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Ride that you have never been on


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  • Ride that you have never been on

    Is there any ride that you have never been on?

    I have to admit that I have never been on the Tea Cups. I never felt deprived but I never was interested in it.
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    Casey Junior Circus Train- well at least, I have no memory of ever riding it. I also did not get a chance to do the Country Bear Jamboree before it was closed in 2001. Have yet to do Buzz (but I have played online ) Haven't done Goofy's bounce house or the Columbia either.

    As far as DCA is concerned- ToT, pretty much all of "A Bug's Land" Superstar Limo (I wish I had a frame of reference for how awful that ride was), King Triton's Carrousel, Jumpin Jellyfish
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      Tower of Terror....but only because I haven't visited the parsk since it opened.


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        i believe i've been on everything currently open (as well as some that have gone to yesterland). i haven't been on maliboomer at dca, though.


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          I have been on all rides, including a whole bunch from yesterland.

          The only current shows I haven't seen are Snow White (Not interested in the least) and Parade of Dreams.


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            I think the only rides I have NOT been on at the DLR are:
            Goofy's Bounce House
            Jumpin' Jellyfish
            Playhouse Disney

            I've missed versions of Autopia at the 3 other Disneyland parks.

            Other than that, I think I've almost done every single ride at all 10 parks (and I've done it within the last calendar year!)


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              Goofy's Bounce House
              Davy Crocketts Explorer Canoes
              Any of the Main Street vehicles


              Play House Disney
              The Orange Stinger
              Jumpin Jelly fish
              Golden Zephyr
              Mulholland Madness
              King Triton's Carousel


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                oh yeah...duh. i haven't been on goofy's bounce house. but i do take my son there just about everytime we visit!


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                  Anything at DCA, Winnie the Pooh, and Buzz lightyear
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                    Casey Jr. Circus Train
                    Storybook Land Canal
                    Peter Pan
                    Snow White

                    Playhouse Disney
                    Heimlich's Chew Chew Train
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                      I havent been on buzz yet, im waiting for a time thats not the summer rush to try it
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                        At DL, I've never been on any of the Main Street vehicles. Haven't been on the new rockets either.


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                          Mailboomer, Superstar Limo, Innoventions (if you could call it a ride), "A Bug's Land", Alice in Wonderland


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                            Country Bear Playhouse
                            Superstar Limo
                            Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln (I never got interested in it until I found out it was going away. Thankfully it IS coming back)
                            The Columbia
                            All of Flik's Fun Fair except for the Chew Chew train and the horribly lame and bumper cars(altough they are very well themed)
                            King Triton's Carrousel
                            Rocket Rods and the PeopleMover
                            I never finished Innoventions (My family got out because it was too boring :botox
                            The Swiss Family Treehouse
                            And last, I'm going to shamefully admit that I have never laid foot on Tom Sawyer Island :botox: :o

                            Note: I'm 14 so all of the above attractions that I mentioned that are already part of Yesterland, are the ones I could have actually ridden them but never really heard about them or wasn't interested in them.
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                              Orange Stinger, Redwood Creek Challenge Trail, Astro Orbiter.
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