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Romantic Wish Come True at Disneyland?


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  • Romantic Wish Come True at Disneyland?

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    okay, i'm really lazy, but i wrote all of this down in my livejournal, and i'm just copying and pasting.

    So I knew he was going to do something, but I expected it to be like " want to be my girlfriend" or something like that. Was I ever wrong. When he pointed out the place where he first held my hand, and asked me if I rmembered it, I was so surprised. I normally notice little things like that, but to have him remember when I didn't? my admiration and respect for him went WAY up. Then I mentioned that Suburban Legends were going to be in Downtown Disney at 6, and that I wanted to go. That would have ruined all his plans, but he didn't even let on at all! I suspected nothing. I think that is what shocked me the most...I usually can figure these things out so quickly, (that's why I never shake my gifts). I had no idea...that impressed me so much.
    Anyway, I was having such a great time that I didn't want to go see SL, after all, so we went to plaza for dinner...good times. We went on a few rides, and I surprised him by remembering the first time he tried to kiss me. I should have realized that he was recreating where we went the first time I came with him, but for some reason it escaped me for a long time. He told me the story of how his parents met (one of the most romantic stories ever!), and I told him how mine did (bleh). Anyway, after we went on the matterhorn (for some reason I got all wet???) We walked over to look at small world, and then he led me to "The Center of Disneyland" or the compass in front of the castle. I thought the crazy boy just wanted another picture, but no... we waited until some people finished taking pictures. Then he stood me over the centerpoint, took both of my hands in his, and asked me if I knew what this place was (Of course I did, I was the one who showed him, but for some reason he thinks it was my sister?? Actually, I can understand him getting us confused with stuff like that.) I said "yes, it's the center of disneyland." So he asked me if I remembered that place, and I thought "oh my god? did something happen here and I don't remember??" After a few seconds of panicking, I said no...Then he said it was because he wanted to make a new memory, one that I could look back on whenever I have a bad day at work, when a mean lady makes me cry, will make me happy. That most of all, he wants me to be happy. That the whole "special friend" thing made him feel bad, but he wanted this moment to be so special that he was willing to wait. Then he took out this rose that he had bought from one of the glow vendors ( I actually don't remember when the rose appeared, but that can be forgiven right? right?) He said that he would have had a real rose, but he remembered that I don't like flowers because I kill them, so he got me one I couldn't kill. (sweet, sad, and funny all at the same time!) He asked me to light up the rose for yes, or not to for no (as if anyone would say no after that??) Then of course, I couldn't light it up because i'm retarded, so he had to show me. funny. So of course I said yes.
    Then I wanted to take a picture. can you imagine?? Me, wanting to take a picture? Anyway, as he was asking the family next to us to take a picture, this lady came up to me and said "Let me see it! Congratulations!" I was so confused and then I realized that she thought he proposed to me, so I said that he didn't and she got kinda mad! it was really funny. So i told her not quite, and i realize it's kind of hard to explain something like that.
    So then as we were walking out I saw mike. Ha Ha! So I introduced him to "Danny, my boyfriend." Maybe now he'll leave me and Jess alone. we stopped at the FC to get some pineapple and Limeade ("the drink of gods! or maybe just me") And then we left. We were going to get on the trams, but the lines were so long that we decided to keep walking through Downtown Disney, because he'd never been there. I showed him the Marceline hidden mickey, and sephora. Then we ended up at the SL show, and caught the end. He said he didn't mind staying, so we did for the last set. It was so awesome...I was out there,! Then I looked up and he was dancing.... seriously, my mouth went dry. Danny's a good looking boy anyway, but when he was dancing... if I hadn't known him, I still would have been awed. I would have gone and tried to get him to notice me. I can't believe he stayed out so late- I would have been dead tired. Anyway, he drove me home, and we waited for my sister...I told him he didn't have to but he ended up staying anyway.
    It was so perfect, I think I could live off of this memory.
    ...I finally changed my avatar...


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      I lost my only true love in the parking lot and walked around for hours till i finally located her. My 70 Camaro.
      "As usual he's taken over the coolest spot in the house"- Father re: Orville 1963

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        Originally posted by Cousin Orville
        I lost my only true love in the parking lot and walked around for hours till i finally located her. My 70 Camaro.
        sweet. What color??
        ...I finally changed my avatar...


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          June, 1997-
          Morrigoon, A Freind, Myself, & my 2 kids were in Disneyland for my Kids 1st time. I was divorced after a horrible marriage, and had well moved on.
          The Friend we had brought, I had a HUGE thing for! She had never had a boyfriend, been kissed, etc... She was VERY shy about such matters. :o

          It was the Summer Solstice and i had planned (In My Head) to bring her to the center of the compass in front of the castle, and under the full summer solstice moon, Kiss her exactly at Midnight. We all stopped for a bit to rest at the Hub Just before closing (Almost Midnight) and my son was fast asleep in my arms. I lost my nerve to ask her for the kiss, (She had shot me down a few months earlier, but we had grown closer.)
          So it Didn't happen there. It did happen a few months later along with SO MUCH ELSE . And Now she is My Wife and the mother of my 3rd beautiful child, and we have never been happier together.

