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runswithscissors' 6/24th trip report


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  • runswithscissors' 6/24th trip report

    hello all! this is a pretty photo heavy trip report.

    honestly, i did not even feel like going to disneyland on that sunday.

    however a few friends and family members managed to persuade me to go. my friends left san gabriel at around 9:30 and i left at around 11 with my parental units.

    yeahhh those are my parents. i wuv them.

    it wasn't really that crowded on main street.

    i would've stopped by the meet area, but my friends were calling me to go over to the canoes so...sorry i couldn't meet up with any of you nifty micechat members.

    so i arrive there and everyone's waiting for me at the front.

    this is angie.

    meet belinda, kristine, angie, & my sister chriselle.

    oh, and bryan is on the very left looking very invisible.

    so we're canoeing like mother truckers right? and i have my canon digital rebel xti wrapped around my neck and my insulin pump exposed in my left pocket. there were these kids sitting right in front of me, who wouldn't stop splashing and i was pretty scared of my camera and insulin pump getting damaged due to this insane splashery. but it was all good, i wrapped my camera around a jacket and it was snug and safe.

    after canoeing we found this woman who had this insane hairstyle!

    i thought it was pretty coool, haha.

    we decided to go to california adventure to ride tower.

    belinda unfortunately realized she left her cell phone in bryan's car, so the two of them told us to stay here while they head back to the parking structure. it was just angie, kristine, & me lining up for tower which was only a 10 minute wait.

    we then waited for belinda & bryan to come back.

    and they did! ...but the other girls went to the nearest restroom.

    so we all just chillaxed and ate snacks

    we all then decided to ride tower again without angie and kristine

    belinda needed to pee.

    laugh out loud.

    we then were all reunited and our very good friend roderick was just finishing his shift in dca. we waited for him a bit.

    and he finally arrives.

    we start making our way to soarin' where we had some passes.

    after a lot of chit-chat with roderick & everyone else, we headed back to disneyland. i handed my camera over to my dad because a few family members from someplace i forgot were in disneyland and he wanted a few pictures with them. so here i am, camera-less and i was miserable. well, not really.

    we all went to space and waited 50 minutes. we discussed random things, mostly about music and i cannot get enough of "the hush sound" you should check them out. anyway. we talk about school, college, parabolas, boyle's law and we finally get inside.

    taken with my nokia cameraphone.

    after that, angie and roderick get into a dispute on which ride we should ride next and it turned into a fist fight. yeah, right. they just kept debating if we should ride buzz or pirates. roderick won, and we were all forced to go on pirates, hahaha.

    and by this time, i finally got my camera back.


    what a pimp

    me, angie, & rod

    we're rebels. we stand during the drops and take flash pictures of the whole ride. whut now huh?!

    we started getting the munchies, so we headed towards the tomorrowland terrace

    i forgot who they were, but they were alright.

    when we were there, not many people were dancing so i started to, just because...i'm pretty fergalicious. after 3 minutes of looking like a fool, we went to main street for some reason and went to the mad hatter.

    roderick said he had to go back home to do some stuff, so he had to leave. but we all had to take a few pictures together before he leaves.

    we headed to DCA again and rod left. we said our adioses and all that jazz.

    we all went to the orange stinger.

    kristine asks if the others could smell the oranges.

    everyone said no.

    time for some thrills on screamin'

    kristine and my sister wanted to take a break so they sat down while angie, bryan, belinda & i went to the sun wheel

    while in line, bryan proves to us all that he has eyes.

    swinging ones are tons of fun

    the electrical parade from the top

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    Re: runswithscissors' 6/24th trip report

    we ran to disneyland to try to catch the fireworks. but we decided to watch them some other time in july

    angie was happy the fact that we could all finally ride buzz.

    we went to the matterhorn for some bobsleddery

    i don't know why, but that ride is always better at night.

    we had fast passes for space.

    we were about to leave so we decided to hit fantasyland for a few last rides

    i apologize if this trip report isn't very interesting, witty, or fun as the others posted here. overall it was a nice trip. i'm glad i decided last minute to hang out with a few family and friend units. if you'd like to check out a few more pictures that i did not include in this trip report, or you'd like to see them at a higher resolution, feel free to go to my flickr album set.

    if you have a flickr account as well, maybe we could be cool contact kids or something! i don't know, haha.

    but yeah. that's pretty much it.


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      Re: runswithscissors' 6/24th trip report



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        Re: runswithscissors' 6/24th trip report

        Yeah - It totally looks like you all had fun. Thanks for posting.

        Cheers -


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          Re: runswithscissors' 6/24th trip report

          FUN TR!!! :yea:

          Thanks for posting


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            Re: runswithscissors' 6/24th trip report

            i love that second to last shot.

            wow - you guys had a LOOONG day but you did a lot! very cool!

            thanks for sharing

            kingdom hearts <3er


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              Re: runswithscissors' 6/24th trip report

              Looks like you and your friends had a most fantastic time!! Hopefully you'll make it to one of the meets someday! Thanks for sharing!

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                Re: runswithscissors' 6/24th trip report

                Hilarious TR! Looks like y'all had a blast.

                BTW, you should check on your insulin pump, it may be water resistant. My wife has the Metronic 515 model and she believes it's resistant to 8 feet. Now, does not mean water-proof, but hers has been OK with getting a bit wet. Her old model (a few years ago) wasn't but she was able to buy a plastic cover for it (plastic mold that fit over pump) that worked great at a water park.


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                  Re: runswithscissors' 6/24th trip report

                  I love the second to last photo. :thumbup: It was a great idea to take advantage of the spot lights. Great composition!!
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                    Re: runswithscissors' 6/24th trip report

                    I'm thinking the crazy hair lady was Amy Winehouse.
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                      Re: runswithscissors' 6/24th trip report

                      Looks like you all had a wonderful time :csmile: Thanks so much for posting these pictures :cgrin:

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                        Re: runswithscissors' 6/24th trip report

                        Great report! Thanks.


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                          Re: runswithscissors' 6/24th trip report

                          Originally posted by Cosmic Commando View Post
                          I love the second to last photo. :thumbup: It was a great idea to take advantage of the spot lights. Great composition!!
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                          Hello Cosmic Commando -
                          Where did you get that Finding Nemo Fastpass? I thought they weren't offering fastpasses.
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                            Re: runswithscissors' 6/24th trip report

                            She's in California's A-hole! Good times!

                            Originally posted by runswithscissors View Post


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                              Re: runswithscissors' 6/24th trip report

                              Great report and pictures. All the long exposure photos are awesome.


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