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Extinct Attractions Club Peoplemover DVD - How is it?


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  • Extinct Attractions Club Peoplemover DVD - How is it?

    I was on and I am seriously considering ordering the Peoplemover DVD...can someone tell me if it is worth the money and how good it is?

    To me it sounds great--front row ride AND explanation/walk through/comments of both the Peoplemover and Rods, plus full it as good as it sounds?

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    I would buy it. I was planning on buying it sometime soon.


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      I've got it... It's pretty decent. Not the best of the DVDs, but one of the better. Probably more for the peoplemover freak, so you'll enjoy it.


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        The EAC produces some good stuff. I have several of their videos (back before there were DVDs) and I like all I have. I have actually been planning on upgrading my old vids to DVDs sometime.

        The way they chronicle Disney of the past is part of the inspiration/passion I have for documenting Disney of the now in video/DVD.

        There is so much from growing up I wish I now had. My kiddies will have that because of my recording. In the past year I have shot about 45 hours of DLR video. EAC does a fantastic job of recreating the past. My first (and favorite) video of theirs is America Sings.

        I would say buy it.


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          Frumious, does the DVD include a ride on the Peoplemover AND The Rocket Rods? And do they have good comments?


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            I have the DVD. It's great - lots of history on the Peoplemover along with the full ride, plus a ride on the Tomorrowland Transit Authority in WDW.

            The Rocket Rods are covered pretty well, but only as a ride-thru and as some external shots. I don't recall much narration on that part. It's more of a bonus.
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              I've actually seen all of these. They are rather well done IMO, especially considering the technology back then isn't even close to technology now.

              The Sub one and Innerspace are my faves.


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