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    I have a couple of really really good cm experiences, well alot but 3 that really stand out.

    The first was on my youngest son's 4th birthday & we had had a not so enjoyable day in the park that day(long story). We were in line for Autopia at about 8pm and the cm handing out "licenses" stopped him and wished him a Happy Birthday(Shawn had a birthday sticker on)I thanked him telling him he was the 1st person all day to wish Shawn a Happy Birthday, thanked him again and went on the ride. When we got off the ride that same cm was waiting for us and handed Shawn a DL bag and told him "Here Shawn this is for you for your birthday from Disneyland" and told him happy birthday again. Shawn opened the bag and it was one of those little autopia cars, he was soooo excited that he got a present "from disneyland" it was SO SWEET!!

    Another time with oldest we were waiting outside Space Mountain for my little brother on Space Mountain and Kyler was in the stroller, out came Buzz LIghtyear and he start pushing Kyler around in the stroller, I told him to look at who was pushing him and his eyes opened soooo wide and his whole face just lit up! LOL

    There was one time at the Animation Building, which my youngest LOVES and he pushed "girl" instead of boy to see what character he'd be(again)and he got Ariel. Well, he started crying "I'm not a girl" so I took him out, when we got his stroller by the entrance the cm standing outside asked what was wrong and we told her and she told him "Ohhh that was you? I got a message from inside, they said to tell you when you came out that the machine was wrong and you are really Peter Pan" little did she know that Shawn is a HUGE Peter Pan fan so he just stared at her with these huge eyes and said "really, really" after thanking her my cousin was telling me(he was 17 at the time)"OMG I cant believe that, that was awesome! How did she know Shawn loved Peter Pan, that was awesome!!" It was sooo cool to see him as excited as my son.

    Oh and one last one :o Last year for Shawn's 6th birthday we jumped on the monorail and the cm saw Shawn's birthday sticker, he asked Shawn how old he was and stuff and we went about our ride. As we were pulling into the DTD station he said over the loudspeaker "today we have a very special guest on the monorail, it's his 6th birthday, Happy Birthday Shawn!" and proceeding to sing Happy Birthday over the loudspeaker!! Shawn was sooooo excited!! It was a blast.

    We always make sure to compliment these special cm's either at City Hall or through email at home. We feel they went out of their way to make our trip special, we'll go out of our way to make sure their efforts are recognized!

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      it is always great when the CM's make the kids feel great.

      It is a great experience when a CM gets into the ride that they are working on. The little things that they say like on star tours and ToT...always makes me laugh and it adds a little extra something to the experience.

      2 thumbs up to the CMs


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        That would be my dream job. Ever since my first trip to Disney, I've wanted to work for Disney. Just seeing children and children at heart enjoying themselves makes me smile inside.



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          Originally posted by Deogge's Mom
          Was that Saturday evening by chance? If so I think i was in the same elevator. It really was cute. The cast memebers at ToT really do have a great sense of humor.
          Oh, no. This was around August some time!
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            Originally posted by Tinker Bell
            The best Cast Member we ever had was at DCA at the Hollywood Tower of Terror. The CM was named Erin, and she was hilarious! We were loaded, and she asked "Is this anyone's first stay at the Tower Hotel?" A little girl raised her hand, and Erin stared at her and said, "I'm sorry."
            I have also experianced the TOT with Erin. I think we have enough people here who have met her and we could start an Erin fan club. Goulishly wonderful she was. Hope she gets wind of this and it make it all worth while for her.


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              Ok, when I was like eight years old I had the best, worst experience of my life. I got lost in Disneyland. We were waiting in line for Space Mountain and I decided I wanted to go into the Starcade without letting my God Mother know. While I was in there the line had moved quite a bit and when I came back to where we were she was gone. I just sat down and started crying. A CM came up and asked me what was wrong, so I explained to her that I was lost and couldn't find the person I was with. So what they did was escort me to the front of the Space Mountain line, let me ride through Space Mountain, and then since I still didn't find her they were going to take me to lost children when up the exit comes another CM with my godmother in tow. It was the happiest moment I have ever had. After that, the two CM's let us ride space mountain together and we had a blast.
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                I love Disneyland and I want to keep it like the way Walt ran it

                Walt's love of Trains!


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                  When I went on TOT I was very impressed with all the CMs that I came in contact with. The best CM talked to my group while we were leaving. She over heard our conversation about the difference between TOT in DCA and the TOT in MGM. It had been a while since I had gone. The CM was leaving for a break and stopped and described the MGM ride and the differences. It was nice to see a CM with "ride" knowledge and was willing to put her break off for a few minutes to chat with us.
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                    I like to think that even when I meet a bad cast member they're just having an off day. Think about it: in other threads we complain about how rude some of the people can be, and we're guests. Imagine having to deal with them on a daily basis and act as cheery to them as everyone else. That's got to be tough.

                    That's why though, on every day I'm there I like to fill out at least one compliment for a great cast member that I meet. They deserve to know when they're doing a great job and that we do appreciate them. Afterall, someone has to run the joint and I prefer that it continue to be some of the best people out there.

                    Huzzah for great castmembers!
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