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Friday 6/15/07: Nemo FINALLY and Lance Bass Sighting!!!


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  • Friday 6/15/07: Nemo FINALLY and Lance Bass Sighting!!!

    Well, my friend and I took our other friend's 5 and 9 year olds to DLR last night. Our goals were to watch them to give our single mom friend a break, have fun at DL with kids and possibly ride Nemo. We got to do all of it and more!!!

    After a quick dinner at Burger King we headed over to the resort. We checked out the wait board and Nemo was listed at having a 120 minute wait. We decided to take turns waiting in line while the other took the girls on rides. The park was less crowded than I was expecting it to be, but still pretty full. At 6:30 there were no more FP for Space Mountain, so I got ones for Autopia, a ride I only go on with children since all fun is lost when you can actually drive.

    I got in line near the old motorboat loading area and enjoyed people watching. A lot of people were taking turns waiting in line and one of the CMs told someone this was a great way to conquer the wait. He was also surprised that the line was not longer. My friend got back and I took the girls on Materhorn. This was a dillema as neither wanted to ride alone and I figured it would be best if I took the little one. We ended up talking to 2 kids behind us who attended a church I knew of and so the little girl rode with my 9 year old, the boy alone and me with the 5 year old. This was a good move as the little one was totally afraid of the Snowman and cried at the end. I thought it was so cool that these kids were so nice and shock above shock they were also APs!!! WHAT???? APs this nice? It can't be so Turns out their parents were in the Nemo line too. We bid adieu to our new friends and walked back to subs.

    We ended up with about a 90 minute wait for the subs. As we got closer, we got really excited. We had been the second group in line when the ride broke down the first night of AP Previews so there was a lot of anitcipation from us. As we were waiting, we saw one of the notorious "Plaids" as we call them or hostesses walk by with a group so we knew there must be a celebrity near by. Sure enough it was Lance Bass!!!!! We were so excited as we are longtime NSYNC fans!!!!! He looked so hot and was with 2 very attractive men. The line quickly caught on as to who he was and we happily rode the submarine behind the Lance Party. We were so pumped at this point. We saw Lance AND we were going on the subs!!! Woohoo! We liked the ride and the girls were a little scared, but liked it also. After we got off the ride an older man in a suit came up to us and asked us if we liked it. He kneeled down to talk to the 5 year old and asked her what she thought. She exclaimed, "There are real fish down there and you get to go underwater and see Nemo!!!!" He got the biggest smile and touched his heart and told her she made his night! It was a great moment!

    The little one got a little too excited and had an accident on the subs so we were in search of new pants even though she felt there was no reason she couldn't walk around with no pants until hers dried. Well, I didn't feel like getting arrested so I bought her these awesome Micky Mouse sweats. Then the 9 year old was mad that she couldn't have a souvenier too because I had told them no souveniers. I have a new found respect for you parents. This is hard work!!!!

    We busted out Autopia and Buzz and headed over with the crowds to do Pooh and get a treat. We had stuff from Pooh Corner before going on the Pooh ride. They loved the ride, clearly they have no taste!!!

    We were lucky enough that as we were walking by we noticed there were tons of spots for the 10:30 Fantasmic, which they had never seen. Some really nice people (probably not APs) even moved over a little so we could really see. I felt we got a lot of Disney Magic which was good for this hardened AP of 14 years that night. We were on the Haunted Mansion side and had a good spot. They loved the show! I mean loved it! They thought it was neat to see Mickey's imagination.

    We headed over towards Pirates where the little one entertained the boat of very handsome gay men with her exclamations of "I love you Captain Jack!", "That sand is real!" and "Yo ho"! I knew these guys would be very interested that we saw Lance and you should have seen their faces when I told them!!! One asked if he was with his man and his boyfriend got all pretend jealous. They were really cool Disney lovers and I even told them of our little internet place! We spoke with them for a little while and then did Jungle Cruise and an eerily empty Tiki Room. The girls were excited because my guest room is themed to the Tiki Room and they thought it was neat to see the original. We then drug our sad bodies home around 12!

    It was a great night and I kind of feel like it renewed my love for Disneyland. The things we did, people we met and good times were what Disneyland is all about!!

    I hope to have pics up soon, including ones of Lance. My camera battery is dead and I can not find the charger as I am moving.
    Last edited by nursemelis374; 06-17-2007, 12:18 AM. Reason: Added Pics

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    Re: Friday 6/15/07: Nemo FINALLY and Lance Bass Sighting!!!

    You didn't get any pics of Lance Bass? Oh well. Did he and his friends get an entire sub to themselves, or did they let other "regular" guests on it as well, with him.


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      Re: Friday 6/15/07: Nemo FINALLY and Lance Bass Sighting!!!

      That's funny... Lance BASS, like the fish.


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        Re: Friday 6/15/07: Nemo FINALLY and Lance Bass Sighting!!!

        This is exactly why everyone should be required by law to carry a digital camera at all times (or at the very least, a digital camera phone)
        As nice as the other parks are, we must always remember that it all began at Disneyland. Disneyland should be the crown jewel in the Disney crown.


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          Re: Friday 6/15/07: Nemo FINALLY and Lance Bass Sighting!!!

          Is it bad to skip a 5 hour nemo line because you have a special assistance pass?


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            Re: Friday 6/15/07: Nemo FINALLY and Lance Bass Sighting!!!

            Looking through the photos of the last Pirates premier at Disneyland, I did not know (or care) who at least 2/3rds of the "stars" were, but I recognized Matt, and seeing him at the park was exciting!

            That's how much I appreciate what Matt did for Disneyland. Thanks Matt!


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              Re: Friday 6/15/07: Nemo FINALLY and Lance Bass Sighting!!!

              This post renews my belief in the fact that going with kids is an INCREDIBLY important part of the magic. I asked a little girl today if she was a princess and she responded "Yes, because my daddy's a king and its daddy day." and I had to literally go backstage for a minute cause i was gonna cry. SO happy to hear you enjoyed your day (and got to see celebs and fishes!)
              "Remember 'Old Yeller'? We shot the dog." - Roy E. Disney


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                Re: Friday 6/15/07: Nemo FINALLY and Lance Bass Sighting!!!

                I always thought Lance was the "cute one" even though I despised NSYNC. Too bad he bats for the other team. :evil:


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                  Re: Friday 6/15/07: Nemo FINALLY and Lance Bass Sighting!!!

                  wow sounds like you a blast and lance was there thats awesome.


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                    Re: Friday 6/15/07: Nemo FINALLY and Lance Bass Sighting!!!

                    OK, I usually mess this up, but I am going to try to post pictures. I apologize the Lance ones are kind of dark!!!

                    Let's start back last month!!! Here I am at the countdown!

                    And here is our group the night we waited 2.5 hours during the AP preview.

                    We are getting ready to do DL gansta style!!!

                    OMG Lance!!

                    Onto the subs!!!

                    That's all!!! Sorry the Lance ones aren't better!!!
                    Last edited by nursemelis374; 06-17-2007, 12:11 AM.


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                      Re: Friday 6/15/07: Nemo FINALLY and Lance Bass Sighting!!!

                      wow great pictures.


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                        Re: Friday 6/15/07: Nemo FINALLY and Lance Bass Sighting!!!

                        OMG!! I can't believe you saw Lance!! I was at the park that day but that night we went to see a movie AURGH!!!!
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