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Pod Racers and Little Mermaid, what do they have in common?!


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  • Pod Racers and Little Mermaid, what do they have in common?!

    In another thread started yesterday regarding a Cars overlay on the Autopia attraction I posted the following quoted material. Today, I've expanded on that idea and wondered what others thought.

    Originally posted by XterraceEmp View Post
    I'd rather see something like Speeder Bikes from Star Wars on the Autopia track using the RR technology with BANKED turns and perhaps a mini version of maglev. To me that would seem futuristic...could even enclose it and make it a multi level building housing the speeder bike attraction on the bottom and put a little mermaid dark ride on the second level that could have waterfalls spilling into the sub lagoon and old motor boat cruise area. The entrance to the little mermaid ride could be from fantasyland while the speeder bike attraction could be entered from tomorrowland. the show building being disguised much like the sub show building is presently, tying together fantasyland and tomorrowland.
    I would like to see constructed a show building in which two attractions can be housed as well as leaving space for the Monorail and PM track to pass through.

    I envision the first level utilizing the Autopia track as it is for the most part with some path modifications for perhaps structural purposes of the show building; but, ultimately being a lushly filled area with various exotic vegetation that could be placed along the track so the speeder bikes can fly by all the trees and plants like in Star Wars. By using a lush entrance of plants where the current Autopia cue starts, guests would enter into the show building.

    Another version could be of the pod races from Episode 1. Building onto the extended rock work done for FNSV. Inside would resemble the pod racing track. For the Pod racers I would like to see a small scale maglev system to give the cars a floating ability as they move about the track. An outside portion of the track could pass by the current cue for Autopia, which would be redesigned to look more like the stadium'esk seating from the start/finish area of the pod races.

    Envisioned for the second level of the show building and most notably where the monorail will pass through the show building will be a Little Mermaid darkride using the omnimover technology like HM. Again, disguising the show building with rock work from the Nemo addition, with upper level waterfalls cascading down into the sub lagoon and motorboat cruise area. I would see guests entering the show building over by where Gummie Glen use to be.

    This show building would house two rides with two different ride systems, sorry No Loops, but perhaps it would have a launch. The show building will be disguised and give a smooth transition from one land to another.
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