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PB and family's impromptu trip to DL on June 23-25


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  • PB and family's impromptu trip to DL on June 23-25

    This past Friday, upon hearing that a job being done on our house was going to take 4 days instead of 2, my family and I decided to take a trip to DL starting on Saturday.

    Since we only had a day to plan the trip, I went to Expedia to find a hotel room. All of our favorites were already booked so we decided to go for one that was the least expensive and closest to the entrance of DL. It was the Park Vue Inn. It was described on Expedia as having "spacious rooms and pillow top beds" and had traveler reviews of 4.1 so we decided to book a room with two queen beds.

    When we got there at 11 pm Saturday night, all they had left was a puny room with one king bed , but the very friendly employee at the desk offered to bring us a rollaway bed at no additional charge. Since my hubby had driven the entire 8 hour trip,we figured he deserved the king size bed and the twins and I could share the rollaway:

    Just kidding! My hubby took the twin bed and the girls and I slept in the king. But you can see from the pictures that the room was NOT spacious and the bed didn't have a pillow top matress as far as I could tell! ( Hmm, maybe they just meant that there were pillows on top of the mattress...LOL) That comforter on the bed gave me the heebie jeebies too. But hey, at least the twin bed was in the corner by the air conditioning unit which muffled the sound of my hubby's snoring and he could easily reach the mini fridge from it when he got thirsty!:lol:

    I guess another "good" thing was that we didn't have to worry about oversleeping and missing the rope drop on Sunday morning since there were workers outside at 6:30 am sharp using really loud chainsaws to cut back the palm trees! :lol:

    And I should probably mention that the hotel employee did offer to let us switch to a room with two queen beds on Sunday night, but we were so tired by the time we got back from the park that we didn't want to bother.

    So all in all, the Park Vue Hotel was okay , but we wouldn't stay there again.

    Now on to the fun part of the report!

    Last edited by Princess Buttercup; 06-25-2007, 11:34 PM.

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    Re: PB and family's impromptu trip to DL on June 23-25

    LOL! i Love it!

    I'm gonna post the few pics I took in your thread when you finally get to sunday. I didn't take enough for a full report.

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      Re: PB and family's impromptu trip to DL on June 23-25

      Can't wait for more!!!!!!! That rollaway looks pitiful!! Poor hubby! ha!


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        Re: PB and family's impromptu trip to DL on June 23-25

        Originally posted by Princess Buttercup View Post
        Now on to the fun part of the report...
        For me...that probably was the fun part of your report!


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          Re: PB and family's impromptu trip to DL on June 23-25

          :lol:more please


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            Re: PB and family's impromptu trip to DL on June 23-25

            Man, makes me REALLY want to book a Disneyland resort hotel no matter what the cost come my December trip. Can't wait for the rest of your TR!


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              Re: PB and family's impromptu trip to DL on June 23-25

              Poor Wesley! Reinds me of the I Love Lucy episode with Tennessee Ernie Ford and the rollway bed they gave him! Well, at least this one was fully extended!

              Great spending a few moments with you yesterday. I'm looking forward to the rest of your report too.

              God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.


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                Re: PB and family's impromptu trip to DL on June 23-25

                Originally posted by Micoofy Duck View Post
                Man, makes me REALLY want to book a Disneyland resort hotel no matter what the cost come my December trip.

                Okay, the rest of our pictures our uploaded to Flock now so here I go......

                WE got into the park right at 8 thinking we were going to head straight to Nemo, but that's exactly what everyone else was doing . There were CM's standing at the beginning of Main Street to make sure people didn't run. We heard one older CM bark at two teen guests "If you girls are gonna run , then you can just stay right here with me." It was kind of scary. Then he looked at me like "Don't even think about running!" even though I was just strolling casually with my family! I was tempted to start running as soon as I got past him just to see what he would do!

                When we got to the other end of Main Street , we saw that the Nemo end of the line was already as far back as the hub and said "No way are we waiting in that!" and headed to the left instead. I love how they're always changing the flower beds at DL. There were these pretty sunflowers on either side of the bridge to Adventureland.

                It was not sunny out yet which is why I guess my hubby decided to stop and take this picture too....the power of positive thinking or something.....

                There was hardly anyone over on this side of the park.

                We walked right on to BTMRR

                Critter Country was even more deserted. It was kind of eerie.

                I think we were some of the first passengers to go on Pooh that day. Then we went in the Pooh store. CM Matt was working behind the candy counter and he was wide awake and very welcoming! He went into this spiel about all the different kinds of cookies and fudge and apples and strawberries. He almost got us to buy some even though we had really gone in there to by pins, not sweets.

                We got fast passes for Splash after that which we never did use that day and then went on Haunted Mansion. Then we decided to head over to Pirate's Lair.

                There was this cute man wearing Eeyore ears who kept smiling at me like he wanted me to take his picture so I did.

                I like the view looking back at NOS.

                We didn't go in the treehouse last time we were there so we did this time.

                It's a tight squeeze to get in that tree and up the very narrow ladder!

                The girls worked hard to get the treause out of the water!

                Even the bathroom's on Pirate's Lair are themed

                Maybe the ducks are all being born on Pirate's Lair. Here are five brand new ones

                This was our girls' first visit to Pirate's Lair and they really enjoyed it.

                We headed over to Fantasyland after that and passed this guy on the way. He is enormous!

                The line for Nemo was still huge and we were all kind of dragging due to lack of sleep and no caffeine yet so we headed out of DL and over to La Brea Bakery to get some coffee. We'd never been in there before and had no idea you can all different kinds of breakfasts there besides just bread and pastries. But we'd already eaten that morning so we just got coffees and fruit and then sat ouside in the patio area and enjoyed them.

