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Which do you Prefer: Frontierland or Knott's Ghost Town?


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  • Which do you Prefer: Frontierland or Knott's Ghost Town?

    Both these lands compare in some ways but Knott's Ghost town is much more larger and more nostalgic.
    Many of the things compare like the Stage Coach, Mule Pack, Calico Saloon(Golden Horseshoe), Calico Mine Ride (Rainbow Caverns Mine Train).
    Which old west land do you prefer more?
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    Frontierland. Everything Disney does (theme wise) is better IMO
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      Ghost Town used to be better... cuz they had (and still have) authentic artisans from that era. However, ever since Cedar Fair took ownership of the park, the whole area has become a true Ghost Town.


      • #4
        Frontierland, hands down. all began with a Mouse...


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          That's kind of a tough question, only because I've only ever seen Knott's Ghost Town when it was themed for the Halloween Haunt event that they have. In which case, I love it hands down. But I'm a Disney snob of sorts but will have to say that Knott's Ghost Town gets my vote. Frontierland is cool, but not my favorite place in the park and it's lacking some stuff, like big thunder bbq, I realize they put in patch of heaven, but it's really not a redeeming feature of Frontierland.
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          • #6
            I like the Knott's Ghost Town better than Frontierland. I love Disneyland and it's my favorite of all amusement parks but just because it's "Disneyland" doesn't mean it's better. There's always room for improvement and to me Frontierland needs something more.

            The two are different themes though (a "Land" compared to a "Town") and my comparison is a general comparison.
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            • #7
              Now on this web site, I believe that here definitely would be a bias towards Disney. Yet, I would say that the original Knott's ghost town is very well themed. I would give the edge now to Disney because of the "downgrade" at Knott's and the one element at Frontierland that adds magic to Disneyland. Water! That fake river allows for the ships to pass by. There is something about ships that adds magic. I don't ride the Mark Twain much, but I love seeing it float past! Especially that whistle. Love that whistle!
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                Frontierland has music and that makes it better for me.

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                • #9
                  Frontierland feels a bit lacking. I mean, they don't have as much of a real true-blue frontier atmosphere since they long ago removed the Mine Train, Stagecoach, etc. Knott's Ghost Town is probably overall better.


                  • #10
                    Frontierland, all the way. Cedar Fair has really ruined Ghost's certainly better than anything I've seen at a non-Disney park, however.
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                    • #11
                      I think Ghost Town is more realistic, but Frontierland is a lot more nostalgic (the river ) and feels a lot more active and much more magical.
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                      • #12
                        Wow that is tough...

                        I mean both are fractions of what they used to be... I remember Knotts when they had gunfights in the streets and the stagecoach got held up... They had a regular melodrama in the theatre at one time, now it is empty... On the upside, The Ghost Rider is nice and well themed, the Calico Mine Train brings back a little of Fronteerland that used to be... the Log Flume is an American Original... And Knotts Ghost Town predates Disneyland... The shops include western crafts from vendors that you may have found... Some of the restaruants are better themed than DL.

                        Fronterland is an ever so shrinking area... I like the fact that they opened up more of the Big Thunder Ranch area, however, nothing is there... The Golden Horse Shoe is a classic venue, likely the best theme park venue ever created.... Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is a great coaster, very well themed, however it has tamed down since I remember it from opening... the shops there are a bit of a Joke right now... They have nothing to do with the western theme, where they once where filled with western goods...

                        I would say that Knotts has the better western theme... And has much more going on... But that doesn't mean I do not like Frontierland for what it is... A gate way to the river area and New Orleans/Critter Country... You will spend more time in the Ghost Town at Knots, because there is more to do...
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                        • #13
                          Ghost Town! Didnt Knotts use original buildings from a ole' minning town too! Plus the smell of an old western BBQ and rosted corn... a cemetary for crying out load!!!!!! Dirt on the ground! Instead of black tar or pavement. I enjoy frontierland but its too clean or Disneyfied. At Knotts I feel in a real western movie, it is also a lot bigger. More to explore shops and all. So there phew!

                          Yay Knotts for having a bit more then Disney in one area :bow: - till it gets replaced by a new coaster. Thanks Cedar Fair (sarcasm!).

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                          • #14
                            No doubt in my mind, Ghost Town. It is WAYYY better themed than Frontierland.


                            • #15
                              Ghost Town. Although the Frontierland of old, with stagecoaches, mine train, mules, and Indians, ran a close second. Today? Not so much.

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