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Splash Mountain.. [To] Ride? or Not?


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  • Splash Mountain.. [To] Ride? or Not?

    I am going to Disneyland in June with my Dad. This will be my 5th trip to Disneyland and I have never ridden Splash Mountain. I am terrified of waterfalls. I love tower of terror in California Adventure and Mission Space in Epcot. I really want to ride this ride but don't know I am kind of nervous. Any ideas?

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    a lot of the rides have drops. just to warn you that at the very end of splash mountain there is a big drop. your best bet would be to close your eyes and just hang on then. the ride is great and you do get wet. so on a nice june day you should better get a fastpass cuz the line will be long. but you need to ride this ride cuz it is a must.
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      Tedi... Although you are nervous, trust me, if you can ride TOT you'll like Splash. That nervous thing is the beauty of all theme park thrill rides. Go with it and enjoy it. You'll have a blast!
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        You must ride!! The drop is really not as bad as it looks from ground level. Splash Mountain is so much more than the drop!


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          Especially when you get to see Brer Fox as a literal example of a fall down drunk!
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            Aw, Splash is a favorite of our entire family's. My four year old keeps talking about it non-stop!! We love Brer Bear and Brer Rabbit and the music is so awesome.

            Like they's so much more than just the drop. If you can do ToT, you can do Splash!!! Just remember to smile for the camera on the big drop!!!


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              Do it for the first time when you're felling brave. I was nervous the first time, but I was on an adrenaline rush after doing some other rides so worked up my nerve and went for it (I'm quite scared of heights). I've never looked back, and been on it heaps of times since. It's one of the best themed rides at DL imho, and really worth doing. Go for it!


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                My wife is definitely not a fan of water drops, and she refuses to ride ToT, but she likes Splash. She doesn't love the actual drop or anything, but she loves the theming so much that she puts up with it.

                It'd be a shame to miss the ride for the few seconds of drop -- I think that if you can do ToT, you'll have no problem with Splash.

                By the way, are you related to Theda Bara?



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                  If I were you I would think twice about going on Splash Mountain if you are terrified of waterfalls. Why? Because that is what Splash Mountain is all about! Plus there aren't any safety restraints, and if you aren't careful (holding on with a white-knuckle grip) you will probably fall right out of your log and end up in the briar patch! And that pesky fox and goofy bear can be pretty unpredictable at times!
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                    If you can do Tower of Terror ... then you can do Splash with NO problem!! Just hold on tight and scream the whole way down!!!


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                      Ride, Sally, ride!


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                        The drop isn't as bad as it may look to somebody who's never ridden it before. As most people have said, if you can do ToT, you can do Splash Mountain. So long as you don't mind getting wet, that is.
                        I've been riding it since I was a little kid, which means alot when you consider that when I was a little kid, I would go on next to nothing with any intensity. I'll ride anything now, of course, but I rose Splash Mountain back before I would even go on Haunted Mansion (I was what one would call a wimp back in my single-digit days, you see)


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                          Please Ride!

                          Splash Mountain is a fabulous ride! There is a lot of cute and cleverness in it taken from the old America Sings attraction molded into Song Of The South. I admit the drop is a little scarey. But it's about 3 seconds out of a 10 minute(?) ride. TOTALLY worth it. And if you give it a try and don't like it, well then AT LEAST YOU TRIED. And I think trying is better than wimping out because you think you know you won't like it. Sorry. I have(had) a friend who absolutely refuses to ride Splash Mtn. And I am still mad about it. What kind of a life is it to not try? I am not the kind of friend who would ask a friend to do something I thought was dangerous.

                          Aprille :-)


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                            If you can do TOT you'll be fine on Splash and it's such a great ride. Give it a whirl and just remember if you do it and don't like you never have to do it again!

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                              Im scared to death of Splash Mountain and ive been on the ride before! Although the last time I went I remember it not being as bad as I thought it was.


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