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Peoplemover, TTA (what to do with the track?)


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  • Peoplemover, TTA (what to do with the track?)

    There's always been talk amoung Disney fans about what exactly should be done with the Peoplemover track

    Well here's my idea on what to do with the Track

    My recommendation for the Peoplemover track is to build the TTA or as I call it Tom Morrow's Transit Authority.

    So lets start with the ride vehicles. I'm recommending that they build vehicals that actualy resemble the old Peoplemover vehicals but they would have more outter detail and would have Neon lighting effects going over them (this would give the feeling of motion at night as well as add to the lighting effects in our Tomorrowland)

    Inside the vehicals would be a TV were our Host Tom Morrow (looking like Tom Morrow 2.0 from "Imaginear that" but he could be Tom Morrow 2.5 :wink Tom Morrow would then act as our host as we moved through the land of Tomorrow

    Boarding the ride vehical Tom Morrow would welcome us to the Land of Tomorrow and might mention a few interesting facts about Tomorrowland as we make our way down the track and begin to enter the first showbuilding

    As we enter Star Tours suddenly Tom Morrows transmission gets cut off and the Empire's Symbol appears on the monitor in the vehical, we round the corner and come face to face with a Storm Trooper who aims his gun at us and says something random like "Halt! Your not the Droids I am looking for" or perhaps takes a shot at the Peoplemover before signaling it to move along. Continuing through the building we would of course see the Star Tours Que and then enter a starfield effect. Durring this sequence 3CPO would appear on our Monitors and invite us to take a ride on Star Tours (basicaly the old speil about Star Tours + video)

    We would then exit the Star Tours building and Tom Morrow would of course come back on our screen and appologize for the interuption

    We would continue to view Tomorrowland as well as enjoy the narraration until we enter the Space Mountain building were we would either view the track (like in WDW) or perhaps through projection effects Space Mountain cars would go Zooming by while we can see Stars and other Space stuff in the background. Tom Morrow would talk about the attractions exciting effects including how it's a different ride at night

    Continuing outta the building we would of course get mention of Hista and whatever other attraction we can't ride through at that point. Then we would enter the innoventions building.

    When we enter the innoventions building we'd actualy meet an animatronic Tom Morrow 2.5 sitting at a control desk which would then begin to move at a pace slightly slower then that of the Peoplemover so that everyone can pass him and get a good chance to look at him. Tom Morrow would then explain only the most exciting things to do in Innoventions (like the Segway Experience) and there would be posters behind him that show different pictures of the Innoventions exibits. As we exit the Innoventions building Tom Morrow would call out to us reminding us that it's a great big beautiful tomorrow

    We would then continue our Tour in a pretty typical fashion going through the Autopia and there would of course be talk about the Matterhorn (hopefully this area will have become the new land "Discoveryland" made up of Autopia, Aquatopia, Matterhorn and the Subs) perhaps a transmission from Dorthy doing her whale impression maybe? "heeellllllloooooooo" or maybe just being energetic and forgeting what she's talking about.

    Then of course comes the final building, Buzz Lightyear. Entering this building we would immedeatly hear that we have crossed into the realm of the Evil Emporer Zerg (Zergs icon would then appear on our Monitor). We would then see Zurgs ship flying around us via a projection effect much like WDW has in their Buzz ride, Buzz would fly in blasting Zurgs ship (as Buzz does this the Star Command symbol appears on our screen) we then hear Buzz ask us for help in defending the universe from the dark forces of Zerg

    We then make the final journey back to the load station and Tom Morrow thanks us for riding his transit system and to enjoy the rest of tomorrowland and our day at the Magic Kingdom.
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    I love it! Kind of a relaxing ride through tomorrowland when your feet are sore, but still plenty of cool stuff to look at, and a stormtrooper!
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      People Mover

      Excellent! Make it so!

      Aprille :-)


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        Fabulous idea!!! I really like the neon light effect.
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          I get the feeling that the track is going to be the DL equivelant to Monkey McBean's Amazing Machines over at IOA. Always sitting there, never open to the public. I expect we will see something in the lagoon before we do on the track, just because what you can do with the track is so limited.

          If I were Disney, I'd start seeing about being able to get some show sci-fi themed props running up there. Like a freeway of the future, you can see space-aged vehicles zipping around. Maybe have lights coming out from underneath so that they look like they're floating. Sleek and crazy looking cars, vans, a moving company vehicle with some made-up company name and logo on the side. Something that looks like an industrial tanker carrying rocket fuel for Space Mountain. For a design inspiration, look at the increidbly edgy and futuristic designs used by car companies for concept cars that never get off the ground.

