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The Clinkerbelle's 6-24-07 Trip Report


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  • The Clinkerbelle's 6-24-07 Trip Report

    We decided to head to the resort last Sunday since our passes are now blocked-out until August and we haven't upgraded yet.

    Our main goal besides seeing Nemo was to celebrate Belle's Mom's and our daughters Birthday and hang out with some of our MC friends.

    Upon entering the parking lot, who should we see parking next to us, but our very own Villains Fan!! YAY!!! Love us some VF!!!!

    Waiting for the tram, new singage. Me likey.

    The two birthday girls

    Villains Fan, Belle and Lil Clinks

    Our first goal upon entering the park, was the running (or walking fast) to Nemo. While Lil' Clinks and I walked fast, the rest of the group came up behind us. Now, when the CM's are telling you to go a certain way to get on Nemo, listen to them. Don't go another way thinking you are smarter than them. Your not, at least not at 8am on a Sunday. I went the wrong way which probably made our wait an hour longer than it otherwise would have been.

    ScarLion joins the group

    Followed by Grumpy4 (and later Superstacy and DanTasmic)


    After 1:45, we got Scout

    Ready for our ride into Liquid Space


    I loved the lagoon part of the ride best, since it was most like the old subs.


    I'll take a pearl please

    My overall impressions of the ride are mixed. I'm happy to have the subs back. The effects on the ride are incredible. But honestly, it kind of felt like I was watching a 15 minute cartoon. (or 10 once they start). It would have been nice to see more AA's and less video stuff. Also, everything seems very close together and there are ALOT of dead spots. But overall, I give the attraction a solid B. It's a great ride and it will be a great ride for years to come.

    After that we split off from the group. Lil Clinks and I headed for Splash Mtn to get FP's and the girls went to get b-day buttons. We met up at coke corner for a snack.

    Up next was Space Mtn.

    It was then time for the meet. It was great seeing everybody and it was quite a huge event this week. I only took 1 picture.

    Fishbulb and DanTasmic in the background

    Since we had already eaten, we split off from the group to ride Splash Mtn.

    Somebody got soaked

    After a quick ride on Pooh it was off to Big Thunder to use the FP's we had from earlier.

    Still one of my favorite rides.

    Belle's Mom wanted to ride Tower of Terror, so it was off to DCA.

    But before tower ... Monsters Inc.

    Roz asked me out. LOL!!!


    They had some cool Sunflowers

    Anybody know what's up with this?

    Before heading home, we had to stop for CANDY!!! (well, raspberry white chocolate cookie for me)

    And also the crazy hat portion of the day

    And finally ... shouldn't this be changed now that the ride is no longer there???

    Hope you enjoyed reading the TR. We sure enjoyed our day.

    You can see more of our pictures of the day here:

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    Re: The Clinkerbelle's 6-24-07 Trip Report

    Love the pictures, looks like you all had a great day in the park...


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      Re: The Clinkerbelle's 6-24-07 Trip Report

      Thanks for the report Sir Clinksalot. Nice pics.


      • #4
        Re: The Clinkerbelle's 6-24-07 Trip Report

        Great TR Belle! Thanks for sharing! Monster's looks like so much fun.


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          Re: The Clinkerbelle's 6-24-07 Trip Report

          Great pictures and report. Thanks.


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            Re: The Clinkerbelle's 6-24-07 Trip Report

            It was, as always, great to see you all for a split second.


            • #7
              Re: The Clinkerbelle's 6-24-07 Trip Report

              Nice trip report and pictures!

              It was nice to see you at the hub and I still can't believe I totally blanked on your name!


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                Re: The Clinkerbelle's 6-24-07 Trip Report

                Great pictures!!! Glad you had a good time and were able to make it down!

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                  Re: The Clinkerbelle's 6-24-07 Trip Report

                  Great report and pics! Thanks so much for sharing with us!
                  M A S E C A !


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                    Re: The Clinkerbelle's 6-24-07 Trip Report

                    Another clink-tacular TR!


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                      Re: The Clinkerbelle's 6-24-07 Trip Report

                      Wonderful report! Thank you.


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                        Re: The Clinkerbelle's 6-24-07 Trip Report

                        great T/R!
                        The earth is round.... or so i've found.


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                          Re: The Clinkerbelle's 6-24-07 Trip Report

                          Great trip report! It was nice to see you always! Had fun in the subs line! And I still want that bacon!:lol:
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                            Re: The Clinkerbelle's 6-24-07 Trip Report

                            Mmmm Bacon!!!

                            That did look good. That lady was in serious danger of getting jumped.


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                              Re: The Clinkerbelle's 6-24-07 Trip Report

                              I find your TR incredibly amusing after reading the "taking pictures of your ride pictures and hats" thread. Great pictures!


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