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No Ward Kimball today


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  • No Ward Kimball today

    Well, after work I went up to the resort, hoping to see and photograph the new engine. The CM (who at first looked confused, as if he'd not heard of the Ward Kimball, and then said he'd have to ask someone) said that they ran it this morning for tests, but that they were saving it for July 17th, and that it wouldn't be running in the park with guests until then.

    Now, take that for what it's worth, but that's the current Line.

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    While I wouldn't be suprised if this is true, I hope it's not because I myself am going to the park this afternoon/evening and hope to get some photos for my update.

    I almost never believe what a regular CM tells me. ESPECIALLY when they have to go ask someone else. There are more rumors about Disneyland floating around INSIDE the park then there are rumors floating on the internet! It's just to easy for CMs to make something up on the fly so that they appear to be "in the know" when they've got no firsthand knowledge whatsoever. Sometimes, it's malevolent, and sometimes it's just to puff themselves up in their co-workers, and their own, eyes.

    But I sure you know this.

    I was told by an engineer a month ago that the WK would start service on the 21st. Who knows what kind of decisions have been made since then?

    We can only hope that it's running while we're there, I guess.

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      Maybe they just run it before the park opens.

      This has been a Filmways presentation dahling.


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        Well, he was obviously lying through his teeth, because those pictures someone posted of the Ward Kimball were clearly taken in the afternoon.

        Unusually and exceedingly peculiar and altogether quite impossible to describe...


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          Testing has been going on most of this week, at night. On Wednesday night, the engine pulled two sets of cars to simulate the weight of a loaded single train. the Test was passed.

          Earlier Wednesday, the engine, light (w/o any cars) was taken onto the main line in hte afternoon, to test the signal syetem sensors (mounted under the cowcatcher), and to see just how the signal sysem would work with four trains on the line.

          Thursday morning, a small group of Boschan Boiler restoration personnel, friends, and a few CMs boarded a single cattle car (No. 201) for a few cirtuits around the park before opening. CM Matt was on hand for the ceremony, and congratulations were given all around.

          Afterwards, there was some discussion about the style and location of the throttle, which is a bit shorter (less leverage) and farther back on he backhead than what's on the other engines. Given that the engine crews will need to spend hours in the hot cab, attempts are being made to make the throttle as ergonmic and comfortable as possible. Those modifications were hoped to be completed today.

          The engine will beging operating for the public VERY soon.


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            Does anyone know if it's running today?
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              Today, June 25th, 2005, the Ward Kimball oficially debuted as the second train of the day.

              All Aboard!


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                Unusually and exceedingly peculiar and altogether quite impossible to describe...


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                  That's excellent


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