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Memorial Day At Disneyland


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  • Memorial Day At Disneyland

    I have put up two videos. Please see post #25 top of page 3.
    And now have added the final three videos. Posted on #31 page 3.

    I can now answer a question asked on a previous thread. Memorial Day at Disneyland is NOT crowded. I was surprised at how light the crowds were.

    My daughter and I arrived at the park around 11:30. I went into the South side entrance for the Mickey and Friends structure and asked the attendant if I could park outside. He said he could not let me do that but I could park in the ground floor of the stucture, Chip N Dale, and then he put a yellow tag on my windshield. So we found a nice spot before the handicap parking and the 15 minute parking spots.

    We arrived at the tram and it was a walk on.

    There was no line to speak of getting into the park.

    The first thing I looked at was the flag pole. There is another thread regarding a custom on Memorial Day that the flag is fully raised and then lowered to half staff until Noon. Then at Noon the flag is fully raised. Sure enough, the flag was at half staff.

    At Noon security came out and raised the flag.

    I noticed the red, white and blue bunting was on the buildings.

    While my daughter headed to Pirates Lair I stayed to see the Noon concert. But first Mary and Burt quickly came through.

    Then the band came out. They played Dixieland music.

    After the concert I headed up Main Street. Not crowded at all.

    My "sweet" shot.

    Flowers and castle

    Flowers and Matterhorn

    These were taken around 12:30 PM. Where is everybody?

    The same with the hub

    Reached the line to Pirates Lair. What line? I walked on the raft after these folks.

    To be fair, my daughter did say she had to wait in line earlier. After we were aboard we had to wait for some river traffic

    OK. The ship has passed. Wait, there's more,

    not one, but two canoes.

    OK. NOW, we can take off. Passing the other raft mid river.

    I got to the island just as the show ended and Jack and his lovely wench passed me in a big hurry.

    When I got on the island who should I meet but the Micechatters who had planned to meet at 10 and go to the island. They were just leaving. This is the raft they were on. Only got Pezz (I think) in the picture. Others including Tikieroomliz and Purple Dove were in the group.

    It is so nice to be able to take photos from the island once again.

    It is also nice to see the Columbia sailing during the daytime hours.

    Looking across at the old Mine Train

    Now for some shots around the island. I must say I was very impressed with what they have done.

    My daughter met a new "friend" in the bone cage )

    I love this

    Crossing the pontoon bridge.

    And that's the lovely daughter making her way over.

    General shots

    We found the treasure!!!

    Had to take a photo of me by the fort

    Jennifer makes it up to the top

    Views from the top

    My daughter wants to be a pirate. Here she sings Yo Ho :captain:

    I really like what they have done inside the caves. Some of these pictures came out light because I used a flash. It really looks better with the dim lights.

    Jennifer met a handsome pirate on the island

    Time to leave the island. Looking across I see there is hardly any line to come over to the island.

    However, the line to get back is a completely different story.

    So we make our way to the end of the line

    One last shot before we leave

    Turns out the wait for a raft was not bad, 7 minutes. We saw that Haunted Mansion was a walk on and took advantage of that.

    Then we went to get lunch and saw that Splash was up and running

    After lunch we noticed the line to get on the rafts has swelled. Jennifer said that was the size of the line she had to wait in earlier.

    Lots going on over in the area now. Really nice to see.

    The next thing I really wanted to do today was to see the lagoon with the walls down. I was not disappointed

    I am all a twitter with excitment

    On the monorail ride Captain Bill started to ad lib when we got back to the area going back into Tomorrow Land. It was very funny and everyone was getting a real kick out of it. Not over the top, but a wry low key sense of humor. My daughter loved it and wanted to have her picture taken with him.

    The flowers around Casa whatever are so pretty

    Jennifer wanted to go back to the island to catch the show again (she loves Captain Jack as do a lot of young women) so we went our separate ways for awhile. I went on the Jungle Cruise (walked on) with a really good skipper and then headed over to Main Street. The parade was still going.

