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Official "Finding Nemo: Submarine Voyage" Pictures, Information, and Reviews


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  • Official "Finding Nemo: Submarine Voyage" Pictures, Information, and Reviews

    Finding Nemo: Submarine Voyage is scheduled to open Monday, June 11th. Rather than having a dozen or more threads with pictures or reviews of the new Submarine Voyage, we'd like to encourage all of the early explorers to post their photos, videos, and reviews here in this thread.

    We realize that some pictures may end up being included with more comprehensive daily trip reports, but we think the readers would enjoy the convenience of a single informative thread for quickly finding pictures, reviews, and spoilers rather than searching through perhaps dozens of threads.

    Thank you, your help, pictures, thoughts, and videos are much appreciated!
    • Please post to this thread only if you have new information, pictures, video, or reviews to add.
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    Re: Official &quot;Finding Nemo: Submarine Voyage&quot; Discussion &amp; Moved Posts

    They let us castmembers preview the subs today.

    THE RIDE IS AMAZING! Absolutely beautiful! The new underwater vegetation is gorgeous. I was worried it would be too neon and artificial, but actually, the added color makes the ride actually look MORE realtistic. I really felt like I was in an oceanic aquarium or the ocean itself.

    The ride itself is utterly engaging. The audio and visuals work together seamlessly to make you feel like you are really part of this real underwater environment.

    And the ride is VERY LONG.... I was shocked at how long it felt. I felt I was getting my proverbial money's worth. Awesome.

    There is one part that is a bit scary... more so for adults than kids I think (not monsters etc). But don't worry, most kids will not be too frightened. It was well done.

    This ride is great. Even better than I expected it to be. I really only have one complaint.. and that is that the sense of scale is totally out of wack. Sometimes characters are huge, and other times they are big. (Never really all that small). In general things are oversized.

    But otherwise, it's absolutely fantastic.

    Bravo. This ride recalls the old Disney show standards! I don't think as much detail has been put into a ride since Pirates of the Caribbean. Hooray for Disneyland returning to it's Golden Era.
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      Re: Official &quot;Finding Nemo: Submarine Voyage&quot; Pictures, Information, and Reviews

      I just got home. It was a great ride in my oppinion. Pretty kid friendly (of course). There are 2 minor parts that might scare kids who scare easily.
      Also, if you are going to any of the previews, they are VERY strict about the time that is on your ticket/ email. They will not let you in line till that time. The lines tonight were very long too.
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        Re: Official &quot;Finding Nemo: Submarine Voyage&quot; Pictures, Information, and Reviews

        I loved the ride! I couldn't stop smiling when I got off and I can't stop saying how cute it is! Ooh!!!

        So worth the 1 1/2 hour wait!
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          Re: Official &quot;Finding Nemo: Submarine Voyage&quot; Pictures, Information, and Reviews

          Loved it. Very well done. There were places I could feel the grin on my face and I really enjoyed myself. 2 things though.
          1. It's still sized to butts of the previous decades and not so much the oversized ones of the new millennium. The girl next to me took up more than half my seat and was digging into me and I was pushed into the area between two portals. I totally don't mean that in a mean way--I swear--I'm no size 4 or anything...but(t) too bad there was no way to avoid this issue. Don't get me wrong, I feel so lucky I got to ride at all, but it wasn't the most fun thing to happen after waiting in line past midnight in the cold.
          2. I kept thinking how cool it would have been as a Little Mermaid ride. But that's just because I was a little girl of the 80's and not a child of the 00's I guess.

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            Re: Official &quot;Finding Nemo: Submarine Voyage&quot; Pictures, Information, and Reviews

            I got to ride tonight as well at 9:30. I really liked it! They only had the portion of the queue that is next to Tomorrowland Terrace and partially around the lagoon being used. They were not using the queue that goes all the way around the lagoon up to the old smoking area. But that part still took us an hour and half. Since this was the first day having any type of guests on the Subs, the line did creep. Also, there were only 5 out of 8 Subs running.

