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Random "Alice In Wonderland" Ride Dream


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  • Random "Alice In Wonderland" Ride Dream

    Howdy fellow MiceChatters!

    Last night I had a random dream involving the "Alice In Wonderland" dark ride. I dreamt I was waiting in the queue line to get on (the section closest to the track where the guests get out). Well, all of a sudden I was talking to one of the female CMs operating the ride. She told me that two of the catepillars had collided into one another. I asked her, "But I didn't hear anything." She replied back with something to the effect of, "Yeah, I know, but if you were inside you would have heard a HUGE bang."

    Now, I don't know if this happened lately, or if it is going to happen, or if this was one of those random "meaningless" dreams, but I found it quite interesting. I figured some of you out there would get some laughs out of it.


    Oh, btw, nobody was seriously injured in my dream - if at all.

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    Re: Random "Alice In Wonderland" Ride Dream

    OMG! This happend today! I'm completly serious!!!!

    Not really.... But wouldn't that be shocking!
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