                Then we decided to do some shopping in the Quicksilver store. The girls got two sundresses and I got some flip flops. ken didn't mind waiting while we tried on clothes and shoes since they had couches and gameboys by the fitting rooms. We also went into some stores on Main Street and I got a very cute top with a Disney gift card my friend Sally Skellington gave me a while ago! I changed into the top, shorts and my pink convos and then we headed to the noon meet.

                There were a lot of familiar faces at the noon meet, but also a lot of new ones so I'm going to number these pictures and maybe you guys can help me remeber the names I've forgotten!

                1. I think that's Anders on the left and it's my daughter Brittany on the right

                2. I kept thinking this was a CM hanging out with our group! My husband thought so too! That's definitely the back of Dusty's head and Fishy's head and that's Judimouse on the right.

                3. Here's me with one of my favorite Micehcatter's , Villain's Fan.

                4. Hollywood (Jack)

                5. Aashee and Radiobarry

                6. I don't think Frecky was awake yet!

                7. Miss Christine

                8. Lady3 Jane

                9. The back of Nick's shirt

                10. Walt and Dusty

                11. Cohete Boy

                12. TikiRoomLiz and Ginarella

                13. Dan and Sadako

                14. David

                15. Gwen and Nick

                16. Superstacie

                17. Disney1978

                18. Flynnibus

                19. Pipeek and his wife were celebrating their anniversary....aww!

                20. Lost Boy

                21. Aashee and hius son who is absolutely adorable....I wanted to take him home with me!

                22. Pirate Munkee's wife and TikiRoom Liz

                23. The Rocker

                24. Olympic Nut and Miss Christine...look at their dazzling whites!

                25. The Wolfys

                26. My hubby and me

                27. Two stud muffins flexing their pecs

                28. One stud muffin posing

                29. Mark (I think)

                30. Cmash ( I think) and her daughter and Pirate Munkee in the background

                31. These two are always so photogenic!

                32. Awwww! I just love these two !

                33. DisneyI Presume

                34. Morrigoon

                35. Bornio Goes Bananas

                36. I finally met Not Afraid and her hubby

                37. Grumpy4 and Gus Gus

                38. Nice daughter and dad shot!

                38. Trader_Chris

                39. Dantasmic

                40. Spidergirrl

                41. Darkbeer and Deogge'smom

                42. Chris

                43. Chernabog and his lovely friend


                45. Brittany and Courtney

                46. Evil Minion

                47. Coaster Matt

                48. Lady3Jane

                49. Mini Micechatters who I wanted to sneak in my purse to take homw with me!
                Last edited by Princess Buttercup; 06-27-2007, 08:36 AM.


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                  Re: PB and family's impromptu trip to DL on June 23-25

                  46. is Evil Minion or Zapppop (depending on which board)
                  47. is Coaster Matt
                  37.The person with Grumpy4 is GusGus, wife of KevyBaby
                  38 is Moonliner and Headliner


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                    Re: PB and family's impromptu trip to DL on June 23-25

                    Thank you for everything Buttercup. Everyone was so friendly to Mr. Aaron that he is now a full fledged Micechatter. He has informed me that we need to be there every Sunday to meet up with his new friends.

                    We went on Pirates with a large group on MiceChatters and he yelled at someone in the back of the boat to stop taking flash pictures. Yup, he an official AP/MCer.

                    When I was putting him to bed I told him it was his new friend's birthday next week. Here's the conversation:

                    Chad: " Do you remember your friend's name?"
                    Aaron " Dirt"
                    Chad " Dirt? No, that's not it. Who's Dirt?"
                    Aaron " No, Dirty."
                    Chad " Dirty??? (Laughs hard) you mean Dusty!"
                    Aaron " Dusty, that's right - He's my friend"

                    So needless to say, you all made a big impression with my son and I appreciate that. For those who have not been to meets, this great bunch makes you feel welcome right away.

                    Thanks Buttercup, your personality matches your smile and now I know why you are thought of so well in the chat rooms. See y'all real soon!



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                      Re: PB and family's impromptu trip to DL on June 23-25

                      ^ LOL Dusty, Dirty, same thing! :lol:


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                        Re: PB and family's impromptu trip to DL on June 23-25

                        PB it was great seeing you at the meet. It is always a nice surprise, and made me glad I went to the meet after all.


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                          Re: PB and family's impromptu trip to DL on June 23-25

                          I'm so glad we stopped by the meet to say hello! I ha no idea PB was in town and we've missed each other at the park several times. So, when someone grabbed my posterior (not an unusual thing to happen at a meet) I didn't expect to turn around and see PB! It was great meeting you! I'm sure I missed a quite a few people. We had Space FPs alling to us (and impatient non-MC friends), so we had to take off.

                          It was great seeing everyone!


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                            Re: PB and family's impromptu trip to DL on June 23-25

                            13 isn't DisneyTim. That's Dan.

                            Great pics PB.
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                            Originally posted by Reverend DMother
                            Girl bonding is just so necessary. It's just as important as "me" time. A good girl bonding session leaves you feeling so refreshed. :love: I think of it as a NEED vs a want. There are just things that you need to talk to other women with. You may have the best relationship in the world with your husband, but there are just times you need your girlfriends. It makes for a healthier and happier you which makes everything else you do better.


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                              Re: PB and family's impromptu trip to DL on June 23-25

                              ^ Ooops! Thanks Grumpy! I always get those two's names mixed up!


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