          Since then, she has confessed top me that on that trip is when she relized her feelings for me, and that had i asked, the kiss might have happened!!!!

          So it 'Sort of' was the beginning of a great thing. In her mind and Mine, planting the seed for what we are today.
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            Originally posted by Arilvdc

            Then I mentioned that Suburban Legends were going to be in Downtown Disney at 6, and that I wanted to gotimes. .
            hahahahahaha when i was there i went to that show
            :thumbup: I'm back MiceChat:yea:


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              My dream is that my boyfriend will propose to me at the park. I have many different scenarios that I would be happy to say yes to.

              1. In front of the castle at anytime, just sitting there in one of the little "cubby holes" i call them

              2. During the fireworks, doesn't matter what show

              3. On INDY, right at the end, where the boulder rolls at you. OMG! I always freak out at that effect, and if I were screaming and he said "Will you marry me?" right then, I would die!!!!

              4. On any dark ride.......sitting there, he could kiss me, and say it.

              I know they all have to do with proposals, but we have been together for 3 and a half years, so my mind is on getting married fantasies at this point. I guess after July we will see what happens ay?
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                Originally posted by disneyfreeek
                3. On INDY, right at the end, where the boulder rolls at you. OMG! I always freak out at that effect, and if I were screaming and he said "Will you marry me?" right then, I would die!!!!
                Starting to remind me of the "I need a haircut" commercial

                I'd suggest immediately after the trainwreck in Mr. Toad as you're about to enter hell. :lol: (hehe kidding plz don't kill me :bow: )


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                  Originally posted by Cousin Orville
                  I lost my only true love in the parking lot and walked around for hours till i finally located her. My 70 Camaro.
                  Yeah, my 72 El Camino needs company. Where you parked?

                  This has been a Filmways presentation dahling.


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                    Despite the fact that my husband and I were former CMs, we did not meet when we worked at DL.

                    My cousin's husband proposed to her at the wishing well near the castle. They met in college and on their very first date he took her to see The Little Mermaid. Then after many years of dating, they went to Disneyland. My cousin was a little concerned becausee he seemed quite distant and extremely quiet. Finally they made their way to the wishing well and he gave her a coin and asked her to make a wish. He told her to close her eyes, make a wish and toss the coin. While she was doing that he got down on one knee and he asked everyone around him to not gasp or anything. My cousin made her wish and then opened her eyes and saw him on one knee. What does she do? She runs away. Seriously. But he runs after her and proposes and she says yes.

                    They've been married now for 7 years and have 3 kids!


                    • #11
                      i always wanted to be proposed to at Disneyland.
                      1. at the sleeping beauty water fountain behind the castle
                      2. in front of the castle (the drawbridge or the forecourt)
                      3. snow white's grotto
                      4. the carnation pavillion on a swing night
                      5. dinner @ blue bayou
                      6. in the middle of town square, just as you are about to start down main street (what a way to start a disney day)

                      i think i've thought about this too much....


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                        My fiance proposed to me in the Haunted Mansion on Halloween morning. It was the most romantic thing that has ever happened to me, by far. I'll post the story if anyone's interested.


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                          I don't recommend getting proposed to at the Blue Bayou if you plan on giving the ring to the waithelp. They will forget and ruin the moment and stress you out unnecessarily. We're too busy to do a proposal well.
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                            Not exactly a GUYS kind of thread, is it?
                            While we were spending the day at Disneyland, I had my best friend set up roses and a stereo in a room at the Disneyland hotel. I made up an excuse to head over there, and when we got to the room, I turned on the song which I had composed and recorded the week before. The song ended with me asking her to marry me. She cried and said yes, and we watched the fireworks from the hotel while we had dinner.

                            If she had said "no", I'm not quite sure what I would have done. (No...forget it, you're not my type. Can we go on Star Tours now?) Our 15th anniversary is coming up next month.


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                              Not exactly a GUYS kind of thread, is it?
                              Okay, here's a guy's story, but it doesn't quite count, since it's a WDW story...
                              My wife and I weren't able to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary properly last Oct., due to circumstances beyond our control. So, we went to WDW in Jan. of this year for a belated anniversary trip. I am the Disney fanatic in our relationship, and she.....well.....was not. But, there was a doll convention/show in Orlando she wanted to see, so it was a 'we do your thing some days, and mine some days' trip for us.
                              We stayed at Port Orleans French Quarter, and at check in they asked if we had special plans...I mentioned we were having a late anniversary celebration, so she congratulated us.
                              The next day when we returned to the room after a day in the parks, it had been completely decorated for us, and an autographed, personalized framed photo from Cinderella and Prince Charming was left for us.
                              Well, that was the moment that my non-Disney fanatic wife crossed over and joined us. It set the tone for the rest of the week, and we had one of the best experiences we've ever had in our 25 incredible years together. I'm sure that's the kind of little thing they do for lots of people, but for just that night it felt like we were truly special.
                              We're planning our trip to Disneyland for their 50th and our 26th now. I love going to WDW, but there's no substitute for the original.
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