            They did a great job in the lagoon! As was said, it's amazing how you feel like you are looking out into the sea from your porthole. You first go by Darla. We went by pretty fast, but she's basically floating up and down, smiling with her mouth full of metal and braces, just like the movie. Then you come through the ruins and the other diver floating up and down. The coral is next and looks so cool! Very colorful, even at night. The use of LED lighting shows here. After you dive deeper and go into the caves, you see the crab fighting off eels and some eels lunging out right towards your porthole. Then you start hearing Nemo's friends and Mr Ray. The way the did the projections and screens is really good. They worked it totally into whatever scene you're in. It's not just a bunch of rockwork around the glass/screens. You come to the EAC (East Austrailian Current) and they did this really well. You see Crush and Squirt as anamatronic at first. They have the animated current going along and you can see the sub is going right for it. You enter it and then see the animated Crush and Squirt and Nemo. I think one of the most clever was in the shipwreck where they had smaller and larger screens kind of here and there, showing Dory and Marlin looking and the wreckage. Also, in those same scenes, you see Bruce the shark in the background, watching. A bit later, Bruce is actually talking to us and telling us to be careful of the balloons and we wouldn't want one to pop. Well of course, we hit one, and lights go off in the sub 'electricity' goes along the inside of the sub walls and outside turns all red with bubbles. Then next is the jelly fish. I really like this scene. The jelly fish are really cool and their tops light up like electricity (not sure how the describe it). Then the next scene has Dory and Marlin up top, with 'real' jelly fish below and Dory is bouncing on top of them and they move as she does. It's really pretty cool! Then we come through a lot of little blue lights. Dory is commenting about them like from the movie. Then one Angler fish attacks, although it didn't move. Maybe not working yet? But they just had strobe lights on it. Still, it startled me how they did it and the fish is really close to you with its huge teeth. After that is the clamatic volcano scene. After surviving the volcano, there is a reunion of everyone. Then the next scenes are very colorful and has everyone happy to be back together again. Then you come up to a bunch of whales. Your sub actually gets eaten by one with Dory. You see the whales mouth and teeth as you go in. After Dory comments on it smelling like whale, you get shot back out its mouth after the whale sneezes. Then you hear the first mate ask the Captain of your Sub that maybe they should not mentioning this to anyone and he agrees. Then the "Beyond the Sea" song plays as you come up to the dock. I really liked it! Although it was a tad hard on my neck to to be looking out the porthole for so long. But it probably won't be a problem for most people.

            Also, the water falls were on when we first got there in line. But soon after, they were shut off. I noticed as I was exiting the sub, the floor was wet under the hatch where you enter/exit. I bet they are having problems with water leaking in. If that's the case, maybe they should have been testing the falls with the subs a long time ago.

            In any case, this was the very first preview night for the subs and they will still be working on them before the official opening. Can't wait to ride them again in about a week!


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              1st video surfaced on youtube, but the quality is very, very poor and you can't see much. but here's the video:


              longer video, can make out some stuff but again too dark.

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                Re: Official &quot;Finding Nemo: Submarine Voyage&quot; Pictures, Information, and Reviews

                Managed to get on Nemo last night and would say that so far people have the reviews down pretty locked down. The attraction was great. The show scenes and sound were all very well synched and the effects and feel were wonderful. Even the same smell in the subs themselves. They play homage to the former submarines in a few ways and it'll take a couple more runs through to spot everything.

                My only complaints for the attraction are that I miss the old naval captain and don't really like his Austrialian replacement of a narrator. And while the story sequenced up well with the speed, it felt rushed. About 14-15 minutes was the ballpark length of the attraction.

                The line they have setup now took about an hour and a half to get through, but this was the first night they have anybody in mass trying to get onto the attraction and only 5 of the 8 were running.


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                  Sorry if this has been posted in another thread, but I passed the open door yesterday to the disabled access viewing room. Not quite the same experience, but I'm guessing they'll get a larger view from one of the portholes?

                  Aaronincal posted above that the falls had been turned off as water seemed to be leaking into the subs. I saw this happen yesterday morning as they ran several subs, then stopped and did some repairs. I assume they are trying to do a better job sealing them here?

                  And here's another shot of the control panel...

                  One has to wonder.....what's a "904 Alarm?"
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                    Re: Official &quot;Finding Nemo: Submarine Voyage&quot; Pictures, Information, and Reviews

                    The Nautilus was leaking last night while going through the waterfalls. They were trying to install some foam core of some sort.
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                      Re: Official &quot;Finding Nemo: Submarine Voyage&quot; Pictures, Information, and Reviews

                      I agree with almost everything AaronInCal wrote above. But I'd also like to expand a bit on the "tight quarters" aspect. I can very much see someone with claustrophobia (even with perhaps only mild claustrophobia) getting more than a little anxious aboard the subs these days...expecially with the longer boat ride time. And if there is ever a power plant/battery backup failure where the vents and/or AC stops operating, the pilot better be prepared to crack the hatches toot-sweet, or a few passengers just might go off the deep end pretty quickly with that "stuck in an elevator" panic attack. But not really worse than Florida's Mission Space, if you've been on that.

                      I assume they have taken this into account in training and such. But readers here that are effected by tight quarters, should be forewarned.

                      Originally posted by pipeek
                      Even the same smell in the subs themselves.
                      I agree! That really surprised me. And that was a very strong sensory bit of nostalgia for me. Either they planned that smell...or the smell of old lead-based paint is impossible to remove!

                      What I personally missed though...was the smell of diesel fumes that you often got a whiff of while riding the old Submarine Voyage. But I'm pretty sure me and about 10 others in the world will be the only ones that miss that!

                      My overall review: I liked it. Fun attraction. I had been on Florida's Nemo several times so I knew what to expect in projection effects department. But I think any "first-timer" is going to be amazed how effective the projections are. It was just SO GREAT to be underwater in the lagoon again. The sets and views are really great!

