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PHOTOMATT Update DL 5.18.07 am


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  • PHOTOMATT Update DL 5.18.07 am


    OK, so I was wrong. I did not go to DL last night, so there will not be a 5.17.07 pm update. But, I did go this morning, which means there is a 5.18.07 am update. And, once I am done, I am going back tonight again for certain. There is no stopping me. So, what does that mean? A pm update with fireworks! Yay. I'm gonna do it this time - I promise.

    I am uploading pics now, but I just wanted to post a few now to whet your appetite. And, there are some surprises in store!


    8:05am today.

    The kid's hair is so scary my camera could not focus!

    I have no idea who these people are, and I hope I am not violating any rules by posting this. But, I'll take a chance. Enjoy!

    I just think this pic is funny.

    This pic was taken from the end of Main Street before the rope drop.

    Lots more to come!

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    Re: PHOTOMATT Update DL 5.18.07 am

    Part 2

    Yesterday I posted a similar pic, but I was not happy with it. So, yes, this is sort of a rerun, but I like this better.

    Lights for Saturday's red carpet festivities!

    This almost looks like a gun from Star Wars.

    Lots of people today. The rope had not dropped yet, but it still felt more crowded than usual.

    This clock is 6 minutes fast.

    Still more to come!


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      Re: PHOTOMATT Update DL 5.18.07 am

      That Nikon takes some very nice pics my friend (of course so do you)!


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        Re: PHOTOMATT Update DL 5.18.07 am

        Again, GREAT JOB, thanks!


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          Re: PHOTOMATT Update DL 5.18.07 am

          Part 3

          The Penny Arcade opened today. I think these are new floors.


          Well...... (are you old enough to get that?)

          I need to redo this. I did not have time to adjust exposure.

          More lights for the premiere?

          Still more to come.
          Last edited by PhotoMatt; 05-19-2007, 12:10 AM. Reason: Originally posted as Crystal Arcade. It was the Penny Arcade that reopened today.


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            Re: PHOTOMATT Update DL 5.18.07 am

            Love your pictures
            Last edited by Disney luv; 05-18-2007, 02:35 PM. Reason: Silly question, I deleted it
            So... what do you think?


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              Re: PHOTOMATT Update DL 5.18.07 am

              Anyone know if those girls are celebs? They look like teeny bopper singers.


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                Re: PHOTOMATT Update DL 5.18.07 am

                WOW!! Thanks so much i love your updates!!!!


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                  Re: PHOTOMATT Update DL 5.18.07 am

                  Wonderful photos! I especially like the ones with Mickey. I think Goofy needs some glasses though.

                  Also I have never seen the apples with Mickey pants! I have got to get me one of those during my next visit to the park...hopefully this summer.
                  Always looking for new Disney friends.


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                    Re: PHOTOMATT Update DL 5.18.07 am

                    Part 4

                    Duck, duck, duck, duck, duck, duck..... (think Ralph Wiggum)

                    Yes, I know I cut off the top of the castle. I wasn't looking through the viewfinder when I took this pic. I just aimed and hoped for the best. I like this shot, so it looks like I am gonna have to lay down to get the pic I want.

                    Yes, that is a lid on the right in the water. I'm not complaining about the trash, it just messes up the reflection.

                    Pirates Premiere setup is next.


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                      Re: PHOTOMATT Update DL 5.18.07 am

                      Right now the rope drops at the official park opening time. There is just an announcement over the loudspeaker that the park is now open and that you should "please walk to your first destination." Then, after that, the song from the Parade of Dreams plays.


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                        Re: PHOTOMATT Update DL 5.18.07 am

                        Welcome to our Family Time! Welcome to our Brotherly Time! I love this song they play when the rope drops! Anyway, great photo update! I really enjoyed seeing the new pics of the Penny Arcade's brand new floor!






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                          Re: PHOTOMATT Update DL 5.18.07 am

                          Part 5

                          A ramp into the water? I don't know what it's for, but it looks exciting.

                          Why are there ghosts floating over the seats? Are these ghosts 1001 and 1002 and there is no more room at the HM?

                          Way cool.

                          I planned on going right back on POTC to take more pictures with a much faster lens, but it went 101. Why can't it go 101 when I am ON the ride?

                          Still more to come - including surprises!


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                            Re: PHOTOMATT Update DL 5.18.07 am

                            yay i love your photos
                            do you have a picture of your cam??? and howmuch it cost i need a new one ad i think yours is amazeing
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                              Re: PHOTOMATT Update DL 5.18.07 am

                              Part 6

                              I never noticed this before.

                              See, I CAN take a pic of this without my finger getting in the way.

                              Well, as I was on my way to take a pic of the Nemo countdown sign and I noticed a familiar person. (At least I hope this is who I think this is, or the next few pics are gonna be really strange).

                              Shhh, be verrrrwwwy quiet. I'm hunting wabbits - or maybe fwogs.

                              I present to you, Senor Frog(berto)

                              Crikey! Here he is again! Watch as he studies his subject carefully and then zooms in for the capture!

                              He has no idea he is being watched.

                              Oh, and one last thing - TAG, you're it!

                              The surprise is next!


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