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Disneyland: Best of Times, Worst of Times

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  • Disneyland: Best of Times, Worst of Times

    Time for sharing.

    Give us a tale of 2 Disneylands. Tells us about 2 trips you had to the park: your best trip ever and the worst trip ever.

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    Nice thread idea, but I've only been twice: '94 and '99. I guess 1994 was more boring for me, but the park was still cool.


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      My best trip ever was my first trip ever. I was 10, it was our only family vacation that we took as a whole family and it was pure magic. I grew up in Hawai'i and had heard about Disneyland from my friends who had gone. I had checked out several books from the library about the park and was completely fascinated. I had never been to someplace so magical and fun. It was one of the few times where my family and I had a special time together. In fact, the anniversary of that trip is coming up on the 21st. Even today, 6/21 is a power day for me. It's a day to be creative and have fun.

      My worst trip ever was my last trip before a three year hiatus from the park. I was planning to move from CA to Hawai'i to stay with my family while I saved some money after working in LA. I went to the park with a friend of mine, during the visit to the park the following things happened:
      1. I found out from my friend that she was madly in love with me and didn't seem to care that I was gay. So we had to have 'the talk' at the River Belle while we waited for 'Fantasmic'.
      2. One of my contacts popped out and didn't want to go back in. No matter how I tried (in the Adventureland men's bathroom) I couldn't get the lens in. Then while I tried one final time, it tore. Stupid soft lens. So from that point on (@ noon or so) I couldn't do Star Tours, Capt EO or any ride where I needed to see. I was miserable.
      3. I made a decision to move back home to Hawai'i after leaving a really, really bad job in LA. I called my folks from the Frontierland telephone booth to ask them if I could come back home. They said yes. This started a couple of years of rocky GC-parental unit relations. Ugh. I blame the phone booth. (Oh, in the same booth, my ATM card wouldn't work. I found out it was demagnitized... So I had to sponge off of my 'girlfriend' that night which apparently sent a wrong message to her...)
      4. Fantasmic stopped right before the dragon appeared. Maleficent wouldn't retract back into the ground and the CM up top just retreated into his dress and left the show hanging. They announced it was cancelled due to high winds and just stopped. I got to see a bodiless Maleficent sink into the ground sadly. It was my friend's first time seeing the show. Ugh.
      5. We lost our car in the parking lot and had to have a CM help us find it. Bleh.


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        Found out my ex was cheating on me with a cheetah from the Lion King parade.

        Oct. 24, 2003- our youngest was 18 days old and our oldest was 16 months old. It wasn't the first time we took our oldest but my husband and I felt complete as we took our two boys- our family.


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          Originally posted by Mrs.Newseditor44
          Found out my ex was cheating on me with a cheetah from the Lion King parade.

          Oct. 24, 2003- our youngest was 18 days old and our oldest was 16 months old. It wasn't the first time we took our oldest but my husband and I felt complete as we took our two boys- our family.
          WOW. That's Soap Opera quality stuff right there!

          Haven't had a bad day at Disneyland yet, other than your average teenager and bratty kids


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            The worst experience was when I was little. The majority of our group went on Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. One person (who shall not be named) didn't want to go on, so we went on, came off, and the other person had disappeared. We spent an hour searching in the park, and then found out that they went back to the hotel. But he/she blamed us for not knowing where they were! :P

            The best time I've had are all the times at DL, all the happy memories. No matter what happens (even the worst experience), every moment at Disneyland has been the best time of my life.

            EDIT: I don't know if that makes sense, but basically. DISNEYLAND = BEST TIME OF MY LIFE. There. That's in simple form...


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              Originally posted by Mrs.Newseditor44
              Found out my ex was cheating on me with a cheetah from the Lion King parade.


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                I have never had a "worst" or bad visit to Disneyland.

                The best was the time a friend and I went into Mickey's Movie Garage late one night and Mickey my friend and I sat on the floor for 30 mintues (there was hardly anyone left in the queue and it was late and there are three other rooms that guests can go into). I wanted Mickey's Autograph on a glossy photo I took of Fantasmic and was wearing his gloves at the time. He wanted my autograph while wearing his "Hands" which I did, then he signed my photo of him. We talked through his "helper" and just a magic time. When we left, we looked at each other and found we both had tears rolling down our cheeks. It made us feel like we were 10 years old again. The most magical and wonderful experience I have ever had at Disneyland. Personal Time With Mickey!
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                  The Best: Riding the Submarine Voyage for the first time, seeing all the neato tomorrowland stuff and watching the electrical parade in DISNEYLAND where it BELONGS.

                  The Worst: Seeing the submarines, just chillin' in the dock, CLOSED


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                    Worst : After 6 shooters, puked on Ariel, bleached her flippers, had to reimburse costuming, had my Neon towed..peed on DL Hotel carpet, passed out in Uva.
                    Best: Found a Visa card on Space Mountain, stayed in the DL hotel for a week.
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                      My best and worst trip happened last year.Me my mom my dad and my sister went to disneyland for the first out of 5 days,and it was horrible.They were complaining about how how long the wait was for all of the rides and how Disneyland gets cheaper and cheaper every year .And every year this happens.My Mom and sister can't stand people bumping into them.Everytime my sister got bumped she yelled "EXCUSE YOU"and my mom does that to.I couldn't stand them.So the park was about to close and we decided to go eat at the pizza place over in tommorowland and well guess what,someone bumped into my sister...and guess what, she yelled "excuse you".And she said to the wrongg person.This big black lady(no offense)goes "EXCUSSSEE ME,EXCUSE YOU B****"and starts to pick a fight with my sister.My mom and dad got all upset with my sister and my sister was all bitchy.I couldn't stand goin with any of my family anymore.I thought the trip was going to suck.

                      And thats where the good part comes in.The rest of my family decided they were going to do other stuff besides Disneyland,and since i had been waiting for the trip all year I begged them to death to let me go to DL and not do there other activites.And she said yes.So the 2nd day for the first time all my life i felt free to do whatever I want.Being 15 at the time my parents always kept a close watch on me and still do but for the rest of the 4 days I was there, I was completly alone, no parents to tell me what to do or sister annoy me.It was also the farthest i ever been from them(since they were in san diego).It was the best feeling in the world.I am thankfull i have parents and i love them to death,But somtimes u need to take time off from them.

                      Im sure this years trip will top that off since SM is opening and i have been DREAMING about it for two years.I cannot wait till august.
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                        Originally posted by Cousin Orville
                        Worst :...peed on DL Hotel carpet...
                        Best: Found a Visa card on Space Mountain, stayed in the DL hotel for a week.
                        Was this all part of the same trip?


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                          Originally posted by Gwyren
                          Was this all part of the same trip?
                          Gwyren, remember who this is coming from!


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                            Best: First trip with my kids in 2001. Everything went well, the kids were totally enthralled with the magic.

                            Worst: Second trip. The bad part wasn't in Disneyland, but waiting for our shuttle back to the hotel. We waited for two hours after park closing. It was cold, raining, and the kids were huddled on benches, buried under their parkas like huge blue ticks. We tried to make the best of it by singing Disney Songs. I finally had had enough, called the hotel and chewed them out. The front desk guy calmly told me that their shuttle driver quit and they had no one to send, so he called for a cab to pick us up.
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                              Hmm. I haven't had a :worst" trip, but I have to say that once I was walking across the PInnochio lot after the park was closed and heard two different familes arguing among themselves. It was just so sad to see that someone else's day had gone so wrong.

                              My best trip was my birthday trip! Not too crowded, birthday wishes, nosecone of the monorial... good times with good friends!
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