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Music not to play at the Club Buzz area of Disneyland


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  • Music not to play at the Club Buzz area of Disneyland

    Something happened yesterday that got my attention, but first...

    It seems like the CM's that pick the music in the area for the pre-recorded stuff like to have a little fun...

    I have heard the Smashmouth hit many times that makes be think of Shrek 4-D and Universal...

    But yesterday, I got one to top that...

    Buzz Lightyear was out and dancing with some kids on the dance floor area in front of the Club Buzz Stage...

    Then what do you hear, but the theme for Mr. Six, you know, the "old" guy that dances for Six Flags.....

    Have to love those CM's humor.... :devil:
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    They played Venga Boys at Disneyland ... In the CM's defense it was a song BEFORE it was the SFMM commercial theme. But it's still funny.

    I would have SO gotten video of that. It would have been great.


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      I wish I was there to see it. I know that song was out before the commercial but now everytime I hear it I think of that old man..well young man dressed as an old man...LOL


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