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The old ticket system


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  • The old ticket system

    Speaking of the old ticket book system (someone had just made a thread about their old ticket book), I always wondered...why was it discontinued? Are any of the old booths still around, disguised as something else?

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    the lighthouse on SBC was a ticketbooth
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      Originally posted by MotorBoatCruise2005
      why was it discontinued?
      1) Magic Mountain did a "one-price, all-day" ticket, and DL was forced to do the same.
      2) They actually make MORE money with the $53 all-or-nothing ticket than they would make by letting you in for $20, then hoping you spend $33 on rides.
      3) Lower labor costs.


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        Originally posted by Am_I_Demon
        the lighthouse on SBC was a ticketbooth


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          Originally posted by dshimel
          Storybook Land
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            Wasn't there a photo tour of it somewhere.. some showing the old ticket booths still around...

            Materhorns, Storybook lands, Alice in wonderland, amd IASW's??


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              Isn't the Alice mushroom a former ticket booth?

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                I think the Alice Mushroom is. That is one I knew about...but I didnt quite believe.


                • #9
                  it was turned into a ride control booth.... (not bad reuse... better than removing...)


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                    One more that I recall... the one one behind dumbo. I think it's used as a photo area
                    with dumbo now. I think it was the one for the Casey Jr Train.

                    I don't remember/know this, but the Kodak shop near IASW looks like it could have
                    been one.

                    I vaguely remember there was one near the now-unused skyway station in FantasyLand, but
                    I'm not sure.


                    • #11
                      is the one in front of jungle cruise one, too? that looks the most "ticket booth like" still.


                      • #12
                        I think that was added later on in a renovation of the ride's queue


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                          If I remember correctly, DL first had a "red ribbon" that allowed you to ride the same ride as many times as you wanted. The precursor to the way it is now.

                          This has been a Filmways presentation dahling.


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                            I have been looking around the Internet trying to find original pics of these without much success.

                            I did find one of daddyb's pages that has pics of each remaining ticket booth: (except one) click here
                            I believe they've all already been mentioned. (except the possible matterhorn?)

                            Disney Direct has a replica of a tomorrowland one.

                   has a little info and pics of the replica tiki room booth as well as the tomorrowland one. (And lists the others that will be released as part of the 50th merch stuff)

                            And laughing place has a picture of what might be a replica of the mad tea party booth?

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                              Originally posted by Am_I_Demon
                              the lighthouse on SBC was a ticketbooth
                              Originally posted by pyrateslife4me84
                              Quote:Originally Posted by dshimel:SBC? Storybook Land
                              Now I am confused. I always use SBC for Sleeping Beauty Castle. I always use it for the phone company. But I can't ever recall hearing of that abbreviation. Story Book Canal... I guess? Could someone fill me in, or was it just a mistake. Maybe I'm just tired, but any help would be appreciated.


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