    And the area was crowded. So that's where everyone is

    Took some general shots of pretty things in the hub.

    I decided to take one more look at the subs. Even the ducks like it.

    Yes, I posted this in the countdown thread.

    Lots of training going on

    The last thing I had on my agenda today was to see the flag retreat ceremony at 4:30. The program was the same as always but perhaps there were more there because it was Memorial Day.

    These gentlemen went around and shook everyone's hands and thanked them for coming.

    Including PurpleDove and her friend Sharon

    They play the songs for each Military group and people who are part of that group step forward.

    This group had on shirts that said their Dad/husband was in the Marines.

    And finally comes the folding of the flag.

    My daughter met me here after the ceremony. She told me that during the performance on Pirates Lair that the pole Captain Jack swings on broke and he hung down with his feet in the water. He did not go all the way into the river and managed to get out. She said the pole was all hanging over. She said everyone gasped when it happened.

    I did take some video of the mine, mine birds, the sub from the monorail, and 3 of the flag retreat ceremony with my camera today. If I can get them loaded, I will post them later.

    All in all a very good day at the park. Not crowded and beautiful weather. A really great way to spend part of Memorial Day.
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    Re: Memorial Day At Disneyland

    I think they anticipated the crowds would be light. It closed at 9 tonight.

    Main St. and Tomorrowland look good.


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      Re: Memorial Day At Disneyland

      to the pole breaking! Yikes!

      I'm so surprised that the crowds were that light! I would never have guessed.
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        Re: Memorial Day At Disneyland

        The estimate was pretty light...
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          Re: Memorial Day At Disneyland

          I saw the show from the mainland when the flag pole broke and Jack went into the water. My husband wasn't fast enough to get the camera out. But I took some shots of some CMs taking the flag pole out afterwards, not as exciting! From the mainland we could see that he went into the water just about up to his knees. Water covered his brown boots and an inch or so above the boots.


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            Re: Memorial Day At Disneyland

            Jack broke his pole?


            It was great to run into you today! Great pictures!
            How much do we have to pay to get MiceChat Old?
            :monkey: :monkey:


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              Re: Memorial Day At Disneyland

              It was great to finally meet you and see you in the park. It's funny how many times you can bump into MiceChatters at the park. You're pictures are really fantastic, and now I regret not taking mine along.


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                Re: Memorial Day At Disneyland

                Fantastic report and pics. Thanks for sharing!


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                  Re: Memorial Day At Disneyland

                  No crowds at Disneyland? Lucky you!! I'm so glad you guys got to see the new Pirates Lair! It looks like a lot of fun. Next time I go there, I got to see that! Thanks for sharing!

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                    Re: Memorial Day At Disneyland

                    Cool,Great photos.Thanks


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                      Re: Memorial Day At Disneyland

                      COOL! thats all i have to say...sorry i couldnt say anything cooler. COOL!

                      SUPPORT THE CMs

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                        Re: Memorial Day At Disneyland

                        My roommate wanted to drag me to Disneyland today. At first I didn't want to go, suggesting DCA instead, because I thought Disneyland would be a zoo today. Then we talked to a friend who was working Indy, and he told us the estimate. We couldn't believe it.

                        Based on your description of river traffic on your way over to the island, I think I was on the mainland watching as your raft went over! How weird is that?

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                          Re: Memorial Day At Disneyland

                          Thanks for the wonderful trip report!!! Now I'll have to remember next year to go on Memorial Day. LOL! That's so cool that it wasn't a zoo. I sooo expected it to be busier. And thanks for getting pictures of the flag retreat ceremony. I'm glad that your family had great time today.


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                            Re: Memorial Day At Disneyland

                            Glad to hear the Capt Jack was ok. I'm sure his heartrate skipped a few on that one.
                            Thanks for the picture update.
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                              Re: Memorial Day At Disneyland

                              good report, i thought that the park would have been busy


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