          Yeah, it's kind of cheesy and the size of the track, tunnels, and nearby buildings means that these prop vehicles can't be that big, but like how ToonTown makes you feel like you're walking into an established cartoon world that has it's own residents that live there, the futuristic highway over your head gives you the impression that the place you've walked into functions on it's own, even if you're not here.

          Although, now that I think about it, I guess there's nothing that says they couldn't change this plan so that people "drive" the vehicles.


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            I like that too... I like it alot. More ideas!
            Anyone up for a Colorado Micechatters meet-up?

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              I like the TTA idea. How do we make this happen?


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                BRING THE WEDway BACK!!!! Nuf SAID!!!!!!
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                  WEDway! WEDway! WEDway!
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                    Jspider ~ I think that's a cool idea.

                    Why not try the high speed thing again, bank the corners but make the vehicles the speeding cars from 'Tron'. That would be neat to see these vehicles all glow in the dark at night.


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                      Originally posted by Gemini Cricket
                      Jspider ~ I think that's a cool idea.

                      Why not try the high speed thing again, bank the corners but make the vehicles the speeding cars from 'Tron'. That would be neat to see these vehicles all glow in the dark at night.


                      and yeah I also thought about another fast attraction, the main problem is I can't see a faster attraction having a good amount of capacity (the Peoplemover and TTA are continuously loading but a faster ride means stoping and buckling in) and I'm not sure were you would put the que a faster (and lower capacity) ride would require with the Circlevision already taken

                      basicaly only two concepts can work for this track and I figure the Peoplemover is just easier to make work with the location and the track design (simply making it interesting via showscenes, effects and storyline)

                      also didn't Rocket Rods damage the Tomorrowland buildings a bit?
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                        Originally posted by Jspider

                        perhaps a transmission from Dorthy doing her whale impression maybe? "heeellllllloooooooo" or maybe just being energetic and forgeting what she's talking about.
                        who is dorothy?


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                          Jspider, i loved that idea.
                          I was totally getting a visual the whole time and it sounds like something I would enjoy doing. The interruption through Star Tours is great.


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                            I think the idea is great, but I'd want to ditch the whole Tom Morrow thing... it reminds me too much of hideous Innoventions. I mean, if we want to grate on peoples' nerves, why not have the attraction narrated by Uncle Eisner?
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                              Originally posted by idontneedaname
                              who is dorothy?

                              I think they meant Dory, from FINDING NEMO

                              I have to wonder about the condition of the track. I have read rumours that the track itself was damaged by the Rocket Rods. Of course, the need (if there is one) to "replace" the track could be a positive ...... whatever is proposed would not be limited as to layout for whatever ride system is built. of course the "advance preview" of the other TL attractions would still be in the same locations, but outside where the ride cruises around the Autopia and lagoon area, a different ride geometry could be employed .....

                              For that matter, perhaps two rides could be had ...... one to preview the other attractions .... and another one to share the sky with the Monorail ... say a high-speed roller-coaster type, themed after something futuristic... like a flying sub diving into the lagoon .....
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                                They should let people ride Segways accross the track. But, what about a rail, you ask? No better be really good.
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                                  I liked the old peoplemovers.

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                                    I love the WEDway People Mover. It was part of EPCOT (the future city not the theme park) and still technically a futuristic idea.
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                                      Some other people have commented about the white monorail pods in the Incredibles, and how those would be a great design for a new People Mover.

                                      Browsing on the web, I discovered that a company has already developed a People Mover system with similar looking vehicles. take a look.



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                                        Hey everyone. New to the boards and have enjoyed reading the posts so far. Cool idea Jspider. Here's an idea I had thought of awhile back:

                                        Similar to Jspider's idea, I'd have a host, but this host would be someone similar the Timekeeper from WDW. He's brought back the old school totally retro looking peoplemover only they have been retrofitted with a time machine and the ability to spin 360 at programmed times. Each entrance to a building would simulate some kind of star field time travel, the car would spin (slowly) and would take you back in time (date shown in the vehicle) and showcase old attractions that are now gone. They would take you back and give you a glimpse of what folks enjoyed when they visted the park in different time periods for different buildings. One building could be journey through innerspace, one rocket to the moon, etc, etc.

                                        In my eyes, it not only brings back something people enjoyed as far as the attraction itself, but preserves some Disney history as well.

                                        What do you guys think?


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