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NemoMobile seen in South Australia!


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  • NemoMobile seen in South Australia!

    No.. wait..... it's just a gas tanker... *sigh*

    How many of you remote Disney fanatics are, like me, left stranded by work and other commitments and can't get to the happiest place on earth.. no wait... place where dreams come true?

    Notice that? It's not where specifically your dreams come true.. just dreams in general. There is however quantification. "Year of a million dreams" I wonder if there's a bean counter tallying up that column in their spreadsheet? Best hurry up Dream Team only half a year to go!

    Mice chat is my lifeline. Without which all I have are the 100s of other Disney websites, huge box of memorabilia and my fading memories. I had a trip planned last Holiday season, I SO wanted to see the crowds, the fake snow, get skin rash from the fake snow, hear the carollers, eat the cookies, drink the egg nog....

    Thanks to you MiceChatters and your WONDERFUL trip reports with photos, oh so many wonderful photos. It's almost like being there. I swear I can taste the churos, smell the marijuana smoke from the smokers' area and hear the strains of IASW jingling at the corner of Toon Town's entrance. And Dark Beer and other's amazing documentary photographs, I get to look behind the curtain too, something which has always interested me. How many hours did I while away in the late 90s, before MC was even a glint in you- know-who's eye, on dial up internet connections, pouring over the old mostly text HTML2 websites for hidden mickeys and little known factoids about Indy...

    But, avast! Maybe later this year. Next year will be my 10 years with out a trip to Disneyland anniversary. Before I went a few times every 2 or three years. That's an anniversary I don't want to achieve.

    Yours, looking for tea and sympathy,
    Disney FAQ#275: What is DCA?
    DCA stands for Disney Construction Area. All the Cast Members are themed with hard hats and steel toed boots.

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