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Has anyone ever stayed at the Grand Californian?


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    In a word great. location location location, drinks drinks drinks..The concierge level is really nice. If convenience is what you want, then it rocks. Napa Rose is a surprisingly good restaurant too. We love it and try and stay there when we're down there. It is expensive. With a family of 4 you can sink 800 bucks before you know it.
    We make the kids sleep out in the car and they still think downtown disney is disneyland..their fave ride is the trammerhorn. shhhhhhhhhhh :-)

    No negatives that I can think of.
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      Darn I guess my kids were just too old when the GC was built to pull of that one, now they are old enough to know better and love the place and when they hear we are going to stay there they all show up with their luggage even though they live like 40 minutes away!!


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        I live far too close to it to justify staying a night there (especially at those prices), but I think it's a fantasic, majestic place. I come in to appreciate the many floors of its architecture as much as I can.
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          I have a 15 year old and he liked the GC, but he likes the DL hotel better. We did not like Paradise Pier at all when we stayed there 3 years ago. I liked the GC best, although it is quite expensive. The only reason we stayed there was becuase my employer paid for the first four nights and we only had to pay for three nights. I didn't think the room was small, it was no smaller than the one we had at Paradise Pier. The pool was great at the GC and the close proximity to everything was the best part!


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            I am excited...My sweetie and I are spending our wedding night at the Grand Californian, actually, two nights, before we leave on our honeymoon. I am so excited! We did get a park view room! :love:
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