                      One more thing. I didn't find the wait very long at all. In fact, I'd say we boarded almost immediately. Even the second time.


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                        *MAJORSPOILER* First Onride Nemo Video Released!


                        Extremely dark though.


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                          Re: Official &quot;Finding Nemo: Submarine Voyage&quot; Pictures, Information, and Reviews

                          Went on subs today about appt time was 5PM but things appeared to be going reasonably well so the CM's graciously let me in. I thoroughly enjoyed the ride and my guest did as well. It was very well put together and I really think the "magic" shines through in terms of the characters and what they do. I'd love to go through the attraction sitting at various points in the sub, as I've been told the experience slightly varies depending on where you sit.

                          For all you out there who are tempted to watch the grainy youtube videos....I say don't. Don't spoil it for yourself with what is a difficult capture of a great experience!

                          Enjoy, everyone.....


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                            Re: Official &quot;Finding Nemo: Submarine Voyage&quot; Pictures, Information, and Reviews

                            OK everyone here is my promised review with included show scenes!(w/out pics of course, but surprisingly one girl was actually taking pics of everything) Read my scene by scene description but I have to say the subs still go way too fast and I'll need a few more trips before everything sinks in and I notice more and more things.

                            Ok so you start out in an almost dizzying way at the dock going past creatures stuck on the dock then you dive down with the help of bubbles. From there you are in the ancient ruins created by an ancient underwater volcano. Off to the right of the sub is Darla with fishbag in hand. You continue on past Giant fish and clams with pearls inside and on both sides of the sub is the animatronic Dentist diver with his goggles on. From there you dive again into the cave and into the underwater world of darkness and you see random lights flashing about. These turn out to be the underwater fish deep down in the crevice(when Marlin and Dory are looking for the goggles) As you pass the last lighup fish it illuminates itself and is quite large! this next scene happens before the previous one but I just remembered it so deal with it! You are introduced to mr Ray and the underwater world of fish in the coral reef and the technology is amazingly integrated into each of the next few scenes. Now you go with Nemo and Dory to see the dark angler fish. After this you go and visit the Graveyard of Lost Ships and this is where it is evident that each part of the sub gets a different feel. You would notice some actions just finishing up as you would get to it as when Chum is going from Ship to ship, then you see bruce and the other sharks talking and telling us to be careful of the party balloons. As we pass by them one is set off and sends the sub shaking and if you look into the sub lights are flashing different colors and electricity streaks are throughout the cabin. From here you go ride the East Australian current(EAC) with Crush, Squirt and the other turtles, this scene has a lot of well done technology with the bubbles as the current and putting the turtles into the jet. Next we go watch Marlin and Dory bounce along jellyfish. The jellys are not projected they are actually in the water and move up and down. From there we go Mt. wannahawkaloogee and see the tank gang fish playing on the volcano and almost dancing in the scene. Then we go inside of a whale and are blown out through the porthole and arrive to see that Marlin has found Nemo and we surface again with the help of bubbles and find ourselves looking at the fighting crabs over the pipes.

                            I found the ride to be very well done and as a friend puts it "is a nice marriage of submarines and fish." This will be one ride I will never tire of riding. There was only one thing that really bugged me and was that none of the voices matched the ones from the movie. You'd expect to hear a certain voice pitch of a fish voice and it just isn't the same as what you're expecting. I'd have to constantly figure out who is talking to whom. With a 1-10 scale with 10 being the highest it gets a full 10 from me.
                            From what I heard the general consensus of riders is they are generally either underwhelmed or love it to death. I fall in the latter so hopefully when you ride it you will feel the same.


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                              Re: Official &quot;Finding Nemo: Submarine Voyage&quot; Pictures, Information, and Reviews

                              Rode on it with a CM today. Wish I had known they were letting folks on twice... Oh well. My review, Spoilers abound. With a note to those worrying about theme:
                              Overall, I thought the animation blended very well with the show scenes and animatronics. The pacing of the ride was a tad rushed, even though the subs are actually moving slower than the original. The ending was especially rushed.
                              The captain makes mention of using "sonar hydrophones" to hear the fish talk. The theme of exploration is still there for the beginning part of the ride until the dive into the show building. The now Australian captain talks about how coral is formed and the Australian Great Barrier Reef. Then we dive, the hydrophones are on and that's the last we hear from the captain until the East Australian Current. The captain makes short mention of how fish use the EAC, then he's silent again until the submarine detonates a mine near the sharks. At the end of the ride there is brief lip service to the original attraction in the form of the captain saying the sub had better surface before we see a sea serpent or mermaid or something. That part seemed very rushed to me. I'm glad they kept at least some of the theme of exploration and discovery as well as mixing in the pure fantasy of talking animated fish.

                              Oh, and the lagoon is absolutely gorgeous. More beautiful than ever.
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