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Lines for Submarines Wed 6-13

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  • Lines for Submarines Wed 6-13

    Since today the cheap AP's are blocked out today I was wondering if anyone has been to the park and could tell me how long the lines are for the Nemo Submarines compared to Mon or Tues.

    I am planning on visiting the park tonight after work and was just curious if the AP's being blocked will lessen the lines. I remember last year the lines for the updated pirates streatched out to Main Street but when I went on Thurs on a blackout day and only waited 20min. (I know pirates loads much faster than the subs, I was just using that as an example)

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    Re: Lines for Submarines Wed 6-13

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      Re: Lines for Submarines Wed 6-13



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        Re: Lines for Submarines Wed 6-13

        between 2-3 hours


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          Re: Lines for Submarines Wed 6-13

          I went at 3:00 today and we only waited for 1 1/2 hours so that's not too bad....

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            Re: Lines for Submarines Wed 6-13

            Well, at 5pm, when I left, the line was only around the lagoon, and not at the monorail beam!

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              Re: Lines for Submarines Wed 6-13

              At 10:00 this morning, the line was posted as 180 minutes long. By 11:30a.m., it was down to 150 minutes today.


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                Re: Lines for Submarines Wed 6-13

                The line was only wrapped around the lagoon all day - it never spilled into the overflow under the old smoking area. The wait board at 2pm showed a wait time of 120 minutes. The hostess at the start of the line said 90 minutes, and all told we ended up only waiting 60 minutes. Not that bad actually considering they were stacking the subs and we ended up being on the ride for darn near 20 minutes. When we left at 7, the line was pretty much in the same spot as it had been earlier.

                So the lines were pretty short all day today. No telling if it was because of the Annual Passes being blocked out or if it had something to do with the shorter park hours.