a while. Last year spent very little in souvenirs and this year I'll probably spend even less if anything at all. Makes me wonder who they think the target market is. It seems to be geared towards the average 8 year old. Problem is most peole who rarely visit the parks won't care about the uniqueness of the product. That may be where the bigger profits come, although I think that there is a large profit potential in delivering unique park specific merchandise. I would buy it.
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                        Re: Where's all the merchandise?

                        Is it just me or are the pins the only thing that seem to still be interesting in the parks? The pins have lots of specifics to certain rides/events/parks. Not to mention they seem to come out with more cool ones every month AND they last forever.


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                          Re: Where's all the merchandise?

                          Those kids in Bangladesh must not be working hard enough. Maybe they aren't getting their daily beatings.


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                            Re: Where's all the merchandise?

                            I've worked in stores for about 5 years, I might be able to shed a little bit of light here on some questions.

                            One, the reason for the sameness in stuff all over the park is due mostly from management (probably Pressler) a while back deciding to emphasize selling what sells best over variety. (I don't agree with it BTW)

                            What sells best? Candy, sweatshirts, toys, etc. The usual tourist stuff, not some super specialized item. I can't go specifically saying what's best because that's a big list. But we categorize these items with ratings. Your best items of all in a store gets an A+ rating, and so on down.

                            Amazingly enough, A+ and A rated merchandise make up the huge majority of profit. That can easily be 20 or so items out of a store that sells 4000 items.

                            When something like that happens you'll see it repeated all over the park to maximize profit.

                            Two, people say they want variety, but what do they end up doing? Buying the same stuff, a typical sweatshirt, some candy, a snowglobe. What happens when I am able to tell a guest with delight that something they are looking for is at another part of the park, just not in my store, they balk and say that's too far, even if that's just a couple stores down. Guests are lazy.

                            Although this board contains a slightly different profile from a typical tourist, it's the typical non-disney fanatic or AP that they cater to. If you don't believe me, the best selling thing in the big stores are those awful metal keychains with names on them, maybe not every single month, but consistently month in and month out they are in the top 5, period. Hence another reason for non-variety. You almost have to beat management's head over and over to get something through to them (think of the plus size clothing in Clothiers).

                            Three, why can't you get anything from Well.... ever hear of DelivEARS? The mail order type number we have that will get you anything we sell in the park? Look on the back of your receipt for that.

                            I'll end with this bit, another reason you can't get anything from is what I tell all guests that ask, "Can I get this on the internet?" I always reply, "NO. Because, it wouldn't be special anymore, there wouldn't be anything magical to it." You go somewhere, you get something, and it's special because you got it there, and nowhere else, except possibly WDW. Just like any other place you visit. It isn't special or meaningful if you could just get it online.

                            For the record, I'm not a big fan of the merchandise tactics of late.



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                              Re: Where's all the merchandise?

                              People would be more inclined to visit a greater number of shops and spend more time shopping if Disney offered a larger variety of merchandise.

                              If Disney is so intent on pushing the high-margin dreck, then the company should find more and better high-margin items to sell, especially those that fit the shops, which are selling the stuff.

                              Additionally, part of the appeal of Disneyland merchandise, and the Disneyland shopping experience, is in the geographic origins of the individual items. That aspect allows the company to charge higher premiums. So, merchandise that does not reflect the place where it is found and purchased represents a significant missed opportunity.

                              Coincidentally, merchandise that does fit a particular area and shop also supports the show and, in turn, contributes to main gate revenues since, as John Hench once observed, Disneyland is a system.

                              Disney, ultimately, needs to make shopping an attraction, again.


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