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One Man's Dream video


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  • One Man's Dream video

    This is possibly the version performed at Disneyland's Videopolis Stage in Fantasyland. The beginning of the video says "Dec 17, 1989". I think that's the 2nd day of performances for the show. The elements in the show make it look dated to that time. I haven't seen any youtube videos of this version other than the finale I posted up. Can any one confirm?

    Part 1:
    Part 2:
    Part 3:

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    Re: One Man's Dream video

    I don't even know what the one man's dream show is...
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      Re: One Man's Dream video

      ORDDU: My sisters and I can certainly confirm. We were spending quite a bit of time at Disneyland that year and were totally thrilled with One Man's Dream. This particular stage show was the most abitious item of its kind back then. Despite its popularity, it was only around to entertain guests for 5 months--when it was abruptly pulled and replaced by a much less appealing stage show about Dick Tracy.

      ORWEN: That was because Michael Eisner wanted to promote Dick Tracy over the more traditional Disney characters at the time. But a lot of ducklings--and witches--were very upset that One Man's Dream got treated so badly--especially after a local newspaper had said it would be around for a much longer time.

      ORDDU: One Man's Dream had a much longer run at Tokyo Disneyland. But my sisters and I will always remember it for being such a spectacular show for its day. It did, indeed, premier in December 1989.


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        Re: One Man's Dream video

        "One Man's Dream" was the very first Disneyland stage show at Videopolis. And, "Dick Tracy" was the first narrative stageplay in the history of The Walt Disney Company.

        "Dick Tracy" was actually quite impressive, especially when seen at night. And, "One Man's Dream" was much better than those videos suggest. (The cinematography was making me sick, so I didn't watch them in their entirety. People in the 1980's really didn't know how to operate video cameras. Did they? )


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