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Would you pay on July 17?


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  • Would you pay on July 17?

    I can claim no inside knowledge about July 17, 2005. There's been a rumor that DL may require a "hard ticket" - no one with comp tickets or annual passes would be let in. You'd have to buy a ticket.

    Would you pay?

    I'm thinking I might.

    That's especially true if they really do a "50 hour party" like a second rumor states. I attended the 60-hour parties for Captain EO and Star Tours and loved them both.

    (and for the record, they could do a quote-unquote 50-hour-party that really lasted more like 65 hours, and thus close down the park at a reasonable hour rather than right in the middle of the day ... they would just CALL it a 50-hour party to match the 50th anniversary).

    Again, both rumors might be untrue. I'm just trying to gauge how many of you might buy tickets in the event both rumors were true.
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    I'd pay. It sucks... but I'd pay.
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      When I renewed my AP, they told me there was not going to be a hard ticket charge for the 17th. I had asked specifically about that. The only thing they told me was about the closure of Disneyland on May 4th for parkwide prep for the 50th celebration. They said nothing about some sort of exclusive party happening on that day either. They said the amount of decorating that needed to be done made it impossible to keep the park open on the 4th.
      But if it were happening on that day, and an additional charge was requested, I'd pay it. But not without protest. The calendar I was handed says the 17th of July is not a blackout day for my Premium Pass.


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        You bet I would!

        If I could go that day and had the money I would certainly pay for it. Not just because it is the 50th, but because it is a true day of history, one that will never be matched again no matter where you are. There is just something special about that day, knowing that 50 years ago Walt's dream came true.

        Don't think I would be able to make it this year but I can dream can't I?
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          That's why I got my Premium AP this year(for the last time) so I would be able to go to the park on July 17. After $320 I would not pay extra!

          Aprille :-)


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            Everything is "Subject to change without notice" when it comes to Disney. So I'd like to say we are free from that ever happening but who knows the real truth. Would I pay? I would love to say no but when it comes down to it I most likely would. However, if we are paying close to 600 for two AP's PLUS two additional tickets, I better have a nice stiff drink in my hands when I hand them my ticket!!
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              Eh I might just for the heck of it

              Walt's love of Trains!


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                I will unfortunately not be able to attend the 50th Anniversary of Disneyland this year, but am hopeful I will live to 65 to see the 100th Anniversary of Disneyland.


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                  i dont think they will make everyone have a hard ticket for july 17th. i know that our main gate passes are blacked out that day, which doesnt really matter cuz i could just use my comp tix. i dont think they would make their cast members pay though. but honestly, if they make us pay for a ticket i just might since it will be a great day in history and i could say that i was a part of it. but most likely i will probably be working.
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                    I'll pay! Whatever. I called once about the Premium Passes and asked about the 17th as make sure it wasn't a black-out date (I didn't trust the website's info.). The girl who I talked to said that as far as they *knew* there would be no additional tickets needed that day.

                    But I remain skeptical. I'll pay.


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                      I have to pay... I aint an employee..a dn traveling all thw way from FLa to see it on this day as my big graduation gift......


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                        I have park passes with the special 50th Anniversary vacation package and staying at the DL hotel. Would I still need to buy a hard ticket for that day? I wouldn't like, but I probably would pay!

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                          July 17 can be both a hard ticket and a regular AP and general admission day.

                          Here's how it's worked in the past: July 17, 1980 and July 17, 1985 - Disneyland remains open 25 hours for the 25th Birthday, and 30 hours for the 30th Birthday, respectively. In both cases, the party starts at midnight the moment it becomes July 17. These are non-normal operating hours between midnight and 8 a.m., and your regular admission or AP does not get you into the Park for that. A special ticket is required (and soooooo worth it, I can tell you - having attended both events).

                          Then, at 8 a.m., regular AP and general admission is valid once more, and the day guests come flooding in.

                          Personally, I am really hoping the rumors are true. I would gladly pay extra money for a hard ticket overnight event to celebrate the 50th Birthday. Disney could pocket a lot of extra money from APs who otherwise get into the Park for free. And the overnight party is the only hope for topping the 25th or 30th Birthdays, which I've long looked forward to being acheived for the 50th.

                          (Staying open all night long does not automatically mean topping the 30th celebrations ... but without it, there's not a chance.)


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                            Shouldn't this and that other thread be moved to "Rumors" forum?


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                              I would definitely pay. I'm sure they would have like some sort of special ticket for JUST that day as a keepsake.
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                                So basically they keep DLR open 50 hours straight? Wow!!

                                Answer: Yes , I would buy a ticket , with my teeth grinding!!
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                                  Originally posted by sediment
                                  Shouldn't this and that other thread be moved to "Rumors" forum?
                                  I don't think this kind of pure fun speculation even rises to the level of rumor.


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                                    I would definately pay it. I would pay it just to support the park for the 50th.


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                                      To be honest, I'm torn about the entire day. On one hand I want to be there for Disneyland's 50th birthday as it's not only a place that's very important to me but a truly historic day, I guess. On the other hand I loathe crowds at Disneyland more than anything else and I know it'll be at or close to capacity on the 17th which means wall-to-wall running crowds and hot and cold crying children nonstop for the whole thing.

                                      We'll see.


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                                        Without thinking twice?

                                        Hell yeah!!


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