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Blue bayou


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  • Blue bayou

    Hey all yous hep Katz out there!

    Anyone know what the Blue Bayou menu looks like? If anyone has priceing info too, that would be helpful.

    I've never eateb there, and I'm finally getting to this spring when my friends and I go.
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    I went with my friends at Christmas time. It was AMAZIng atmosphere and the food was fantastic. I have heard people say they think it's overrated but I didn't think so, and my dad'd in the food industry. Anyway, the menu is mostly things like prime rib, fancy chicken dishes, seafood, and gumbo's. I had a monte cristo sandwich I had heard alot about it, and let me just say fried heaven. My frind had CHicken Florentine and I tasted some MMMMMM lol. I don't have prices for each item but The cheapest thing was the monte cristo at about $15.00. The prices went all the way up to about $30.00. It's very woth it though. Have a great time!


    • #3
      I LOVE Blue Bayou!

      Yes, it is a little pricey, but well worth it!

      And they give you a lot of food for the price. I got the pork tenderloin one year, and I had enough on my plate that could have fed 4 people! But it was sooooo good.

      They only serve the sandwich at lunch. So I haven't been able to try it yet. I normaly go at dinner. Very busy, (be it lunch or dinner) so make sure you get a PS that morning that you want to eat there.


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        This link should take you to a copy of the menu.
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        • #5
          Lunch is cheaper than dinner & is the only time the Monte Cristo Sandwich is available


          • #6
            The Blue Bayou is my favorite!!!

            I recommend the Stuffed Mushrooms as an appetizer and the Monte Cristo sandwich (if you're eating there for lunch)...otherwise, I like the Pork Chop dinner!

            You'll spend around $50 for two people...but it's worth it!
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            • #7
              I always recommend that you call the Bayou the morning that you are going to the park to make a reservation. I believe the number is 714-956-6755. This way you cut down the chances of having to wait in a line to eat.


              • #8
                The Blue Bayou is pretty cheap and has good food. I haven't been there in a while but it is also a fun atmosphere. If you peep up to the balconies facing opposite to the loading and unloading zone of POTC you can see people go in and out of Club 33.

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                • #9
                  Pricey but fun. If you want to blow at least $30 a person, do it!


                  • #10
                    We normally only go for lunch. Just because it's such a huge meal it gives us all day to walk off the calories! I want to say for the two of us it normally comes to about 35-45 dollars (with AP discount 15%). I of course get the Monte Cristo sandwich just thinking of that monster makes me so hungry!


                    • #11
                      I havent eaten there, but after looking at the menu, Ill have to stop by during my upcoming visit this March!
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                      • #12
                        We ate there the other day - for 2 adults and 2 kids the bill was $60 beofre our AP discount.

                        It was very good food. But I felt VERY rushed, and I dunno why we were rushed. We got there just as they changed over to dinner. There was NO wait. right after we gave our name we were taken in and the place was about half full at most.

                        After we ordered our food we got the bread and seriously - we got our meal not even 3 minutes after we got our bread. I just finished setting up the bread for my daughter and out comes our food. Yes, my prime rib was to me about 5 minutes after I ordered it.

                        The kids meal came with Mickey jello, not sure the flavor but it was red and was not the best jello we have had. The bill came quick, and was processed quicker. We really did feel rushed during the entire meal. And once you drink about half of your soda - they refill it.. I liked that part


                        • #13
                          Do lunch and get the monte cristo, it's SO WORTH IT!

                          I remember eating there for the first time in 1988 and they had this awesome spinach stuffed chicken breast with pine nuts that was amazing. Too bad it's not on the menu anymore.


                          • #14
                            Another vote for lunch!!! My oldest is always looking for someone to split a Monte cristo with him(disguy May )

                            I LOVE the Crab Cakes, love love them!! I also really enjoy the house salad, very very tasty!

                            We went 3 times last year and each time was good, but the last visit, for my son's 6th birthday was wonderful!! The service was impeccable, the food delish! And my mom LOVED getting his birthday bucket at the "pirates of the caribeeb restaurant" :love:

                            Oh and the desserts we had were spectacular, hey Rena, the apple dessert, mmmmmmmmm

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                            • #15
                              One thing I must warn you about. If you going to do dinner, GET A RESURVATION! They dont do phone resurvations. Its best to go to the Blue Byue first thing you do when you enter the park. That way you have some good options on dinner times.

                              I proposed to my wife there. It was the perfect setting and very romantic. A memory we will have forever. Considering the quality of the food, it was a very good deal! I have had more expensive dinners with half the atmoshear and a lot less quality. My wife and I give it two thumbs up and we always eat dinner there when we go and can afford it.


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