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Berm forming around DCA?


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  • Berm forming around DCA?

    I was at DCA last Monday and I noticed that one of the things that bothered me about the park was not quite as apparent. At one time, you could see the Convention Center and the Hilton from just about anywhere in the park. Now, it seems trees have been planted around the perimeter of the Screamin track and the existing trees are starting to grow. Unfortunately, the view heading toward the farm with the winery on the right is still the worst of the park -- power lines, convention center, Hilton, Coast Hotel, etc.

    Is there an effort underway to actually hide the outside world like Disneyland has done so well? A few months before DCA opened, I had the opportunity to tour the construction site with a former VP/Exec of DL. When one of the individuals on our tour asked about the outside distractions on Katella and Harbor, he replied that there was not focus to hide them. He even gave a political response, "When guests see the outside world, what will they see? California!"

    What are your suggestions to hide the darn power lines and convention center on Katella?

    I would build a larger section of warf buildings in the area. They don't even have to be functional or accessible. This would simply create an illusion that the place is larger, similar to the effect in New Orleans Square with the sails behind POC.
    Disneyland allows me to escape the everyday stresses and routines of a Southern Californian resident.

    California Adventure brings me right back to the place I was trying to avoid in the first place.

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    Rumors have it that there isn't and won't be an effort to hide the outside world. Since the park is themed to California, they want the park to blend in with its surroundings, so you feel like you're in California.
    Refurb Mike


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      Originally posted by refurbmike
      Rumors have it that there isn't and won't be an effort to hide the outside world. Since the park is themed to California, they want the park to blend in with its surroundings, so you feel like you're in California.
      How does the farm, winery (sp?), and boardwalk themes blend in with beautiful downtown Anaheim??

      All they need to do is plant a bunch of eucalyptus trees like in DL.


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        Well California has the redwoods. I would say plant a few thousand of those trees and and in a few hundred years you may have all the outside world blocked off.

        But seriously, it will take some work to accomplish blocking out some things. But even the Paradise Pier Hotel looms like a huge sore thumb. Only a wrecking ball could fix that.


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          well the Paradise Pier hotel, as it's name imply's, was designed to be part of Paradise Pier, so I doubt you'll see it going anywere anytime soon (it's meant to be part of the sightlines for sure)

          while I can see them blocking out certain areas with trees or something I doubt DCA will ever develope a berm

          which might be ok if they use this to their advantage and develope a solution to another problem that DCA has right now (I'll post more on this later)
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            Time and buildings should fix this problem in DCA. Ecentually they will have to add a ride to the wharf etc. As they do, they will be able to recify this problem. Unfortunately it will take time to fix all of DCA's problems.


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