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Mr. Geek goes to Disneyland (Take two)

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  • Mr. Geek goes to Disneyland (Take two)

    Back in April of 2004 I took a little trip down to Disneyland. I was sporting (for the time) a cutting edge cell phone with (gasp!) a camera and Internet connection built in.

    I used it (or at least tried to use it), to upload "live" photos from my day at the park to an online photo album. It was an experiment with mixed results. I was able to upload a few photos but I was plagued with reception issues and weak batteries.

    So now it's 2007 and I'm hoping to do better. I will be in the parks this week (Thurs-Sun). I hope to post almost live shots throughout the day directly into a thread here on Micechat culminating with coverage of the noon meet at the hub on Sunday (June 24th).

    I would also like to upload live video, I've run some test but so far I have been unable to get video from my phone up into Youtube and make it public without having to login and mark it public. If anyone has done this I would appreciate some hints...

    Stay tuned...
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    Re: Mr. Geek goes to Disneyland (Take two)

    Good Luck Mr. Geek may all your batteries stay charged and your internet upload speeds be 1mb/s

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