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NemoMobile Seen in Livermore CA


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  • NemoMobile Seen in Livermore CA

    On my drive home last night I spotted the NemoMobile at the AAA office off 580 & Airway Blvd. I just thought it was really cool looking. Not sure if it's still there today.

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    Re: NemoMobile Seen in Livermore CA

    It's expected at the Utah Aquarium in Sandy on June 5th! I just might get to see as we will be driving through Utah that day!
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      Re: NemoMobile Seen in Livermore CA

      Yeah, this was at my work yesterday. It was done just for the employees and some of their kids. It was funny, I found out about it from the security guard there and none of my supervisors or managers knew anything about it. They busted out the Turtle Talk show and passed out stickers. It was pretty cool.


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        Re: NemoMobile Seen in Livermore CA

        My bus to work crossed paths with the Nemo Mobile this morning in SF! I wasn't expecting that at 8:00 am!!
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          Re: NemoMobile Seen in Livermore CA

          What is the Nemo mobile?
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            Re: NemoMobile Seen in Livermore CA

            If I can make time between work and buying tickets for the NorCal Pirates event I will head over Thursday when it's supposed to be in Stockton.
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              Re: NemoMobile Seen in Livermore CA

              The AAA Call Center has a big Travel operation that sells A LOT of Disney packages. Not too surprising that they stopped in there...

              Did a story for the web pages today on the tour stop in San Ramon. A nice crowd of folks but not overwhelming. Captain Alex said that it was one of the bigger groups they have had meet the tour.


              More stops are being added all the time. Checking the tour web site for periodic updates is a good idea.

              The Sacramento Jazz Jubilee will be an all day stop on the 25th. Would not be surprised if they do Turtle Talk on a scheduled basis as well as having a few more goodies to hand out during the day.

              I know they are also doing some suprise school visits as well as some corporate stops. Tuesday they were stopping in at Pixar in Emeryville.

              Check it out if you can...
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