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Cutting in Line? Not so Fast.....

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  • Cutting in Line? Not so Fast.....

    I had to share this with you guys, it was so sweet.

    Me and my GF were in line for California Screaming on Saturday afternoon around 1pm. While we were in line, about 25 kids in bright yellow shirts (some Spanish tour group) jumped over several sets of railing and got in line ahead of us. I couldn't believe it. There were a ton of people already waiting, and these kids (ages 10-14 approx) just scooted around everyone. As they were going under the divider to join their other five friends, I yelled to them to ask them what they were doing. One girl responded she was just following her friends and she looked sheepish and pulled a few friends back with her. I was still annoyed and asked the guy in front of me if he could believe what happened. He looked to shy and just mumbled something.

    Anyway, as we all approached the top layer of the que, where the CMs hang out, a lady approached a CM and explained that 30 kids just jumped in line. The CM asked her how many kids were in line originally, and the lady said five. The CM turned to the kids and said, "Ok, 5 of you stay, the rest get out of line, you lost your chance." It was SO sweet. When I go to where he was I thanked him profusely for taking action. It was awesome. I only wish I had photos.