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Disneyland Resort Attendance remained Flat from October thru December 2004


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  • Disneyland Resort Attendance remained Flat from October thru December 2004

    Tom Staggs, CFO of Disney once again mentioned the approximate attendance figures for both Disneyland and WDW in the 1st Quarter Conference Call (Actually not a call this time, but a presentation held as part of the Disney's Investor Conference being held at WDW) on January 31st, 2005.

    Attendance was flat at the Disneyland Resort.

    Mid-Single digits attendance increase at Walt Disney World...

    IMHO, that would be a 4 to 7% increase at WDW and somewhere between a 1% increase, and a 1% decrease in Anaheim.

    So we now know that the entire Fiscal 2004 year (October 2003 thru September 2004), DLR attendance was Flat (Tom Staggs also released this "official" information 3 months ago), and now the 1st Quarter of 2005 (October thru December 2004) was flat. That makes the Calendar Year of 2004 "flat"....

    No wonder you can buy a 3-day ParkHopper at the lowest Price EVER! ($109 with advance purchase), and the "Pay for Disneyland, get DCA for FREE!" tickets have returned to the park....
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    I bet its all the referbs and painting thats keeping people away.
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      No, it is the storm that hit us hard during this winter.


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        1-2 punch

        It sounds like both. Weather PLUS the fact that there were refurbishments all over the park for the 50th WOULD hinder a lot of people from going until the weather is stable and the attractions are at their prime.
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          Plus I bet some people are waiting for the 50th to go (me!)


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            It's a combination of everything mentioned above.


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              There is a lot of evidence of people waiting ....... Resort hotels booked for the 50th (as posted elsewhere) ...... and my own personal search for a November hotel is not revealing as much availability as I would like .....
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