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  • Dreaming of Disneyland

    I've had very many dreams of WDW, but last night I had my first official real dream about Disneyland! Keep in mind I've never been there... let me tell you about it.

    Disneyland was all indoors! It looked like a giant warehouse! I remember very specifically thinking "gee... this is a detail I can't see how I missed... in all the pictures I've seen it sure looks like its outside!) I also remember clearly seeing the Matterhorn, and its peak was just inches from the ceiling!

    Another weird thing about my Dream Disneyland, was there were no lines. Instead, you entered a large auditorium, and every row of seats represented an attraction you'd like to experience. So you would sit in the row and wait for a CM to come and take you to the ride. Also, for every ride you wanted to go on, you needed a $.25 token.

    In addition, the Castle was on the opposite end of Main Street, where the train station should be!

    The whole time the dream was going on, I kept thinking about all you guys on the forum... and thinking how crazy you guys were to say that Disneyland was so great! My Disneyland was WEIRD!

    Anyone else have any weird Disneyland dreams they'd like to share?

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    I have had tonnes of weird Disneyland Dreams infact none of them normal.. I guess it's kinda "weird" to dream about the place all the time.. well, maybe not to the ppl on this site!!

    When I do dream about the place, nothing ever seems to go right for me & I often end up falling off rides and such
    I'm just a bit more than Just Really Nice!


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      how funny your dream was....
      I had one dream that was totally weird, but of course what dream isn't. I was at disneyland and I lost my child and I dont have any kids :confused: It felt so real, I remember standing over by POTC and just crying because I couldn't find my baby. I woke up feeling a sense of loss....weird huh?


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        That's nothing, the other night I dreamed I went to Disneyland with Lieutenant Commander Tuvok from TV's Star Trek: Voyager. All I remember is that I'd brought 20+ pairs of shoes with me, and he was using Vulcan logic to explain how stupid that was.


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